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EDM for Energy: Data Hub

Enterprise Data Management’s (EDM) Data Hub solution aggregates, validates and distributes data from disparate sources, giving firms a 360° view of their data assets while ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Energy firms face significant challenges integrating data from the disparate applications, databases and vendors they rely on, due to the heterogeneous formats used. Differences in business rules raise questions about the consistency and quality of data from the different systems used for everything from geoscience analysis to drilling operations. Meanwhile, changes made to data in one system may not be reflected in others, leaving users exposed to the risk of basing their decisions on outdated information.

EDM’s Data Hub solution addresses these challenges by consuming, validating, cleansing, transforming and distributing data irrespective of source, format or destination. Replacing often complex, manual, code-based solutions, EDM provides a single hub of data across the organization. Source-to-destination workflows are greatly improved, giving users confidence in data integrity.

With its hub and spoke model, EDM supports business intelligence and data analytics tools, integration with new technologies, multiple data models, and quality assurance. By improving the flow of high-quality, trusted information between sources and consumers, the platform delivers data optimization and a simple pathway to expansion.

EDM can be implemented on premise, in the cloud or leveraged as a fully managed service deployed in the cloud. The latter option enables firms to reduce implementation times, future-proof, optimize expenditure and scale up and down quickly as business needs change.

Key benefits

Data centralization and MDM
EDM replaces costly legacy solutions with a single platform that provides connectivity across data sources to support efficient data management and maximize data value. The platform automates master data management (MDM) - aggregating, validating, persisting, matching, mastering and distributing data to third-party and proprietary systems.

Data control and consistency
Users have the ability to select, enrich and use relevant data through workflows with full audit and automated exception management. EDM ensures all users, irrespective of location, are working from the same underlying data, avoiding costly discrepancies and misunderstandings.

Auditability and data lineage
Users can track data back to its raw source format. They have access to an audit trail of changes to the data through business-driven user interfaces. Visibility into enrichment and mastering workflows provides improved data governance.

Data and data model agnostic
EDM is agnostic to both data format and structure, and does not impose a fixed data model. It allows users to add enrichments as required and transform data to provide a consistent comparison.

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