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EDM Warehouse

Consolidate data and interrogate it in real time

EDM Warehouse from IHS Markit is a single platform that consolidates data and empowers users to interrogate it on a real-time basis in order to understand risk, exposure, AUM and periodic metrics.

EDM Warehouse stores historical data and makes it readily available for client and regulatory reporting requirements. It provides a central framework for easily integrating new businesses or applications into enterprise reporting and merging historical results. It can also consolidate results from the third-party systems upon which firms increasingly rely. By doing so, it reduces license and deployment costs.



Key benefits

Single point of reference
EDM Warehouse can aggregate exposure, performance, risk and market analytics into a consolidated snapshot. This simplifies a firm’s architecture by providing one repository regardless of the sources of the data.

Industry-proven data model
Firms have the option of leveraging a pre-defined data model, which facilitates a quick time to market. The model supports a wide range of asset classes and portfolio strategies for both traditional and alternative asset managers, and reflects the experience and best practices of the EDM Warehouse client base.

Platform independence
EDM Warehouse has an open architecture, which enables firms to integrate their data into any accounting, analytics or third-party system. New data sources do not require core development because the data model is not structured around one system or view of the world.

Market responsiveness
EDM Warehouse enables firms to benefit from best practices and respond quickly to industry changes (such as the introduction of new regulations) by providing pre-defined sub-models and data services.

Multi-source, multi-tenant
Due to its data- and system-agnostic design, EDM Warehouse can store data from multiple sources before distributing it to different downstream systems. The platform was designed to support multi-region or multi-boutique organizations.

Time-series data
EDM Warehouse stores and gives users the ability to run ad-hoc reports on a wide range of data, including historical transaction, position and performance data. It provides visibility of the full transaction history of all activities.

Data management
EDM Warehouse is fully integrated with IHS Markit's core EDM data management platform, which provides the data quality and controls that are critical to any warehouse initiative. Coupling EDM Warehouse with the EDM platform provides firms with an integrated, industry-leading and best-in-class data management tool.

Deployment models
EDM Warehouse is available as both an installed solution and managed service. By using the managed service, firms can reduce implementation times, cut costs and scale up/down their use of the platform as their needs evolve.

Case study

Robeco - EDM Warehouse 
A longstanding user of the Enterprise Data Management (EDM) platform from IHS Markit, Robeco concluded that it also needed a data warehouse to address requirements to analyze and report on historical data in a timely manner. The firm chose EDM Warehouse to meet these demands. This case study reveals how:

  • Robeco used internal resources to implement EDM Warehouse
  • A pre-defined data model was leveraged to achieve a quick time to market
  • EDM Warehouse has been combined with EDM as part of an end-to-end solution at Robeco
  • EDM Warehouse is being used as an effective system of record for historical data that supports reporting


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