US Economics Solution Suite

Unlock US markets, manage uncertainty and drive advantage

To deliver sustainable growth, companies need to operate in industries and markets with attractive rates of return and attain a position of competitive advantage. Economics & Country Risk brings together consistent coverage of US industry and market performance, future risks, business dynamics, and alternate scenarios. Find untapped growth with end-to-end coverage of US economic, industry and consumer markets. Identify, evaluate, and quantify risk—and reward—with coverage of risk and opportunity together in one place. Integrate alternative scenarios in your workflow with upside and downside scenarios for macro-, state- and metro outlooks.

  • Assess market attractiveness and potential growth
  • Evaluate opportunities and plan investments
  • Understand risk and opportunity ratio
  • Optimize resource allocation
  • Benchmark projections
  • Assess policy impact

What’s Included?

US Economic Forecasts and Data
  • 10- and 30-year forecasts for 2000+ concepts of the US economy
  • 30-year forecasts for every state (300 variables), 363 metro state areas and 29 metro divisions (75 variables), and 3100 counties (40 variables)
  • 10-year forecasts for 12 key concepts across 170 industries
  • Email alerts on regional economic releases and major plant openings/expansions
  • Market analysis for 100 industries
  • Quarterly regional reports with short-term forecasts covering 25 NAICs sectors and 200+ variables per region; economic structure analysis; outlook for regional employment growth sectors
  • Semi-annual state reports with short-term forecasts of key indicators, analysis of economic structure, business climate, labor profiles and key industries
  • Semi-annual metro reports with executive summaries for the 100 largest metros, short-term forecasts of key indicators, overviews of near-term developments, economic structure, labor and demographics, and key industries and employers
Member Privileges
  • Baseline, optimistic and pessimistic scenarios for our short- and long-term macro forecasts
  • Pessimistic and optimistic scenarios for all states and metros
  • Access to a dedicated US economics team on the phone and in regular webcasts

How IHS Markit Helps You Unlock US Markets

Market SizingIdentify, define and size growth opportunities with comprehensive coverage of economic and industry markets
Resource AllocationMaximize growth potential with risk and opportunity in one place
Scenario AnalysisIncorporate scenarios in your workflow with access to macro, state and metro alternate scenarios
Investment PlanningConduct market assessment with in-depth analysis and access to analysts
Risk ManagementIdentify, evaluate and quantify risks with dynamic coverage of economic and industry risks

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