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Economic Analytics: Historical Economic and Financial Data

Monitor and analyze changes in the global economy

Need to track and report on global macroeconomic trends?

Do you need global economic data to invest confidently?

Our all-encompassing historical macroeconomic and financial data service places all the data you require to conduct both detailed economic analysis and broad cross-country comparison at your fingertips. Combining in-depth, timely data from local sources and easy-to-use standardized concepts for more than 200 countries, Economic Analytics is an extremely powerful analysis tool, it is the database that we use to create our country analysis and forecasts.

Key benefits:

  • Easily conduct cross-country comparisons
  • Drill-down to specialized economic indicators for in-depth analysis
  • Include supporting financial data in analysis
  • Simplify your workflow with a single source for in-depth local data, data from international sources, standardized indicators, and financial markets data
  • Add specialized data to this common platform such as our Economic Forecast
  • Our country economists ensure the best sources and most relevant series are selected

Historical Data

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What's Included

Data coverage

Economic Analytics provides detailed macroeconomic and financial indicators for more than 200 countries. It combines trusted local sources with a wide range of international sources such as the IMF, OECD, European Commission and World Bank to provide a truly all-compassing data service.

Economic Analytics comprises five main parts:

World Market Monitor - Valued-added historical data

World Market Monitor provides standardized historical time series on all major macroeconomic and financial concepts for over 200 countries.

  • Harmonized concepts – Series selected for international consistency allowing cross-country comparison
  • Long, spliced history for modelling (adding back history removed by the source)
  • Underlying data are locally-sourced where appropriate to provide more timely standardized data than published by international institutions
  • Pre-calculated commonly-used ratios and GDP shares
  • Standardized mnemonics and attributes

Global Economic Data - local sources

Vast and timely locally sourced macroeconomic data for conducting in-depth country analysis.

  • Detailed, timely macroeconomic data loaded in-house from over 800 sources worldwide covering more than 200 countries
  • Sources include local statistics offices, central banks and finance ministries
  • Data are updated within minutes of release
  • Our country economists use our historical data in their forecasts ensuring the most appropriate series and sources are used
  • All major macroeconomic concepts are covered including:
    • Balance of payments
    • Cyclical indicators and surveys
    • External debt
    • Financial markets
    • Government finance
    • Housing and construction
    • Labor market
    • Merchandise trade
    • Money and banking
    • National accounts and capacity
    • Population
    • Prices
    • Wholesale and retail trade

Financial Indicators

Daily exchange rates, interest rates, stock indices and commodities.

  • Exchange rates
  • Fixed income government and corporate instruments and indices
  • Money markets
  • Equity indices
  • Derivatives
  • Commodities spot and futures prices: crops, foods, industrials and metals

Subnational Economic Data - Local sources

Detailed regional and city-level datasets from local sources

  • United States: Detailed city, state, county and regional data
  • India: Economic indicators by region and city
  • China: Economic indicators by region and city
  • Canada: Regional, provincial and metropolitan level economic indicators

International Data Sources

Full datasets from international data sources including:

  • Bank for International Settlements BIS database
  • European Commission: Annual Macro Economic Database (AMECO)
  • Eurostat: More than 20 Eurostat databases
  • IMF: Balance of Payments, Direction of Trade, Government Finance, World Economic Outlook, Fiscal Monitor, Financial Soundness etc.
  • JODI: Joint Oil Data Initiative
  • OECD: Quarterly National Accounts, Economic Outlook, Main Economic Indicators etc.
  • United Nations: Population, National Accounts etc.
  • World Bank: African Development Indicators, World Development Indicators, Global Development Finance, Joint External Debt Hub etc.
Data Delivery Options

Connect® Data Browser

Maximize your subscription content with IHS Markit Connect – our online customer platform. Connect is a one-stop solution for data searching and discovery, charting, downloading and saving for future use.

  • Rapid Data Retrieval
    • Access data from multiple sources in a single search
    • Filter and select data by concept, geography, source and frequency
  • Presentation Tools: Build customizable, presentation-ready graphs
  • Flexible Export: Export content to multiple formats (Excel, PDF, PowerPoint)
  • Automated Content Refreshes:
    • Save frequently used searches and datasets
    • Create refreshable Excel files


Our API delivers data continuously and reliably directly into your workflow.

  • Representational State Transfer Application Programming (REST) API makes data available via URL addresses (or ‘endpoints’)
  • Provides a foundation on which to build databases, charts, websites, visualizations and CSV files, plus facilities to query and lookup specific data
  • Offers the simplest approach to application integration:
    • Access to the API is instantaneous
    • Provides an interactive web environment for developers to explore API features and review technical documentation
    • Developers can test the API calls interactively in a browser
  • 24/7 monitoring and support is provided
  • Scales horizontally for both datasets and clients, ensuring it can meet present and future demand
  • Built for consistent speed, with carefully selected technologies to ensure the best possible performance


IDDS offers tailored data feeds featuring continuous updating and seamless delivery.

  • Internet Data Delivery System (IDDS) delivers fixed data updates in CSV or XML format to the IHS Markit web servers in real time
  • Metadata includes economic concept, geography, source and frequency
  • Updates pull in data changes only, optimizing load speed
  • Data updates can be scheduled

EViews (additional service)

Best-in-class software for conducting econometric and statistical analysis.

Additional Datasets
We offer detailed add-on datasets for clients with additional requirements.
Extended country datasets
Vast, unformatted country datasets in the language of origin.
Note: Key series from these datasets are translated and available in the standard service.   
  • France
    • National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) macro data
    • Direction Générale de Douanes external trade data
    • Banque de France financial data
    • Over 125,000 series; French labels
  • Germany
    • Bundesbank macro data
    • German Statistical Office macro data
    • Institute for Economic Research business and consumer surveys
    • Over 9.7 million series; German labels
  • United Kingdom
    • Bank of England macro data
    • Office of National Statistics (ONS) database
    • CBI Quarterly Industrial Trends Survey
    • Over 84,000 series; English labels
Eurostat regional dataset
  • Subnational macro and demographic data from Eurostat
  • Covers European Union Members, Serbia, Montenegro, Turkey, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Norway and Liechtenstein
  • Data for cities and regions based on NUTS1, NUTS2 and NUTS3 classifications
  • Over 48,000 series; English labels
CEIC China and Asia datasets
CEIC provide very detailed regional datasets for China and Asia.
  • China
    • Detailed national, province and city-level data
    • Macro, demographic and industry indicators
    • Over 350,000 series
  • Asia
    • Data for 22 geographies, including some regional and city-level data
    • Macro, demographic and industry indicators
    • Over 700,000 series
Economic Forecast Monitor
  • Add macroeconomic forecasts to your historical data service
  • 30-year annual forecasts for 206 countries
  • 3-year quarterly and monthly forecasts for 100+ countries
  • Also includes historical data featuring same day updates and high-frequency data
  • Shared mnemonics and taxonomy across forecasts and historical indicators
  • Detailed coverage across countries, including:
    • National accounts
    • Industrial production and retail sales
    • Personal income and wages
    • Demographics, employment and productivity
    • Financial indicators
    • Prices
    • Money supply and credit
    • Public sector finances
    • Balance of payments and external trade
    • External debt
As Reported Data
  • Assess the impact of data releases and improve financial market models
  • Unrevised economic indicators as reported at release
  • Presented in daily frequency with data entered on original day of release
  • G7 countries, Eurozone, China and Russia
  • As Reported data series:
    • Real GDP
    • Industrial Production Index
    • Consumer Price Index
    • Producer Price Index
    • Employment
    • Unemployment
    • Purchasing Managers' Index
    • Daily reference series: Stock market index, exchange rate (LCU/US$), policy rate, crude oil price
  • More detailed coverage for the United States (300+ series, 20-year history)
Purchasing Managers Index (PMI)
  • Timely, accurate and market-moving monthly economic indicators
  • Released in advance of comparable official economic data
  • 40+ countries
  • 4000+ PMI indices
  • 86% of global GDP covered by PMI surveys
  • 26,000+ companies surveyed every month
  • Headline PMI: Provides a snapshot of the health of the economy
  • Sub-indices: Key economic drivers such as inflation, exports, employment and inventories
  • Covers manufacturing, services, construction and retail sectors

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