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IHS Markit Digital

IHS Markit Digital is dedicated to the delivery and presentation of financial data, transforming complex information into elegant user experiences. As a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) provider in the financial services industry, our innovative visualizations are the standard for interpreting, manipulating and displaying financial information.

Our award-winning in-house agency, expert in the presentation of financial data, delivers UX with impact to engage your clients.

Our industry-leading technical expertise allows us to craft fast, portable, reliable, data-driven user experiences.

Our technology platform gives you a time-to-market advantage by leveraging an engineering ecosystem fine-tuned to financial data.

  • 12,000+ prototypes created annually
  • 54+ billion online display ads served annually
  • 563+ million peak page views in one day
  • 1,350+ datafeeds integrated


Dynamic Design

Making information approachable, usable and insightful

For 25 years, we have collaborated with our clients to create innovative financial data visualizations and user experiences. Our design team is a 50-person, multi-disciplinary group of dedicated creatives driven by a passion for the design and display of complex data and the workflows used to interact with it. We create designs that deliver the best experience for the end user and the most buildable solution.

  • Research and consulting
    Satisfy the early stage initiatives you need to secure funding or realize project scope. Deliverables include internal pitches, information architecture diagrams, style guides and requirements.
  • Visual design-only engagement
    Our team can satisfy all design needs, augment your internal team or collaborate with your agency in this engagement model
  • Interactive prototyping
    We test key workflows, demonstrate screen transitions and convey the overall interactivity of the designs to help your technical team develop a greater understanding of how to approach the build
  • Design, development and deployment
    This is our typical engagement model and includes the definition and design that allow our specialized teams to build a solution that engages your clients
Enhanced Delivery

High-density experiences that consistently perform

By combining the latest UI technologies with advanced architectural standards and a deep understanding of the underlying data, we create custom user experiences that maximize the value of your data investment.

Highly modular and lightweight interfaces, combined with exhaustive user analytics and sophisticated rules engines, allow for any level of optimization, segmentation or personalization that your business demands and can cover the entire user lifecycle from acquisition through retention and upsell.

  • User analytics
    We collect and integrate user data, including leveraged CRMs, behavioral data, search criteria and more, for analysis and application
  • Portability
    From the web to rich media text messaging to PDF reports, from mobile apps to smart home integrations to personalized video emails, our implementations can go wherever your users do
  • Performance
    Beyond being low-latency, high-volume, and high-quality, all of our implementations take advantage of our private cloud and development-driven infrastructure—ensuring scalability, reliability, transparency and iterative delivery capabilities
Optimized Data Platform

Onboarding content and enhancing output for faster time to market

From real-time, streaming market data to highly curated proprietary datasets, the scale and leverage of our data platform delivers high-quality data aggregation and enrichment in a fraction of the time and cost that a ground-up solution would require.

We consume 3,000+ inbound data feeds from 1,350+ unique sources of fielded content, documents and streaming data in a variety of formats, including flat files, XML, large text blocks, portfolio data, PDF and video.

  • Normalization
    We seamlessly combine content from disparate sources, to create provider-agnostic searches, filters and displays. Aggregations are customized to your criteria and are fully compliant with all entitlement and attribution requirements
  • Data enrichment
    Your data experience is enhanced through advanced analytics, custom calculations, and other derived content, including event-based triggers. Enriched data can be normalized alongside fielded and user-generated data to create optimal insight and business value.
  • Service provider management
    Our data process event management systems, combined with our deep relationships with many of the industry’s leading data providers, allow for the efficient and effective management of data acquisition
Content Capabilities
  • Analytics
    Your users can run hypothetical analysis on multiple portfolios to compare different reinvestment and rebalancing scenarios
  • APIS
    Responsive application programming interfaces that return content or an image based on a request
  • Automated Testing
    Baseline testing of core features and workflows to ensure development lifecycle site consistency
  • Cross-Reference (XREF)
    We cross-reference symbology across all data providers so you can focus on your clients
  • Data Aggregation
    We aggregate more than 1,350 feeds from more than 300 providers with new data integrated on a daily basis
  • F2
    Our open-source web integration framework helps you develop your own solutions, combining tools and content into a seamlessly integrated front end
  • Fundamental Analysis
    In-house knowledge of the investment process and how to communicate that through functional website design
  • Market Data
    Integration and display of streaming, real-time and delayed market data
  • Markit Intelligent News Discovery (MIND)
    By aggregating pricing, web analytics, user behavior, news and events data, our proprietary MIND engine surfaces and delivers targeted and contextually relevant news to your end users in real time
  • News Aggregation
    Aggregation of news from multiple sources, cross-referenced by identifier to create a single display
  • On-Demand Analytics
    Analytics on how a website is being used, including page views, entry path and exit path, etc.
  • Personalization
    A UX targeting solution that boosts post-login customer engagement and drives customers more directly toward your business goals and KPIs – Think the "Amazonification" of financial services websites
  • Quote Reporting
    Delivering fee liable real-time quote counts for professional and nonprofessional users to clients or directly to the exchanges for reporting
  • Research Aggregation
    Aggregation/normalization of ratings from multiple providers
  • SmartText
    Tell the story of your data with machine-driven text based upon quantitative models, providing language translation and compliance approval prior to deployment
  • UI Optimization
    Showing two or more variants of a page to users at random and using statistical analysis to determine which variation performs better for a given conversion goal
  • Calendars
    Economic and corporate events for single-country and global universes
  • Charting (Interactive and Image-Based)
    Fully integrated charts work great on any platform or browser. The easy-to use interface gives you the freedom to customize your charts on the fly.
  • CMS
    Curate content on your sites without coding changes. Our management platform can power content under administrative control that follows your approval workflow.
  • College Savings Calculator
    Tools to help determine the cost of college, based on current savings, number of children attending, etc.
  • Comparison Tool
    This tool compares key data points among a selection of equities, ETFs or funds
  • Document Management
    Our innovative PDF and print publications showcase your data
  • Document Search
    Indexing and text search capabilities
  • Fund fact sheets
    PDF fact sheets that include information from multiple data sources, produced on demand
  • Hypothetical Analysis
    Investment scenario analysis using historical security performance with cash flow overlays and reinvestment scheduling
  • Management Dashboard
    Portal to review feed delivery status/usage
  • Monte Carlo Simulations
    Using expected returns, standard deviation, and correlation matrix data, we run 1,000 simulations to identify event output for planning tools
  • Portfolio
    Tools ranging from basic tracking to advanced analytical features integrate account statements and client holdings data—aggregating data in multiple currencies
  • Proposal Builder
    An interface that guides the process of building client-friendly proposals
  • Report Builder
    An interface that guides process of building client-friendly reports
  • Report Management
    Research feed standardization with content tagging
  • Retirement Planning Calculator
    Calculate based on current savings, savings rate, desired age at retirement and other factors
  • Screeners
    Advanced search functionality that enables users to identify securities that match a series of criteria
  • Target Date Fund Analysis
    Display and analysis of Target Date Fund and/or family glidepath of asset allocations over time
  • Watchlists
    List of instruments with relevant data points, where value is not aggregated
Delivery Capabilities
  • Accessibility
    We design and develop websites with your accessibility experts
  • Alerts
    Your users can set price, volume and research alerts and manage delivery options from your site and mobile apps
  • Adhesion
    Our digital ad platform drives marketing performance at every stage of the customer lifecycle
  • Apps
    Native mobile apps built specifically for iOS and Android phones and tablets
  • Charting
    Configurable, responsive HTML5 charts allow you to easily add robust interactive or image-based financial charts to your platform with just a few lines of JavaScript. Our iOS and Android charting SDKs allow you to quickly create interactive charting experiences within your app.
  • Conversational UI
    Our voice-driven user interfaces humanize technology and improve the client experience
  • Design
    We create visual design and information architecture for robust financial tools and portals and understand the choices that affect how easily and how effectively projects are implemented
  • Dynamic Video
    Help your clients visualize market performance for the day, top and bottom performers or their personalized portfolios through dynamic video
  • Entitlements
    Displaying different content to users, based on their assigned tier
  • Guided Investing
    Investment process and persona evaluation in relation to investment selection and portfolio development
  • Heat Maps
    Performance data in variable red/green
  • Integrated Delivery
    Our technology is compatible with a variety of outputs, from Apple Watch to Amazon Alexa
  • Investment Performance
    We turn historical pricing and distributions into comparable growth of 10K chart data
  • Responsive Design
    Websites that dynamically respond to the viewing device
  • Mobile
    Design, development and delivery in a mobile optimized, native, iOS or Android operating system
  • Multi-Language
    Websites, mobile apps, alerts and APIs in many languages
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
    Encrypted integration so that users only have to sign in once when they view IHS Markit Digital content
  • Streamers
    We make streaming pricing data available to your users in web pages, mobile apps, charts and more
  • Virtual Reality
    Commingling multiple data sources in an intuitive virtual experience
  • Adhesion
    Adhesion is an end-to-end platform for data driven digital advertising. Drive results with a unique combination of media, integration, and experience for a customized, efficient marketing strategy. Learn more.
  • Chartworks
    Chartworks offers chart technology across HTML5, iOS, Android and images, and includes the data to power them. The basics of charting are simple, but the challenge and complexity come in the details. Learn more.
  • Dynamic Video
    Dynamic video solutions engage your customers with data-rich narratives that serve new content where and when you want. Add dimension to their decision-making and turn time-consuming reporting into an entertaining experience with your brand. Learn more.
  • Targetworks
    Targetworks combines real-time data with unique algorithms to create relevant online interactions, increasing engagement by delivering the personalized experiences users demand


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