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Defense Parts and Logistics

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Pricing, technical and availability data on 190+ million part references from DLA, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps military equipment parts, and government and commercial suppliers.

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IHS Markit

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REST, Python, S3 Proxy, SQL


  • NIIN
  • CAGE
  • CMS
  • DMIL
  • FIIG
  • FSC
  • Haystack
  • INC
  • NATO
  • TIIC
  • defense
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Data Set

Dataset NameDataset DescriptionData FormatPublishing Frequency
Weapons SystemsWeapon Systems, Next Higher Assembly, Related NATO/National Item Identification Numbers (NIINs), Parts List, Definitions, Technical Characteristics, Commercial and Government Entity) CAGE/company infoParquetMonthly
FSC DefinitionsFull-text definitions for Federal Supply Class (FSC) codes - the category in which an item has been catalogued.ParquetMonthly
US Government Purchased ItemsItems purchased by the US government and branches of military service, cataloged by National Stock Number (NSN). This is the top level item information, describing a unique item in the government supply catalog. The National Item Identification Number (NIIN), a 9 digit value, is the unique identifier used to connect the majority of Haystack data together.ParquetWeekly
Military Standard-Qualified ProductsNATO/National Stock Numbers (NSNs), government part numbers, commercial part numbers and manufacturer or vendor parts and products qualified against a military or industry standard.ParquetWeekly
Government Procurement and Industry PricingRecord of government item purchases (not services), including contract number, quantity, price, unit of issue and vendor who won the business.ParquetWeekly
Vendor DataVendors who have sold items to the US Supply System. Includes company names, addresses, business type, contact information, CAGE codes, replacement CAGE codes.ParquetMonthly
Replacement NIINsList of items replacing cancelled or superseded items. Useful when tracking history of an item used on legacy equipment.ParquetMonthly
Supplier Visibility RequirementsThis dataset contains a rolling 24 month US government expected purchase listing, including quantities expected by month.ParquetMonthly
Master Cross-Reference ListCross-reference information from commercial vendor part/reference numbers to NATO/National Stock Numbers (NSNs). Includes data on part usability, as well as vendor names and CAGE codes.ParquetWeekly
Intergovernmental Transfer PriceTransaction price between government and branches of service, when transferring an item in stock from the holder/owner (e.g., the US Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)) to another branch of service.ParquetWeekly
Item Name Expansion by CommodityFull list of item names and synonyms for government cataloged parts. Can be used to help identify like items, using different nomenclature.ParquetMonthly
Excluded Parties ListIndividuals and entities banned from contracting with the government. EPLS data is connected to Vendor Data and the Master Cross-Reference List (MCRL) by CAGE codeParquetWeekly
Technical CharacteristicsThe technical attributes - materials, dimensions, colours, conditions, end item identification and performance characteristics of supply parts - that identify an item, down to a granular level.ParquetMonthly
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