IHS DeclinePlus

Generate quick empirical production forecasts and type wells

Are you able to generate consistent reserves estimates with your current production analysis and forecasting tools?

DeclinePlus is an industry-leading software for analyzing oil and gas production as well as evaluating and managing reserves. Create forecasts and estimate reserves using decline analysis, material balance, volumetrics and water-oil ratio analysis methods. Conduct production surveillance on waterflood oil fields using standard Hall and VRR plots. Create Type Well performance profiles, customize entity hierarchies, consolidate forecasts into groups and rank levels based on forecast name or reserve classification. Additional decline methods target the unique behavior of tight gas and shale gas production.

Learn how to:

  • Extract maximum value from production data to determine areas for improvement
  • Streamline workflows and generate repeatable and consistent results
  • Conduct more accurate, timely reserves evaluations
  • Compare results from traditional and advanced analysis methods by effortlessly integrating RTA model forecasts


Production Data Analysis

DeclinePlus analysis methods include:

  • Arps, including limiting decline
  • Stretched Exponential, Duong, and multisegment methods
  • Type well (see Tab Four for more detail)
  • Volumetrics and material balance for both gas and oil
  • Ratio analysis and associated forecasting
Advanced Workflows
  • Mix and match appropriate analysis techniques into a single workflow
  • Force results consistency between methods by linking different analysis techniques
  • Develop, save and share hierarchies, plot templates, data grids and custom workflows
  • Foster a consistent analysis approach across analyst teams
Reserves Evaluation
  • Assign reserves classifications to wells or group forecasts
  • Consolidate forecasts based on classification and hierarchy
  • Connect to industry standard economic tools
  • Get quick updates (constituent changes automatically update consolidations)
Type Well Analysis
  • Quickly normalize well production to create a type well
  • Average, P10, P50, or P90
  • Apply type wells to new locations or wells with limited data
  • Normalize rates on attributes such as: horizontal length, number of stages or net pay

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