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Custom business indexes

Use proprietary data and insights to accurately translate macroeconomic drivers to your firm’s business performance across multiple industries and geographies.

It can be difficult for companies that operate in, or sell into, multiple industries to track and forecast end-market demand. A Custom Business Index (CBI) designed around your business will provide a consistent framework to benchmark and forecast business performance across your unique business segments and regions.

Our Custom Business Indexes assemble information from across our award-winning forecasts, market-leading scenario modeling frameworks, and well-respected economists and analysts and deliver results that are unique to the products, sectors, and geographies where your firm operates today and in the future. Our custom business indexes enable strategic planners, demand planners, and business leaders who must formulate strategy and execute on initiatives to answer the most fundamental question: what does this mean for you?

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6 factors involved in building a Custom Business Index

Custom Business Indexes can be leveraged to improve workflows and establish metrics to solve business problems that range from short-term to long-term, from tactical to strategic

  • Compare global markets in a way that aligns with your portfolio mix
  • Establish KPIs for all aspects of your business by product, business line, end market and geography
  • Create an opportunity matrix based on potential new markets as well as evaluate your existing footprint and exposure to uneven demand across your end-markets
  • Statistically incorporate multiple industry perspectives within a rigorous econometric forecasting model
  • Integrate your own data into the CBI Builder Tool and craft your own sub-indices to reflect your diverse business units

Economics & Country Risk proprietary economic data enables market analysis & forecasts, scenario planning, and company valuations

Utilize a CBI to improve accuracy and insights across your workflows

Testing & Validation
  • Identify the most relevant drivers of demand
  • Validate statistical and causal fit against your sales
  • Leverages the full data library at IHS Markit
  • Foundational step for building a business/product line forecasting model
Custom Business Index Scenario Tool
  • Build your index by geography, end market/vertical or product
  • Flexibility to use inputs to your CBI from any source
  • Create alternative portfolio outlooks by changing inputs or weights within the CBI
  • Easy to use application for managers and analysts for quick insights
Benchmarking / Market Potential
  • Measure your existing portfolio performance mix against the market writ large
  • Adjust index to home in on growth opportunities or risks that exists based on portfolio exposures
  • A well specified CBI serves as a strong foundation for establishing internal KPIs
Sales Forecasting
  • CBI can be used as a variable in a sales or market forecast model
  • Capture the value of multiple inputs in one variable for greater modeling flexibility
  • Ability to apply unique weighted variables (CBI) within global forecast models to capture regional differences in the most efficient way

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