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COVID-19 Analysis

Analysis and coverage of COVID-19 and the expected economic impacts.

The outbreak of COVID-19 is the latest in a line of critical events impacting how customers operate, go to market, and manage their investments. This outbreak, together with civil unrest in Santiago, Hong Kong (SAR) protects, escalation of the Iran conflict, changing US tariff policies, and Brexit, highlight the increasing frequency and complexity of events impacting business strategy.

Our analysis and coverage of COVID-19 is now available as single-purchase package or reports. Leveraging our forecasts for 211 countries and territories, daily coverage of events, and expertise, we are uniquely positioned to enable clients to more effectively identify and anticipate emerging risks, adjust plans to handle immediate disruptions, and strategically plan to mitigate future disruptions.

Our analysis and coverage of COVID-19 provides answers to questions such as:

  • What are key indicators of recovery or deterioration?
  • What do survey data via PMI tell us about future economic growth?
  • Are we seeing permanent losses to the economy or only short-term deviations?
  • What will happen with the stock market, and are those moves justified?
  • How dramatic will the impacts be on commodity prices, and what will this do to my margins? Can I alter my buying strategy?
  • What movements will monetary and fiscal authorities implement to improve economic conditions?
  • Which sectors will be hard hit, and which will endure?
  • What are the likely social reactions in key economies?
  • Will the rise of COVID-19 cases in the Middle East increase the likelihood of regional conflict?
  • Will civil unrest in Hong Kong (SAR) improve or worsen?
  • How can I minimize disruption to my supply chain from events such as this?
  • Where is consumer spending rebounding, and does that pose an opportunity?

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