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Country Intelligence Monitor

Monitor emerging risks - Gain market advantage - Identify trigger points

Our comprehensive and consistent analysis provides the data needed to evaluate the regional risks and economic landscapes impacting the fundamentals of the companies within your portfolio. Access to both macro and detailed concepts to support your overall analysis.

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Private Equity

  • Perform due-diligence and identify trigger points for shifting country risks that impact investment entry or exit strategies
  • Effectively and quickly screen assets through a lens of regional risk and key economic drivers
  • Monitor of existing investments to distinguish between the perceived and actual risks


  • Perform quantitative and qualitative analysis to determine portfolio weighting
  • Evaluate perceived and actual regional risks impacting the fundamentals of the companies in a portfolio
  • Identify early indicators of changing economic conditions and perform demand-side analysis for emerging markets

Investment banks

  • Determine the quantitative and qualitative impacts of regional risks to deal fundamentals, underwriting risk, or default risk during due diligence
  • Identify early indicators of changing macro-economic conditions and country-level variables to efficiently manage and assess capital positions
  • Monitor changes to worldwide country risk and impacts to capital structures

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What’s Included

Data and Analysis

Country Risk Analysis

A holistic view of the economic and risk environment for 211 countries with forward-looking risk ratings for 6 aggregate and 22 sub-aggregate risk categories. Ability to compare and contrast the risks between countries and regions across 7 risk bands and customize the risk ratings to better evaluate the impacts to your investments.

Sovereign Risk

Independent credit risk assessments for 205 countries to evaluate the potential for default on sovereign debt with detailed ratings and analysis of solvency ratios, liquidity (short-term and medium-term), economic policy impacts, political factors and other debt indicators.

Banking Risk

Forward-looking risk ratings give a quick, comprehensive view of 46 emerging market banking sectors. Historical data coverage for 21 key developed markets. Ability to quickly compare levels of systemic risk, spot countries with highest credit/ liquidity risks or weakest capital buffers, conduct internal ratings and due diligence and set country exposure limits.

Construction and Consumer Spending

Evaluate the impact of consumer and construction spending as an economic driver in key markets. Bottom-up construction spending forecasts for 74 countries and 20 structure types. Country reports for 112 countries and 95% of global population, highlighting consumer trends and economic factors impacting income distribution and consumer spend.

Key deliverables
  • Forward-looking country risk ratings across six major risk areas—political, economic, legal, tax, operational, security and 22 sub-aggregates for key risk category components, such as government instability and policy instability
  • Up to 500 economic indicators per economy for 200+ countries
  • Integrated daily intelligence and regularly updated country reports
  • Short- and medium-term sovereign risk ratings
  • Proprietary ratings for near- to medium-term banking risk, providing bottom-line banking sector risk assessments and the basis for country-specific analyses
  • In-depth reports for 100+ countries covering consumer market spending, income distribution, trends, drivers, macroeconomic context, inflation outlook and labor markets
  • 20-year forecasts for 100+ countries across 36 consumer spending categories
  • 15-year forecasts of global construction activity for 74 countries and 20 structure types
Member privileges
  • Analyst access: Connect directly with our award-winning team of 150 full-time economists
  • Webcasts: Email invitations to our US-focused webcasts and FOMC meeting reviews, with on-demand availability to listen at your convenience.

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  • Real-time reporting: Read updated analysis and commentary as data releases and events warrant
  • Email alerts: Set up notifications for updates to categories of interest
  • Rapid data retrieval: Access analysis and data in a single search or via interactive maps
  • Formatting/presentation tools: Format data by relevant indices and build customizable, presentation-ready graphs
  • Flexible export: Export all forecast tables in multiple formats (Excel, PDF, PowerPoint)
  • Automated content refreshes: Save searches and update content automatically
  • Pre-formatted risk dashboards with global macroeconomic data and risk ratings

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