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Cost Analyzer

Track cost pressures across your spend categories with more than 500 pre-built cost management models

Our Cost Analyzer tool makes data analysis, extraction and cost model creation simple and easy It puts the breadth of the Pricing & Purchasing commodity price coverage - 500,000+ historic prices, 4,000+ forecasts, costs and wages, and 200+ cost models across 60 geographies into the hands of your organizations procurement and purchasing teams. Get forward-looking price, wage and cost data to benchmark your supplier’s costs, evaluate your purchasing performance and ultimately help you realize cost savings for your company.

The simple to use tool allows users to search Pricing and Purchasing data by concept, geography, series type and frequency. You can edit and build cost models which are composite indexes that use the underlying cost of production as weights and you can build reports on specific concepts, apply functions, and save for future use.

From the Cost Analyzer Build Query function you can:

  • Find the data series necessary in your evaluation by searching forecast and historic databases, filtering for only what you need
  • View the data quickly in a single page application and adjust for more or fewer results
  • Analyze/Alter/Combine individual data series relevant to your business questions in a dedicated workspace
  • Access preview charts to analyze individual series and their trendlines
  • Export the data in any format necessary to plug into existing models, tools or applications for further analysis
  • Re-Access your critical data easily via the tool or a refreshable Excel workbook
  • Share your work with other colleagues simply and easily within the tool
Track cost pressures across your spend categories Learn more about our Cost Analyzer tools and models
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The platform also offers a separate workspace space dedicated to cost modelling.

Our cost models provide a detailed breakdown of industry average product costs for a given good or service. The cost models focus on product costs, which are those costs that can be traced or assigned to a specific good or service, rather than period costs, which are those that occur ratably and are more difficult to trace to a specific good or service. These models are developed through a combination of third-party sources (such as the US Census of Manufacturers) and analysts’ expertise. The goal is to provide you with a starting point for analyzing the cost structure of a given good or service, with the opportunity to customize those models to better fit your specific circumstances.

You can customize or alter 200+ pre-built cost models to fit your business

  • Add any data series relevant to your supply chain and quickly change the overall weights of each component to see the price impact over time
  • Change the parameters of the cost model including the base frequency, value or date
  • Categorize each individual data series by labor, material, product or custom cost category, to easily see where the bulk of spending will be

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