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Security and Intelligence Consulting

A holistic view of security dynamics and outlooks anchored in local insight

Our consulting services are designed for pro-active intelligence and security teams who need granular forecasts and location specific risk analysis, alongside geopolitical analysis and scenarios connecting security to wider political, economics and industry dynamics.

The global pandemic and ongoing trade wars have emphasized the need for intelligence analysts to have a holistic view of the factors shaping agendas and activity globally – whether by state or non-state actors. Geopolitical uncertainty is front of mind not just for political and security analysts but for decision makers across departments and understanding how events will unfold, who the critical actors are and what the impacts are likely to be will be key to effective and pro-active policy. 

IHS Markit is in a unique position to bring political, economic, industry and security insights together and provide forward-looking views of risk at a global and local level. We leverage structured intelligence methodology alongside cutting-edge innovation for the application of data, analytics and modelling to provide a credible, independent view of the evolving security risk environment. 

Mozambique’s security and risk assessment Understand the full picture
Understand the risk profile for a region, country, city, or partner Get a detailed assessment that works with your parameters

The IHS Markit Difference

All-source intelligence infrastructure
Unrivalled global resources to access underreported and hard to find information, with bespoke on the ground intelligence collection against key indicators of change.

Tailored output
Informing the client’s decision-making processes and to support efforts by security professionals to concisely communicate security related business risks to larger organization and risk stakeholders.

Risk visualization
State-of-the-art GIS and visualization tools and techniques, including interactive dashboards and geospatial risk mapping with violent risk ratings at 500m² resolution globally.

Tailored Solutions

Intelligence collection
  • We have over 2,000,000 intelligence events in our database that get added to on a daily basis with incidents and developments that indicate a direction of shift in risk outlook across political, economic, legal, tax, operational and security risk.
  • Our collection infrastructure blends electronically available open source across relevant local languages with human source inputs where required.
  • We can target this infrastructure to specific collection requirements, building an Intelligence Collection Plan jointly with our client to ensure relevant and timely collection
Threat assessments
  • Our threat assessments can be as specific as our clients require: at country, sector or specific location/asset level.
  • We blend inputs based on the most appropriate approach for the location, leveraging all the tools available to us: where we have specific location threat models for security threats we incorporate these; where data is thinner we complement our view with inputs from our human source networks.
  • We differentiate threat by location and asset profile as we believe country level risk is a benchmark for starting a threat assessment and rarely a complete view of the threat you will face as an operator.
Scenario analysis
  • We use scenarios to help clients plan for alternative futures – either for long-term investments where forecast horizons are long, or for rapidly evolving threats where contingency planning needs to consider multiple pathways for evolution.
  • Our scenarios draw on our full range of experts – from within Economics and Country Risk as well as other paths of IHS Markit where relevant. 
  • We can assign or model probabilities for scenarios, which are designed to enable ongoing monitoring and to signal increasing/decreasing probabilities.
Integrity investigations
  • We help clients understand exposure to integrity, compliance and operational risks associated with potential partners, subcontractors, suppliers or other third parties.
  • Our investigations are unique in that they draw on our existing expertise in country security and political risk and ongoing mapping of influence dynamics and key stakeholders in a location.
  • This enables us to look not just at exposure based on historical record, but to forecast future exposure based on political change or other country-specific dynamics likely to affect the entity in question.
Risk quantification
  • We quantify our assessment of threats wherever possible and meaningful to allow our clients to credibly compare and benchmark their exposure. Our scale can be adjusted to fit internal rating and scoring systems whilst still relying on our robust and comprehensive methodology for scoring specific threats across 20+ distinct categories.
  • We leverage this same infrastructure along with our deep sector expertise across IHS Markit to quantify the financial impact of country risk – including security – by sector, asset type or specific projects/portfolios.

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