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Consumer Research & Market Trend Analysis

Understanding consumer spending, market analysis, market size, and opportunity by segment or population with our Consumer Diversity Model .

As consumer demographics change and evolve, companies should target messaging and products to specific demographics to ensure they are reaching the right markets, at the right time, with the right offering. Marketers, retailers, and planners require richer data on their customer segments to engage with their target audience.

Our Consumer Diversity Model provides the data needed to accurately define their addressable US market and track trends for each segment. Our analysis provides a clear view into where US consumers are now—and where they will be in the future—enabling effective execution of multicultural marketing programs that meet and exceed commercial goals.

  • Over the 2015-2025 time period, you can see:
  • Gen Z and Millennials markedly increasing total spend as they grow into ‘Head of Household’ age
  • Boomers and Gen X increasing in spend but at a decreasing rate
  • By 2025, Millennials’ spending as much as Boomers
Understand how changes in population will impact your addressable market
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Our diversity market analysis examines population trends, patterns, and spending behaviors in the US according to segmented socio-demographic characteristics. We can provide insights across 660 spend categories to provide answers to questions such as:

  • Race/ethnicity: How do spending preferences for certain goods, such cars and trucks, vary according to consumer ethnicity?
  • Age/generation: How much of their wallet are millennials spending on durable goods, such as those geared toward home improvements, versus travel and other experience goods?
  • Income level: How does a high-level income earner allocate their spending versus saving?
  • Education level: Is there a connection between a consumer’s education level and their spending on health care services?
  • Gender: What types of apparel are men more likely to purchase versus women?

Population traits listed above can be evaluated singularly as well as in combination

Built on an industry leading data and analysis

  • US Macro Service: Population, households and the components of income, consumer spending
  • US Regional Service: State and County population, households, income, consumer spending
  • US Population Model:By race/ethnicity and gender derived from Census Bureau data
  • US Consumer: Buying trends, share of wallet, household income
  • Hispanic Market Monitor (HMM): Economic and demographic forecasts, rich government socio-economic and demographic survey data, percent of households where Spanish is spoken within the home

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Laura Hand

She has led, and contributed to, numerous projects specifically related to consumer behavior, spending trends and patterns, share of wallet analyses, market sizing, and forecasting. Laura brings 15 years of experience in economic, demographic, and industry consulting, with a strong focus on developing strategy and planning solutions for clients through in-depth modeling and econometric analysis. Prior to joining IHS Markit, she was an analyst at the Congressional Budget Office in Washington, DC. In the Tax Analysis Division, Laura was responsible for the excise tax budgeting process, which included forecasting excise tax income in the United States and analyzing the behavioral effects of past and proposed legislation for Congress. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Mathematics from St. Lawrence University (Canton, NY) and her Master's degree in Economics from Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY).

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Alex Cotter

Mr. Cotter brings 15 years of experience delivering data-driven insights to the consumer-packaged goods and financial services industries. Before joining IHS Markit, he serviced an institutional investor client base in an analytical capacity as Director of Global Financial Services at Nielsen, covering the food, beverage, household, personal care, and retail sectors. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Colorado and an MBA in Brand Management from Cornell University.

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