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Jane’s Intelligence Unit

Open source assessments of the global threat environment tailored to you and your organisation’s needs

The Jane’s Intelligence Unit provides customers with cutting-edge open source intelligence on current, emerging and future threats and assessments on capabilities required to mitigate those threats. We use a multi-faceted approach to deliver verified and validated open source information and intelligence at the highest levels of assurance.

Jane’s Intelligence Unit provides:

  • Objective, expert threat assessments tailored to your specific needs
  • Horizon scanning for future security and geopolitical challenges and their potential impact
  • Analysis and insight into military and security capability innovation
  • OSINT optimisation through training, advisory, specialist capability and intelligence support

Leveraging Jane’s expertise enables you to understand and plan for tomorrow’s threats without diverting valuable resources from the threats you face today.

Why choose Jane’s Intelligence Unit?

Using verified and validated open source information and intelligence, Jane’s Intelligence Unit provides an assured, unclassified, independent perspective that increases your awareness of the strategic and operational challenges.

  • Actionable intelligence tailored to your specific requirements
  • Information derived from the widest possible array of open sources, including social media
  • A global expert network which provides specialist capabilities, including local languages
  • Discreet, low-attribution research
  • Where required, research can be conducted in a low-attribution manner
  • Original and creative intelligence assessments generated using a range of alternative analysis techniques including scenario analysis; wargaming; red teaming; Delphi method
Threat Assessment

Jane’s Intelligence Unit delivers objective, expert assessments of threats tailored to the needs of each specific customer.

Insight on conventional and asymmetric threats, including:

  • Terrorism: financing, ideology, strategy, tactics and operations
  • Extremism: messaging and counter-messaging
  • Organised crime: transnational crimes, trafficking, smuggling
  • State-level threats: regional competitions, misinformation and disinformation campaigns

Sample customer requirements

  • Provide me with an assessment of the illicit small arms market in SE Asia that I can share easily with my intelligence customers
  • What am I missing in my assessment of violent extremist and militia groups in Libya?
Horizon Scanning

Jane’s Intelligence Unit provides estimative intelligence on future security and geopolitical challenges and their potential impact.

Assessments of future threats and challenges, covering:

  • Conflict analysis: monitoring active and ‘frozen’ conflicts, analysing future conflict
  • Technology challenges: security implications of advances in technology
  • Geopolitical instability: assessments of fragile states

Deployment of structured estimative techniques including:

  • Red teaming
  • Scenario analysis
  • War games and table-top exercises

Sample customer requirements

  • What will be the impact of technological advances on security and conflict?
  • What scenarios might emerge in the Syrian conflict over the next 12 months?
Capability Innovation

Jane’s Intelligence Unit delivers analysis of the latest developments in military capabilities, including the evolution of doctrine and concepts of operation.

Tracking changes in military capability, including:

  • Capability assessment: understanding military forces and their Orders of Battles (ORBATS)
  • Changing warfare: analysing the evolution of military and security requirements and the development of new doctrines and Concepts of Operation (CONOPs)
  • Proliferation: assessing spreading nuclear capability and other technological advances, such as the use of drones

Sample customer requirements

  • What tradecraft are DAESH supporters using to continue operating successfully on social media?
  • How will military doctrine change to deal with hybrid warfare?
Optimising OSINT

Jane’s Intelligence Unit helps customers improve the skills and expertise of their OSINT teams and advises on the creation of new OSINT units.

Assisting customers in improving their OSINT capability through:

  • Training: improving the skills and expertise of OSINT analysts, teams and managers
  • Client advisory: working with organisations to refine existing OSINT practices
  • Capability development: establishing and guiding new OSINT units for our clients
  • Intelligence support: providing clients with outsourced specialist capabilities and analytical capacity

Sample customer requirements

  • Can Jane’s develop tailored subject ‘primers’ to help our new analysts quickly get up to speed on relevant defence and security topics?
  • How can we ensure that our new OSINT hub has the capabilities to produce high-quality, timely and relevant insight on security threats?


Other consulting businesses use Jane's data and insight, but their consultancy projects are inevitably limited by their lack of specialist expertise. Exclusive Jane's benefits include:

  • Experience
    Assessments and guidance from national security subject-matter experts

  • Knowledge
    Access to the world’s leading military and security insight and analysis

  • Support
    Answering specific client questions with custom open source intelligence, advice, and guidance

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