Construction Custom Solutions

Forge a distinct path to growth

We partner with you to navigate the globalized construction industry, where transnational demand, demographics and technology continually change the rules of the game. Leverage our international construction forecasts, deep industry analysis, building material forecast capability, and construction data on 200+ countries. Find out why more than 1,400 organizations rely on us to:

  • Size and segment markets
  • Create strategic market entry and expansion plans
  • Formulate savvy investment strategies
  • Achieve revenue targets
  • Uncover risk and opportunities in new markets

Building Material Forecast

Building material companies and construction firms rely on us to predict material needs. We forecast construction spending overall and by 30 key building types at the national and state level, so you can:

  • Anticipate needed materials over next decade, by structure type
  • Size markets and set sales targets
  • Plan production and inventories
  • Identify areas in which to invest
  • Adjust materials production based on structure performance

Solve Your Business Challenge

I need to size the rental equipment, tools and supplies market.Quantify the rental market with annual rental inventory revenue compilations and investment estimates for future years.
How can I predict machinery production by product line?Request a customized demand index by product line with key drivers.
My strategic plans require medium-term production expectations.We can create a model that measures relationship among your product sales, construction activity by building type, and other economic factors so you can minimize inventory overhang and maximize productivity.
I want to evaluate market potential by segment and geographyGet an estimated usage for your building products by structure type, and benchmark the estimate against national sales to create product forecasts by building type and geography.
I need to set realistic territory sales goals.Our customized model incorporates your product sales and building products with county-level market potential. This model will let you reassign sales resources and set performance expectations.

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