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Conflict Monitor

Geospatial intelligence and social media monitoring are changing the nature of conflict analysis. Conflict Monitor is an open source intelligence collection and analysis service. It generates unique data-driven insights on the conflict in Iraq and Syria, combining unrivalled information collection with advanced analytical tools, and analysis by Jane's security experts. It also provides tools for analyzing the operational activity, capabilities and range of influence of armed actors. It can provide early warning of emerging patterns in complex risk environments.

How Conflict Monitor can help you anticipate and respond to emerging threats

  • Identify, understand and monitor threats by connecting data, information and insights from validated social media sources
  • Increase decision confidence with independent analysis by Jane's security experts
  • Verify and validate classified intelligence from other sources such as HUMINT
  • Declassify, disseminate, report and brief

Conflict Monitor also supports clients with questions such as:

  • Which Syrian rebel factions are cooperating with Jabhat Fatah al-Sham jihadists and which factions oppose them?
  • How much territory have Syrian government forces retaken since the beginning of Russian military intervention and how has it affected their performance on the battlefield?
  • How many Shia militias are operating in Iraq and which of them are ideologically aligned with Iran?
  • Who are the Sunni rebel factions fighting in Turkey’s ‘Euphrates Shield’ coalition and what does their messaging on social media tell us about their loyalty to Turkey?

What's included

Expert Analysis

Monthly analytical reports focused on the Islamic State, including quantitative and qualitative analysis of the group's structure, strategy, capabilities and relations

  • 15 pages of new analysis on the Islamic State every month
  • 300+ pages of archived analysis on Islamic State structure, strategy, finance, messaging, military capabilities and performance
Data Packages
Indicator Events
  • 135,000+ geocoded indicator events for Iraq and Syria going back to 1 January 2014
  • 200-600 events recorded daily for Syria and Iraq
  • Sourced from Arabic and Kurdish-language news, social media and HUMINT
Armed Groups
  • 4750+ armed factions operating in Iraq and Syria
  • Metadata on leadership, strength, online presence, nationality of foreign fighters, and international backers
Social Media Source Ratings
  • 360+ key social media sources rated for value and reliability
Control Maps
  • High resolution interactive control maps for Iraq and Syria reaching back to March 2015 in weekly increments
Data packages and expert analysis reports are available in .xls and .pdf formats for maximum compatibility with secure IT systems. Geospatial layers are delivered in .kmz format.


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