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Conflict Atlas created by Airbus Defence and Space and Jane's

OSINT GEO intelligence across countries of conflict and crisis

The growing extremist network and evolving threat risk make it imperative for intelligence professionals to quickly distill large quantities of data to quickly identify areas that require immediate focus. 

In light of these needs, Airbus Defence and Space and Jane's by IHS Markit have partnered to develop Conflict Atlas – a powerful Geo-Intelligence (GEOINT) tool that combines high quality satellite imagery with operational and strategic analysis and insight, focusing on countries in conflict or of high risk.

Integrate Conflict Atlas into your internal systems to:

  • Ease the big data burden and quickly pinpoint focus areas
  • Obtain 1.5m resolution satellite imagery across whole countries and 0.5m resolution for areas such as bases, conflict zones and populated areas
  • Support confident decision making with geospatial layers that provide strategic and operational information
  • Share and verify important content across your intelligence community
  • Add in-house layers to build an increasingly robust intelligence product

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Conflict Atlas Area Coverage, Content and Features

Area Coverage

Countries in Conflict

  • Afghanistan
  • Iraq
  • Libya
  • North Korea
  • Syria
  • Ukraine
  • Yemen

High Risk

  • Algeria
  • Iran
  • Mali
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Somalia

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Conflict Atlas goes beyond pure satellite imagery to deliver the multi-source information that today’s intelligence communities require. It integrates a geographic foundation with geospatial databases, on-demand resources and your in-house layers – all listed below – to deliver a powerful GEOINT tool.

Geographic Foundation – supplied by Airbus Defence and Space

  • Consistent mosaic
  • 1.5 resolution entire countries
  • 0.5 resolution conflict areas (bases, conflict zones, populated areas)
  • Recent, uniform satellite imagery

Geospatial Databases – supplied by Jane’s

Strategic information

  • Country Profiles
  • Military Installations
  • Open Street Maps
  • Equipment Profiles

Operational information

  • Terrorist Events
  • Territory Maps - Iraq/Syria
  • Country Risk Indicators
  • Defence News
  • Imagery Report

On-Demand Resources

  • Reactive Satellite Tasking
  • Monitoring
  • Imagery Report
  • Intelligence Report

In-House Layers

  • Classified databases
  • Other internal documents

Caption: Geotagging of military bases, missile sites, terrorism events, conflict map and events

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Caption: Airbus Defence and Space imagery up to 0.5M resolution

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A Unique Partnership
Airbus Defence and Space and Jane’s have partnered to provide you with an optimized GEOINT capability that enables you to build up a detailed picture of events in volatile regions.
Airbus Defence and Space
Airbus Defence and Space delivers the smartest constellation combining radar and optical satellites, with wide coverage 1.5m resolution satellite imagery across whole countries with a 0.5m resolution focused on areas of interest such as bases, conflict zones and populated areas.
Jane’s global team of experts delivers geospatial layers identifying military bases, military capability data, news, image analysis and terrorism events. The solution also utilizes Jane’s equipment specifications data to help with the identification of platforms on the ground.

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