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Compliance Suite

Cost elements and technology pathways to achieve regulatory compliance.

How can I achieve vehicle fleet compliance and avoid fines?

Where can I view compliance gaps for EU passenger fleets?

Compliance+, the first of four components IHS Markit Compliance Suite, provides an unbiased, independent outlook on car manufacturers compliance gaps with total anticpated CO2 forecasts and fines across the entire future EU28 passenger car sales fleet.

The Compliance+ module addresses the challenges facing the EU-28 automotive market as automakers endeavor to respond to increasingly stringent CO2 and emissions regulations.

The key questions that must be answered are:
  • Post-compliance optimization, how far are we from being compliant?
  • What are the likely penalties plausible of not meeting fuel economy targets?

Achieving compliance in the EU28 can be a complex, multi-dimensial and costly task.

The IHS Markit Compliance+ module for the EU-28 provides comprehensive fleet CO2 forecasts, assessments and analytics along with an appropriate ranking of car manufacturers on a yearly basis against their sales-weighted fleet CO2 target performance. Powered with leading-class intelligence, the dataset enables a contribution breakdown of car manufacturers of their target achievement at vehicle, nameplate, body-type, powertrain design and fuel-type level, and is forecasted through the current +7 years.

Compliance+ is staged via a Tableau Web Portal and helps you understand the complexity of compliance across four key assessments:

  • Fleet-average CO2 forecast assessment illustrated at various levels to fit clients workflow
  • Gap-to-target analysis with penalty assessment breakdowns
  • Illustration of combined CO2 technical, homologated and strategic optimization deployment, providing a NET performance prognosis
  • Contribution analysis at technology, segment, body-type, and fuel-type levels and more for strategic planning
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Compliance+, the first of four modules available in IHS Markit newly planned Compliance Suite

Compliance+ is the first component of a newly planned Compliance Suite from IHS Markit. The Compliance Suite will provide comprehensive data and analytics illustrating technology pathways and its associated investments in meeting fuel economy regulation in key markets.

Compliance+ (EU-28 only)

Available now: Close the compliance gap through legitimate vehicle optimization and use of eco-innovative credits.

Inputs to Compliance+ are taken from the IHS Markit Vehicle Performance and Compliance Monitor (VPaC). The VPaC Compliance Module complements Compliance+ and the corresponding Compliance Suite by providing forecasts for CO2 emissions, fuel consumption and acceleration performance for more than 60,000 vehicle-powertrain combinations – including 160-plus attributes per vehicle – across the United States, EU-28, China and Brazil.

Compliance Tech

Scheduled to be released in late 2018, this module provides gap closure analysis in the United States and the EU-28 via the deployment of three prescribed pathways:

  • Mechanical technology
  • xEV technology
  • Fleet mix
Compliance Cost

Scheduled to be released in late 2018, this module analyses potential cost impact in the United States and the EU-28 for each of the three routes:

  • Mechnical technology
  • xEV technology
  • Fleet mix
Compliance Optimization

Scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2019, this module provides insight into overall capital expenditures and investments, capacity planning and investment influence, commodity prices and production volume need to meet compliance.


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