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IHS Markit Rushmore Completions Performance Review (CPR)

Optimize well completions planning and budgeting

Why do operators participate in the CPR?

Since 1994, operators have been sharing well completions data through the CPR. They use this data to help them better plan and budget their well operations as well to drive and measure performance improvement.

Join the CPR today to:

  • Access data from more than 100 operators for over 16,000 well completions in over 60 countries
  • Find industry data and competitor intelligence
  • Obtain highly useful technical, time and cost data
  • Decide which data to share, the rules for sharing, yearly changes needed and how additional value can be gained
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Benefits of participating in the CPR

  • Establish your competitive performance - It is nice to know you are doing better than last year, but the real bottom-line measure is how you are performing in relation to your competitors.
  • Provide a driver for improvement - If you can show that others are doing it faster or less expensively, you can use this fact to accelerate improvement.
  • Target the big gaps - Most operators are good at some types of wells, or in some areas, but not so good in others. Use this information to make sure you target the biggest potential gains.
  • Discover what best-in-class operators do differently - While the data will not tell you precisely how they deliver superior performance, it will provide clues and indicators that you can build upon.
  • Plan and budget for wells in new areas - Access technical, time and cost data on thousands of land, offshore and deepwater wells from over 60 countries. Use this data to evaluate the viability of future prospects.
  • Design and plan wells - Engineers can study offset well data during the well design phase to consider how other operators of nearby wells react to the challenges in terms of wellbore size, trajectory, other design aspects, casing schemes, mud selection, etc.
  • Compare  ROP rates - Plot offset well time-depth charts using the tables of time-depth data provided, to see how planned ROP rates compare with others and ensure that the most appropriate targets are set.
  • Evaluate progress - Add an external viewpoint to your performance, reporting on your achievement of internal targets and integrate benchmark results into your standard measurement process.
  • Benchmark internally within a multinational company - Participate in the studies on a global basis and use them for benchmarking among your own companies. Many multinational firms have used their participation to drive standardization of metrics across their corporation and to help improve data quality and internal reporting.

Getting started

How to participate?
  • An operator contracts to participate in at least one country for at least one year.
  • The operator provides data on all wells it completes that year in each country in which it is participating.
  • The data is independently quality checked and published on the website.
  • Access to other operators' data for that year is provided, operator data from 1994-1999 is provided free of charge.
  • An operator may also participate retrospectively.
  • If an operator provides all of its wells, the operator receives access to data in all countries, even if it has not performed completions there.
Data coverage
  • Approximately 150 total data fields as well as a detailed schematic diagram for every completion
  • Well name, location type, general description and wellbore characteristics (deviation, expected max pressure, temp., H2S, Co2)
  • Lower completion technical details: production casing/liners, sand control techniques and hardware, zonal isolation and monitoring equipment
  • Upper completion technical details (including artificial lift type, tubing protection, XT type, material, etc.)
  • Workover and remedial work
  • Operational details: timings (including NPT & WoW), rigs and equipment used (for all completion components including workovers if applicable)
  • Perforating and stimulation operation details (conveyance method, number of runs, type of stimulation)
  • Costs of all completion operations
Data entry and automated data entry import
  • Excel workbook input
  • Workbook emailed to Rushmore for QC
  • Rushmore automated and manual QC checks
  • Queries on data between participant and Rushmore
  • Data published
  • Data extraction service - Rushmore can provide a data extraction service for participants. This removes the burden of data reporting for the operators, allowing them to focus on the end product - the CPR Database. For more information on data extraction, please contact our sales team.
  • Data extraction import tools - Access several reporting application vendors who provide data extraction import tools for the DPR.
Access to benchmarking tools
  • CPR key performance indicator metrics
  • CPR Charts - Ability to chart operational performance, completions times, costs, well vs. days/NPT/costs

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