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Chemical Competitive Cost and Margin Analytics

Assess the cost and margin positions of operating chemical plants according to geography, capacity, time, technology, feedstock, operating rate and integration level.

How confident are you in your ability to evaluate the long-term competitiveness of operating plants?

The Chemical Competitive Cost & Margin Analytics (CCMA) 12-months subscription provides an excel model, updated on a quarterly basis, aligned to IHS Markit comprehensive production capacity database, technology and economic evaluations and long-term price forecasts. The service provides an interactive tool with the full functionality needed to effectively perform your longer-term strategic analysis and benchmark the competitive position of operating chemical plants. Key features include:

  • Production cash cost and margin estimates, identified by individual plant
  • Functionality to generate estimated economics for hypothetical plants
  • User-defined price adjuster model, from product price to immediate feedstock level and global crude oil price
  • Annual cost/margin curves: 5 years history and 10 years forecast
  • Quarterly cost/margin curves: 4 historical, 8 forecast
  • Global plant list with technology and capacity data
  • Regional feedstock, by-product and utility price forecasts
  • Energy price basis and energy outlook
  • Executive overview and methodology
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IHS Markit Cost Curve Scenarios:

What would happen to the world cost curves for Ethylene and Polyethylene-HDPE if oil prices don’t rise to the IHS Markit forecast?

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How do our clients use the Chemical Competitive Cost & Margin Analytics service?

Understanding the structure of chemical production costs requires an extensive amount of time and workforce resources collecting data and analyzing macroeconomic trends, cost drivers and supply/demand of specific chemicals from disparate sources in order to assess competitiveness and optimize profitability. Whether you are strategic planner, engineer or technology manager, commercial manager or financial analyst, the Chemical Competitive Cost & Margin Analytics aligns with your business workflows to empower your strategic objectives and investment plans. Our clients use the service for:

Evaluate competitive position of existing assets locally, regionally or globally Understand risk and exposure to feedstock price fluctuation Understand cost structure of raw material suppliers to inform contract negotiations
Review cost & margin estimates for competing assets by location and technology Assess relative competitiveness of future hypothetical assets Evaluate cost & margin dynamics to inform price setting
Understand impact of new capacity to existing assets performance Build value based commercial strategies Identify feedstock cost advantages from integrated producers
Explore how economics shift under different future price scenarios Understand sensitivity to industry shifts

By combining our global expertise with flexible functionality, IHS Markit helps you answer these questions:

  • How will new capacity additions affect the competitiveness of my existing operating plants?
  • Who are the most cost advantaged and disadvantaged producers?
  • Is my capital investment viable in the long-term?
  • What is the feedstock cost advantage of an integrated plant?
  • How will a shift in oil, feedstock or chemical prices impact competitiveness?
  • I need to renegotiate contracts ─ what are the upstream and downstream cost structures in my value chain?

Available Products – 47 product models covering over 6,000 plants

ABS Resin Ethylene Polycarbonate
Acetic Acid Ethylene Dichloride Polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE)
Acrylic Acid Ethylene Oxide, High-Purity Polypropylene
Acrylonitrile Expandable Polystyrene Polystyrene
Adipic Acid Formaldehyde Polyvinyl Chloride
Ammonia Hexamethylenediamine (HMDA) Propylene
Benzene Methanol Propylene Oxide
Bisphenol A (BPA) Methyl Methacrylate Soda Ash
Butadiene Mixed Xylenes Styrene
Butanediol Monoethylene Glycol Terephthalic Acid
Caprolactam MTBE Styrene-Butadiene Rubber
Chlor-Alkali Nylon 6 & Nylon 6,6 Toluene
Cumene Paraxylene Urea
Cyclohexane PET Vinyl Acetate Monomer
Dimethyl Ether Phenol Vinyl Chloride Monomer
Ethylbenzene Polybutadiene Rubber

Coming Soon

Lithium Hydroxide/Lithium Carbonate

** IHS Markit will be increasing the products offered to build a full library of solutions. For products of interest not listed above, please contact us.

Complementary Services

Process Comparison & Cost Tracker

The interactive tool allows companies to determine and validate the optimum capital investment, by evaluating how state of the art commercial and emerging processes compare and compete, across a variety of real world environments and hypothetical situations. Interrogate up to 500,000 economics data points, and adjust the analysis based on technology, capital and production economics, time, total project cost, geography and environmental impact to understand the viability of future projects.

Process Economics Program

In-depth, independent technical and economic evaluation with user-interactive models of over 2000 commercial and emerging technologies for the chemical, biochemical, and refining industries. The service provides analysis of the impact of changes in processes, feedstocks, energy prices, and government regulations on chemical and fuel production economics for our clients.

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