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Commodities at Sea

Data driven intelligence into commodity movements to deliver actionable insights and informed trading decisions.

Fast-moving commodity markets require data and insights that move with the pace and rhythm of the markets. Precise and actionable commodity flow intelligence based on hard facts is a must-have to stay ahead of the game with ever-changing trading conditions.

Our Commodities at Sea suite of products deliver critical information on commodity movements with easy-to-use visualization and data extract tools so you can track market shifts and new opportunities right away with a few clicks.

Built with sophisticated algorithms with a relentless focus on accuracy, precision and real-time movement predictions, Commodities at Sea brings to life the combined market expertise in IHS Markit across the commodities value chain. We bolster this expertise with multiple cargo intelligence datasets for each market we cover that are carefully integrated into our models after thorough vetting and processing. That’s not all. Our analysts provide market alerts and analysis on market conditions, so you have the facts and insights to make smarter, faster decisions.

Tracking commodity cargoes never got easier.

Crude Oil

The Commodities at Sea Crude Oil module provides:

  • Detailed and highly accurate crude oil cargo activity sequences and journeys that account for movement complexities of multiple loadings and discharges
  • Import-export and crude oil movements at region, country and port/terminal level, and by more than 300 crude grades that have been rigorously analyzed by our oil analysts
  • Visibility into movements through key market choke points, opaque areas and regions of high congestion
  • Key headline metrics such as total oil-on-water and floating storage
  • Vessel utilization and availability metrics combined with ship-to-ship transfer activity to generate comprehensive insights
  • Charterer and cargo counterparty intelligence integrated into the model output for each visualization

Whether you are looking for a crude oil cargo’s final destination, or trying to determine recent import volumes by grade into a key receiving country, or trying to detect floating storage volume near a key hub by vessel and crude grade, Commodities at Sea will provide the answers right away .

Key features:

  • Analytics model runs daily based on real-time ship movements data in a cloud-based Big Data environment, leveraging our market-leading capabilities with maritime datasets
  • Multiple cargo intel data sources: line-ups, fixtures and inspection data vetted and ingested daily by our world-class data operation teams
  • Model output delivery on our flagship Connect business intelligence platform with visualization and query tools to help you find answers quickly
  • Vessel tracking tool integrated with the solution, so you can track crude cargoes at any point in their journey and historically
  • Analyst reviews of model output with analysis and commentary on a daily basis

This solution is essential for:

  • Understanding market fundamentals and trends
  • Building trading and investment strategies
  • Securing financing and trade support
  • Hedging and mitigating risk
  • Uncovering new investment and arbitrage opportunities

Download Commodities at Sea Crude Oil brochure for more information

Dry Bulk

Real-time dry bulk trade flow intelligence incorporating McCloskey insight.
The Commodities at Sea Dry Bulk module provides:

  • Trade flows by vessel covering the global coal and iron ore carrying fleet, including multiple loadings and discharges
  • Ahead of time build-up of coal and iron ore import-export volumes with flows segregated by thermal and metallurgical coal grade, volume movements, and at a region, country and port level
  • Accurate trade flow and vessels activity in highly congested areas
  • Total coal-on-water and iron ore-on-water information
  • Short-term volume movement forecasts derived from cargo intelligence information and advanced analytics
  • Seamless integration of multiple intelligence sources providing a holistic view of each trade
  • Market Insights by industry leading McCloskey Coal analysts and subject matter experts

This service enables:

Target Audience


Coal and Iron Ore Traders (Including Suppliers and Buyers)

Make trading decisions and identify new opportunities with confidence with real time intelligence at the cargo level as well as import-export volumes for all key countries

Monitor global movements as they happen along with short-term flow forecasts to inform trading strategies

Trade Finance Professionals

Identify new, evolving opportunities for financing with insights into shifts in global dry bulk movements

Target new clients and regional markets based on up-to-date information on market activity

Risk Managers

Detect risks early with real-time information on flow movements, market disruptions and short-term forecasts

Identify and adjust risk mitigation strategies that are in line with actual market movements

Commodity Analysts

Develop in-depth understanding of market fundamentals

Assess market disruptions and changes in volume movements based on high-accuracy movement results

Calibrate pricing and forecast models using the comprehensive movements data, incorporating ship characteristics (owners, operators and charterers)

Download Commodities at Sea Dry Bulk brochure for more information

Insight capabilities available in Commodities at Sea

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