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Climate and Emissions

Long-term integrated climate scenarios to 2050, understanding of greenhouse gases (GHG), and insight into the energy transition

The "Energy Transition" refers to the broad move to create a lower carbon global economy and the resulting changes in policies, regulations, and the demand for different energy types. These moves are driven by rising concerns over the impacts of climate change and air pollution and are shaped by societal pressures, government policies, and technology changes that are quickly lowering the costs of low carbon energy sources such as solar and wind.

The Energy Transition is causing fundamental changes in opportunities and risks for companies and countries. Our climate and emissions coverage supports companies and institutions to understand the business environment today for oil, gas, and power companies, and to assess the energy transition’s impact, risks, and opportunities.

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  • Understand trends in the face of uncertainty and conflicting data- Explain the long-term business environment to stakeholders
Strategic planners:
  • Compare internal forecasts and other outlooks against independent scenarios
  • Test the company view and strategic options
  • Policy and strategy benchmarking and insights on global and local climate policies, technologies and markets
Climate risk managers:
  • Emissions reduction strategies, carbon asset risk expertise and scenario-based long-term market fundamentals analysis
Supply procurement managers:
  • Outlooks include detailed national and sector specific assessments of energy supply and demand drivers
Sustainability officers:
  • Assess resilience strategy and highlight opportunities in the energy transition
Investor relations:
  • Monitor multiple energy-related issues that interest outside investors

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Rick Vidal

Mr. Vidal is responsible for coordinating across the energy, economics and automotive sectors at IHS Markit to continually update the company's long-term energy scenario outlooks, as well as help inform customers of the broad range of dynamics driving the global energy business. He directs research for the IHS Markit Global Scenarios service and is a principal thought leader in IHS Markit's ongoing scenario analysis and development. Before joining IHS Markit, Mr. Vidal worked with Sandia National Laboratories, performing comparative studies of international energy policies and technology programs. Mr. Vidal holds a Bachelor of Arts from Boston University and an Master of Arts from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University in the United States.

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Aaron Brady

Mr. Brady has more than two decades of experience in analysis and forecasting of global and North American oil markets. Mr. Brady has authored numerous IHS Markit reports covering vital topics, such as the role of biofuels, the economics of electric vehicles, peak oil demand in the developed world, along with many regular market briefings and World Oil Watch reports. Previously, Mr. Brady was a consultant in the oil industry, focusing on downstream regulatory issues, including the transition to ethanol in the California gasoline market. Mr. Brady's university degrees include a Bachelor of Arts from Amherst College, United States, and a master's degree from Johns Hopkins University's Paul H. Nitze School for Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Washington, D.C.

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Jim Burkhard

Mr. Burkhard is vice president and head of crude oil market and energy and mobility research. He is responsible for the development and coordination of IHS Markit insights and messages for global and regional oil markets and scenarios. His expertise covers geopolitics, industry dynamics, and global oil demand and supply trends. He has more than 20 years of experience in energy markets. He also leads research into how changes in the automotive ecosystem are impacting the future of the energy and automotive industries. He led the ground-breaking IHS Markit study, Reinventing the Wheel (RTW): The future of cars, oil, chemicals, and electric power. RTW has been cited by numerous press outlets around the world including the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, CNBC, Bloomberg, and media outlets in China, Europe, and India.Mr. Burkhard has led the development of each generation of IHS Markit scenarios that bring together the entirety of IHS Markit energy research to form an integrated global outlook for the future of energy. The 2006 scenarios pointed to a major debt-induced global crisis two years before the 2008 recession; and in 2011, identified the roadmap to $50 oil by 2014/15. Also, in early 2020, his team was the first to identify the scale of production cuts that would materialize in the US and OPEC+ members in the second quarter of the year.Mr. Burkhard has testified before the US Congress on energy issues and is frequently sought for comment by global media. He has participated in several US National Petroleum Council (NPC) studies that provide policy recommendations to the US Secretary of Energy on oil and gas issues. Prior to joining Cambridge Energy Research Associates before its acquisition by IHS Markit, Mr. Burkhard was a member of the US Peace Corps in Niger, West Africa, where he directed infrastructure projects to improve water availability and credit facilities. He holds a BA from Hamline University and an MS from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.

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Christopher Elsner

Mr. Elsner focuses on the impact of financial markets on oil prices, North American oil and gas markets, as well as oil markets and geopolitical risk in the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region. Formerly a member of the Financial Services team, he provided market research and analysis to large financial institutions, primarily hedge funds, private equity, and investment banks. Before arriving at IHS Markit, Mr. Elsner had worked for the U.S. Department of Energy and the Energy Information Administration (EIA) as an International Energy Analyst. In this function, he concentrated on bilateral engagements with foreign governments, mainly from the Middle East and Central Asia. As an analyst at EIA, he covered both North America and the MENA region, providing analysis to other U.S. federal agencies, and forecasting production from the main producers in the region. Mr. Elsner earned a BA from Kenyon College, an MA from Johns Hopkins SAIS, and an MBA from HEC Paris.

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Reed Olmstead

Mr. Olmstead focuses on the drivers and inhibitors to unconventional production in the most important existing and incubating plays in North America. He has been involved in various capacities of asset and operator analysis in North American research for more than eight years. Recently, he has focused on the financial constraints to production and the implications for future supply as the industry wrestles to identify its role in global production. Prior to joining IHS Markit, he served in the strategy and finance department of a US independent producer. Mr. Olmstead holds a degree in mechanical engineering from Baylor University, United States, and an MBA from Rice University, United States.

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Fellipe Balieiro

Mr. Balieiro leads analysis of how changes in the automotive ecosystem translate into changes in fuel consumption of the light vehicle fleet, which includes insights on the impacts from alternative powertrain configurations, telecommuting, mobility services, and vehicle automation. In addition, he manages all analysis on the effects of decarbonization trends, mobility policy, and regulations on fuel consumption. Mr. Balieiro co-authors the Pulse of Change, a monthly report that tracks and assesses the electric evolution of the light vehicle fleet, and other reports relating to vehicle electrification, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and mobility-related topics that influence total light vehicle miles traveled.Previously, Mr. Balieiro led the light vehicle fuel demand analysis of the ground-breaking study, "Reinventing the Wheel (RTW): The future of cars, oil, chemicals, and electric power," a joint effort by the energy, automotive, and chemical teams at IHS Markit. More than 30 companies in the automotive, energy and chemical industries participated in this year-long effort. RTW is now an ongoing service (Mobility and Energy Future) providing insight and context for how developing mobility trends impact the energy, automotive, and chemical industries.Mr. Balieiro holds a Chemical Engineering Bachelor of Science from the University of Maryland Baltimore County and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Houston. He is fluent in English and Portuguese, and conversational in Spanish.

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James Taverner

Mr. Taverner, Research and Analysis Director, IHS Markit, specializes in global gas and LNG markets, with a particular focus on Northeast Asia (Japan, South Korea, and China). His expertise includes quantitative analysis and model building of supply, demand, and price fundamentals; analysis of government policy and regulation; and gas market development. Mr. Taverner was the project manager and lead researcher for the major IHS Markit Multiclient Study "The New Map of Global Gas," an in-depth analysis of the potential impact of unconventional gas on supply, demand, trade, and price in the global market. He has contributed to numerous other IHS Markit studies, including "Global Gas Reset," "LNG in Transportation: Challenging Oil's Grip," and "Solving the Tangram: China Regional Gas and Power Scenarios." He is based in London and has previously worked in the IHS Markit offices in Paris, Beijing, and Tokyo, where we worked with local clients and international companies targeting those markets. Mr. Taverner holds a Master of Arts from Cambridge University, United Kingdom.

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