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Global Clean Energy Technology

Comprehensive market intelligence providing critical insight and global data for decision-makers and business developers in the clean energy technology sector.

Get data, insights and analysis across all clean energy technologies, which include solar, wind, hydrogen and renewable gases, batteries and other energy storage, and carbon sequestration or carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS).  The Clean Energy Technology service helps decision-makers and business developers define their future activities and investments with emerging energy technologies that at the leading edge of the energy transition.

New opportunities for energy businesses are arising in response to the challenges of deep decarbonization in the global economy. Traditional energy companies and newcomers to the energy world are seeking competitive advantage in areas that are either still uncharted or untested at the scale that the energy world demands.

You can view the clean energy technologies individually or use Clean Energy Technology Analytics, a premium interactive visualization dashboard, to easily view, compare, and analyze all clean energy technologies at once.

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Clean Energy Technology Analytics Service

Save time on analysis, interpret data easier, and efficiently evaluate the clean energy technology landscape all in one view with a premium, interactive dashboard.

Additional coverage and deliverables:

  • Integrated visualization dashboard for all clean energy technologies, all at once:
    • View over 130,000 project data information
    • Policies
    • Levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) outlooks
  • Full API capability for all datasets
  • Geothermal and concentrated solar power (CSP)

Why Clean Energy Technology?

As the energy system decarbonizes, it is becoming more complex and more interconnected. In the traditional energy system, gas, power and heat grids operated in a one-way fashion providing energy to the consumer; the links between different source of energy were limited to the power generation sector. The energy system that is emerging today is fundamentally different:


Technologies Covered:

Global Clean Energy Technology Service:

Coverage and deliverables
  • Costs and technology:
    • Clean energy technology status and future development proposals
    • Capital and operating costs – current and future
    • Levelized comparative costs of electricity generation technologies and hydrogen
  • Policy and revenue streams:
    • Policy development related to technologies covered in CET research
    • Mapping policy and market related revenue streams and business models
    • Clean energy technology competition and complementarity
  • Companies and supply chain:
    • Value chain overview, including supply chain
    • Clean energy technology project tracking, including project ownership and equipment supply
    • Corporate presence along the value chain
  • Capacity and investment outlook:
    • Gross additions, retirements, and capacity
    • Low carbon gas infrastructure
    • Investment requirement by technology
Technologies Covered
  • Solar PV
  • Batteries & Energy Storage
  • Onshore and Offshore Wind
  • Hydrogen & Renewable Gas
  • Carbon Sequestration
Who this Service Helps
  • Integrated oil and gas companies
  • E&P companies
  • Utilities
  • Mining companies
  • Chemical producers
  • Automotive manufacturers
  • Energy equipment manufacturers
  • EPC companies
  • Large energy consumers
  • Energy service providers
  • Regulators and government agencies
  • Financial institutions

Key job functions:

  • Strategic/corporate planning
  • Portfolio planning
  • Forecasting and market analysis
  • Business development
  • Marketing/sales
  • Origination
Service Solutions

Fundamental insights on the most important clean energy technologies, addressing energy transition areas critical to long-term strategic planning for a low carbon future:

  • The Global Clean Energy Technology service offers ongoing analysis of policy, technology, and coverage of key market issues and drivers, helping clients make sense of the emerging renewable energy system that is becoming more complex and interconnected.
  • Detailed price and market fundamental forecasts for key components of the equipment for the technologies covered, supporting strategic planning by understanding the supply - demand balance, and the future impacts this has on pricing.
  • Scale the viability of market opportunities with access to global and country-level deployment and installations data, combined with competitive environment analysis to assess which technologies to algin new venture strategies to.
  • Build an understanding of the regions or companies with the biggest sales pipelines and how the project landscape is developing, as Global Clean Energy Technology provides the largest project databases globally with individual project level data, including status, analysis of profitability at each stage of the supply chain, and emerging clean energy technology monitoring.
  • Integration of new, effective technologies plays a critical role as companies innovate, and the Clean Energy Technology service provides visibility of the latest technology trends, with the latest information on the technology landscape, costs, and evolution of existing techs and non-mainstream technologies.
  • Clean Energy Technology provides detailed analysis of the various supply chains, helping procurement professionals to identify key players, forecast the development of costs and prices and understand the short-term evolution of the technologies – supporting purchase decisions and purchase timing.


Josefin Berg

Her focus areas include developer and EPC strategies, the demand for PV in emerging markets and the role of PV in the power generation mix. With more than 10 years of experience in the solar power industry, Josefin authors reports on PV markets and trends, and she regularly speaks at industry events. Prior to joining IHS Markit (now part of S&P Global), she was an R&D strategy consultant in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energies.Josefin holds a Master of Science in environmental engineering from Uppsala University, Sweden. She speaks English, French, Spanish and Swedish and is based in Barcelona, Spain.

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Francesco d'Avack

Francesco coordinates global long-term outlooks for power and renewable market fundamentals including capacity and generation outlooks, and he leads the global cost analysis for renewables. He writes about the changing policy and market environment for renewable power generation as well as storage, emerging technology trends, business models, and the impacts for renewable supply chains. He regularly contributes to consulting engagements and multiclient studies.Before joining S&P Global Francesco worked for Capgemini, a consultancy, and for Bloomberg New Energy Finance where he has analyzed global solar markets since 2007.Francesco holds a Bsc in Economics and Environmental Policy from the London School of Economics and a Master's degree from Sciences Po Paris in Economic Governance. He speaks English, French, and German.

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Cormac Gilligan

Cormac is responsible for managing the research of the global PV inverter and Balance Of System (BOS) markets, regularly publishing research reports on these topics, and supporting many of the leading suppliers via custom research and consulting engagements. He supports detailed coverage of the energy storage industry, carrying out research and authoring reports on the quickly growing market for storage inverters. Cormac is widely regarded as a leading authority on the global PV inverter market, analysis and commentary is regularly published by leading PV industry media and the global press. He has presented at many leading industry events and conferences. Prior to joining S&P Global, Cormac worked as a civil engineer developing rail and metro projects across capital cities throughout Europe.Cormac graduated from University College Dublin with a degree in engineering and is based in Dublin, Ireland.

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Alex Klaessig

Alex's primary research focuses on hydrogen's applications. He also has a decade of experience studying the impact of environmental regulation on the electric power sector for North America power market practice.Previously, Alex worked as a consultant at Abt Associates on US government consultancy. He focused on economic modeling of proposed rulemakings and supporting the US Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Compliance. Before consulting, Alex worked at the US Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Environmental Information.He holds a BS in Physics from the University of Delaware and an MPP in Energy Policy from American University.

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Deborah Mann

Deborah was the project research lead on the studies 'Hydrogen: The missing piece of the zero-carbon puzzle' and 'Beyond the Flame: The transformation of Europe's heat sector,' and she has authored numerous reports on subjects including energy storage, power to gas, sector coupling, renewable heat, energy efficiency, and carbon capture and utilization. Deborah joined IHS Markit (Now part of S&P Global) in 2007, leading a team producing European power market fundamentals analysis and modeling, as well as long-term European energy outlooks. Her previous experience includes 15 years in oil refining and gas conversion with BP, where she carried out various techno-economic appraisal and strategic studies, and for M W Kellogg, where she set up and ran a refinery planning group. A chartered chemical engineer, Deborah is a member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers and of the Energy Institute.Educated in the United Kingdom, Deborah holds Master of Arts and Master of Engineering degrees from the University of Cambridge and a Master of Science from Kingston University.

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Eduard Sala de Vedruna

Eduard and his team deliver competitive strategy and market analysis to developers, utilities, and renewables equipment manufacturers on key trends and market opportunities. He is the author of numerous reports, including analyses of business models and competitive strategies employed by equipment manufacturers, utilities, and developers in the global renewables sector. Eduard has more than 17 years of consulting and research experience in the energy sector with a focus on market analysis and competitive strategy, particularly with the global renewables market. He has worked on numerous tailored consulting assignments providing strategic advice and recommendations. Prior to joining S&P Global, he was responsible for market research and management consulting at International Venture Consultants, where he contributed to a variety of projects for major oil and gas companies.Eduard holds a degree in economics from the University of Barcelona, Spain. He is based in Paris and is fluent in English, Spanish and French.

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Andrei Utkin

Andrei's responsibilities include global renewable market research, contribution to long-term forecasts, cost projections, and asset ownership worldwide. His interests encompass offshore wind and nonmainstream technologies including geothermal and ocean energy. He assists with the global scenarios and with detailed Multiclient Studies. Andrei has more than eight years of project management experience in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Previously, he worked with Enertime SA, where he was a project manager of Organic Rankine Cycle cogeneration power plant projects based on renewable energy sources. Prior to that, he worked in Belarus as a project manager of energy efficiency projects and as an energy efficiency consultant.Andrei holds a bachelor's degree in construction engineering (Power Plant Construction and Engineering Services Faculty) from the Belarusian National Technical University in Minsk and a master's degree in international energy from Sciences Po in Paris, France. He is fluent in Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, English, and French.

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Sam Wilkinson

Sam coordinates and contributes to a wide range of custom research, consulting, and advisory projects, in addition to continued contributions to the team's syndicated research products. His areas of expertise are solar PV, battery technology and supply chain, and battery energy storage (for grid applications).Upon joining the team in 2008, He was responsible for researching the photovoltaic (PV) inverter market and the PV module and polysilicon supply chain, working closely with leading global suppliers to develop detailed analysis on these markets. He has also been responsible for establishing primary research reports focusing on solar demand and policy, complementing S&P Global Commodity Insights extensive research of the complete PV supply chain. Building on his experience in the solar research team, Sam established the Clean Energy Technology team's coverage of energy storage in 2012, covering a wide range of topics within this fast-developing sector, including the development of battery technology and the battery supply chain. Sam analysis and commentary is regularly published by leading PV and energy industry media and the global press. He has also presented at many leading industry events and conferences and previously worked in structural engineering.Sam holds a bachelor's degree in math and engineering from the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom.

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Edurne zoco

Dr. Edurne provides experience, analysis, and actionable insight to our customers on the solar PV supply chain and the development of global demand for PV and its role in the wider energy transition. She contributes to a broad range of deliverables across the research team, including both subscription products and custom research and consulting projects. Dr. Edurne has been involved in the solar industry for over a decade and has presented at leading industry events and conferences since 2007. Prior to joining S&P Global, she was employed by Trina Solar, a leading PV manufacturer where she held global positions within corporate and strategic marketing.She holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Notre Dame, United States. She speaks English, French, Spanish, and Italian.

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Indrayuth Mukherjee

Indrayuth has over 6 years of consulting and research experience in the energy sector with a focus on market analysis and competitive strategy. He focuses on renewable power markets globally with a special focus on wind energy. Indrayuth's responsibilities include leading the onshore wind research agenda, building and coordinating global deliverables and insights on topics including market activity, technology evolution, supply chain, ownership rankings, recycling, and cost projections. He also supports in building our global outlooks and assists various consulting assignments and multi-client studiesPrior to joining S&P Global in 2015, Indrayuth was working with Transparency Market Research where he contributed to market research reports, technology research, and other customized research for the renewable energy, upstream, midstream, and other global energy sectors.Indrayuth holds a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science from the Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata. He also holds a Master of Business Administration in Power Management from the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun

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Catherine Robinson

Catherine has worked on numerous tailored consulting assignments for international oil companies, European utilities, and financial institutions, providing strategic advice and recommendations at the board and senior executive level. She specializes in market fundamentals, hedging, and risk management. Catherine is the author of numerous reports, which include analyses of the evolution of the European gas and power market and the implications for the strategy of market players; Europe's energy transition; and short- and long-term energy market fundamentals, among other research topics. She was the research lead for a number of Multiclient Studies looking at the long-term future of the European energy systems, including 'Strategies for a Lean Europe: Meeting the Energy Efficiency Challenge,' 'Beyond the flame: The transformation of Europe's heat sector,' and 'Steady at 50: Balancing Europe's power grid,' a study of European ancillary service markets. Before joining S&P Global, Catherine held posts at Centrica and in HSBC's Capital Markets division.She holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science from the University of Glasgow and a Master of Science from the University of London, both in the United Kingdom.

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