China Report

Chemical China Report (formerly SRI Consulting’s China Report) provides concise, authoritative analysis of more than 135 individual chemical markets and 13 key market sectors, including a 20-year historical database and 10-year forecasts for supply/demand data.

Launched in tandem with China’s economic expansion in the late 1990’s, the China Report delivers vast analytical coverage of the Chinese chemical industry. Our Beijing-based consultants verify and analyze market data for individual chemical product chains and major market segments. Clients will find 10-year forecasts and comprehensive market data on more than 135 separate chemical products and 13 key market sectors, including:

  • Synthetic adhesives/sealants
  • Biochemicals
  • Dyestuffs
  • Feed additives
  • Synthetic fertilizers
  • Man-made fibers
  • Food additives
  • Paints/coatings
  • Paper chemicals
  • Pesticides
  • Petrochemicals
  • Plastic additives

Concepts covered:

  • Summary: Latest production tables, capacity and apparent consumption data, including current year estimates and 10-year forecasts
  • Producing companies: Lead producers, plant locations, capacities, new plant announcements, capacity changes
  • Fundamentals: Detailed supply/demand analysis of current markets with 10-year forecasts, future trends and 20-year historical data; time series tables for production, consumption and trade
  • Consumption: Current consumption levels by market for each product area, future consumption trends
  • Pricing: Recent price data for commercial grades
  • Trade: Overview of trading partners, import/export trends
  • While reports may be purchased individually, full subscriptions to the China Report include:
    • Access to product profiles on more than 145 topics totaling over 2,100 pages
    • Access to Chemical experts for a reasonable amount of explanation and support to understand the analysis
Who uses the service?How?
Strategic planning managersTo identify trends and driving forces influencing chemical markets
Business or market analystsTo procure accurate and independent information on global chemical markets
Global supply chain management, distribution and trading companiesTo gain actionable insight and information on world chemical trade
Product or business managersTo identify new business opportunities
Investment bankers and investment companiesTo obtain accurate, impartial information on the world’s chemical markets and understand market concentration/key players
Marketing, sales and purchasing professionalsTo find potential customers or suppliers

The China Report enables you to:

  • Gain clarity into China's complex chemical market through on-site analysis provided by our Beijing-based experts, all of whom are Chinese nationals
  • Save company time and resources by obtaining information from a single source that is unrivaled in its coverage, comprehensiveness and quality of data
  • Rest assured that you are relying upon independent, unbiased analyses
  • Find producers, plant locations and capacities (current and planned) for each chemical
  • Find demand by derivative market (current as well as five- and ten-year projections)
  • Access extensive databases and personal contacts within the Chinese chemical industry
  • Use our inquiry service (for full subscriptions only) to find answers quickly to specific immediate questions
  • Arrange for private consulting from our Beijing staff for expanding your presence in China
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Full Subscription Information
  • To order a full subscription to the China Report, please contact us.
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  • Purchase individual copies of reports by going to Available Reports tab and clicking on your chemical or product family of interest

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