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Lubricants, Synthetic

Specialty Chemicals Update Program

Table of Contents

Section Page Number

Executive summary10
Polyalphaolefins (PAOs)14
Polyalkylene glycols15
Overview of the synthetic lubricants industry17
North America18
Industry structure18
Company profiles23
The Dow Chemical Company23
ExxonMobil Chemical Company23
Quaker Chemical Corporation24
Operating characteristics24
Research and development24
Cost structure and profitability 26
Government regulations26
Trends and opportunities27
Critical factors for success28
Western Europe29
Industry structure29
Company profiles31
Operating characteristics32
Research and development32
Cost structure and profitability35
Government regulations36
Developmental phase36
Automotive lubricants37
Hydraulic fluids38
Lubricants for refrigeration38
Biodegradable fluids39
Trends and opportunities41
Automotive lubricating oils42
Lubricants for refrigeration44
Industrial lubricants and functional fluids45
Strategic issues45
Critical factors for success46
Industry structure48
Company profiles49
Kao Corporation49
Lion Corporation50
NOF Corporation50
Operating characteristics51
Research and development51
Cost structure and profitability52
Government regulations52
Trends and opportunities53
Critical factors for success55
Industry structure55
Company profile—Sinopec Lubricant Company58
Synthetic lubricant products and markets59
Products and functions59
Polyol esters62
Dibasic acid esters63
Polyalkylene glycols63
Phosphate esters65
Polymer esters65
Other specialty products67
Fluorinated compounds67
Multi-ply alkylated cyclopentanes68
Polyphenyl ethers68
Polyvinyl ethers69
Silicate ester lubricants69
Silicones and fluorosilicones69
Competing products70
Group III/III+ base oils70
GTL base oils70
North America71
Consumption and markets71
Automotive applications73
Aviation applications74
Industrial applications74
Grease and other applications74
Polyol esters74
Automotive and aviation applications75
Industrial applications76
Polyalkylene glycols76
Automotive applications77
Industrial applications77
Dibasic acid esters79
Automotive and aviation applications80
Industrial applications80
Automotive applications81
Industrial applications81
Phosphate esters81
Aviation applications82
Industrial applications82
Other specialty products84
Silicones and fluorosilicones84
Fluorinated products84
Polyphenyl ethers85
Silicate esters85
Market participants85
Polyol esters and diesters88
Polyalkylene glycols88
Phosphate esters90
Alkylnaphthalenes (alkylated naphthalene)90
Other specialty products90
Novel biosynthetic lubricants91
Future trends and strategic issues92
South America93
Western Europe94
Consumption and Markets94
Automotive crankcase lubricants for gasoline engines97
Automotive crankcase lubricants for diesel engines98
Automotive gear lubricants99
Other auto lubricants99
Aviation crankcase lubricants99
Industrial uses 100
Polyol esters 100
Automotive crankcase lubricants 101
Aviation turbine oils 101
Fire-resistant and biodegradable hydraulic fluids 102
Refrigerant oils 102
Metalworking oils 103
Metal rolling oils 103
Industrial gear and transformer oils 103
Compressor oils 104
Greases and other 104
Polyalkylene glycols 104
Two-cycle engine oils 105
Fire-resistant hydraulic fluids 105
Circulating, bearing, and gear oils 106
Textile oils 106
Compressor oils 106
Metalworking oils 106
Refrigerant oils106
Monoesters 107
Dibasic and tribasic acid esters 107
Automotive crankcase lubricants 108
Other automotive uses 108
Aviation turbine oils 108
Bearings, hydraulic fluids, gears, and greases 108
Industrial compressor oils 108
Polybutenes 109
Two-cycle engine oils 109
Compressor oils 110
Gear and hydraulic oils, greases 110
Metalworking oils 110
Phosphate esters 111
Fire-resistant hydraulic fluids 111
Aviation hydraulic fluids 112
Turbine oils and compressor oils112
Dialkylbenzenes 112
Refrigeration oils 113
Metalworking oils113
Other specialty products 113
Silicones and fluorosilicones 114
Fluorinated compounds 114
Silicate esters 115
Market participants 115
Mergers and acquisitions in the lubricants industry 116
Polyalphaolefins and related products 117
ExxonMobil 118
INEOS Oligomers 118
Chevron Phillips 118
Esters 118
Dibasic and tribasic acid esters 118
Polyol esters 119
Polymer esters 119
Polyalkylene glycols 119
Other synlube base stocks 119
Synlube compounders and marketers 120
Prices 120
Future trends and strategic issues 121
Market-driven trends 122
Technology-driven trends 122
Environmentally driven trends 123
Central and Eastern Europe 124
Middle East and Africa 126
Asia 127
Japan 127
Consumption and markets 127
Overview 127
Polyalphaolefins 128
Polyalkylene glycols 130
Polyol esters (hindered esters) 131
Polybutenes 132
Dibasic acid esters 134
Phosphate esters 135
Dialkylbenzenes 136
Other specialty products137
Market participants 139
Polyalphaolefins 139
Polyalkylene glycols 140
Polyol esters 140
Polybutenes 140
Dibasic acid esters 140
Phosphate esters 141
Dialkylbenzenes 141
Silicones 141
Fluorinated products 141
Other specialty products 141
China 142
Consumption and markets 142
Overview 142
Polyalkylene glycols 143
Polyalphaolefins 145
Polyol esters 148
Market participants 151
Other Asia 153
Consumption and markets 153
Polybutenes 153
Polyalphaolefins 153
Air conditioning and refrigeration154
Market participants 155
Overview of the lubricating oil industry 156
Base oil 156
Capacity 156
Supply 156
Demand 157
Trade balance 157
Finished lubricants 157
Supply 157
Demand 158
Lubricant formulation trends and base oil impacts 161
Industry structure 162
North America 162
Producers and products 162
Consumption 164
Growth forecast 164
South America 165
Producers and products 165
Consumption 166
Growth forecast 167
Western Europe 168
Producers and products 168
Production 170
Consumption 170
Growth forecast172
Central and Eastern Europe 172
Industry structure 172
Producers and products 173
Production 174
Consumption 174
Growth forecast175
Middle East 175
Producers and products 175
Consumption 177
Growth forecast 177
Africa 177
Producers and products 177
Consumption 178
Growth forecast 179
Japan 179
Producers and products 179
Supply/demand 180
Growth forecast181
China 181
Industry structure 181
Producers and products 182
Base oil 182
Finished lubricants 183
Supply/demand 186
Base oil 186
Finished lubricants186
Growth forecast187
Other Asia 188
Producers and products 188
Supply/demand 189
Revisions 194
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