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Mining Chemicals

Specialty Chemicals Update Program

Table of Contents

Section Page Number

Executive summary9
Markets by function13
Solvent extractants26
Wet grinding aids28
Dry grinding aids29
Rheology modifiers31
Other chemicals used in mining32
Dedusting chemicals32
Explosives and blasting agents33
Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)33
Leaching chemicals33
Natural water-soluble polymers34
Sodium hydrosulfide34
Delivery and storage35
Overview of the international mining industry36
Mineral and mining products36
Future outlook37
Outlook by mined product37
Iron ore40
Critical factors for success45
Process technology47
Function of chemicals in mineral extraction47
Selection of chemicals for processing49
Crushing and grinding50
Grinding aids50
Froth flotation51
Applications of flotation reagents55
Sulfide ore flotation reagents56
Platinum group metals57
Iron ore flotation57
Nonmetallic ore flotation reagents57
Rare earth processing58
Coal flotation reagents59
Solution mining and leaching processes60
Solvent extraction processes63
Nickel and cobalt66
Recovering metals from laterite process streams67
Other reagents used in hydrometallurgy68
Precious metals extraction69
Alumina processing74
Metal recycling74
Environmental remediation74
Acid mine drainage (AMD)74
Cyanide-containing tailings75
Tailings recycling75
Solid waste handling76
Industrial waste76
Waste pickling liquors76
Sludge handling77
Plating bath waste77
Transportation and handling77
Dust suppressants77
Wetting agents78
Freeze conditioners78
Freeze release agents78
Side release agents78
Process water treatment78
New developments in technology79
Ongoing development80
Solvent extraction of gold80
Biocyanide technology80
Bioleaching of low-grade sulfide copper ores81
Worldwide mining chemicals business82
Major mining chemical companies82
Akzo Nobel82
ArrMaz Gulf Chemicals83
Cheminova (Danafloat), Denmark85
CP Kelco86
SNF Floerger87
GCP Applied Technologies88
Nalco Water90
NASACO International90
Shell Chemicals90
Regional and local companies90
North America91
Alkemin S. de R.L. de C.V., Mexico91
Arizona Chemical Co., United States91
Chevron Phillips, United States91
Complex QUÍMICA S.A. De C.V., Mexico91
GE Water & Process Technologies, United States91
Hychem, United States92
KMCO, United States92
Prospec Chemicals Division, Canada92
Roan Industries, United States92
Tessenderlo Kerley, United States92
Tramfloc, United States92
Zinkan, United States92
South America93
Chryso, France93
EKOF Flotation GMBH, Germany93
FOSROC International, LTD., United Kingdom93
Ionic Solutions LTD., United Kingdom93
Ruredil, Italy93
Sika, Switzerland94
S.Q.I. Proquicesa, Spain94
Zupa Chemical Industry/Nutrichem, Serbia/UK94
Axis House, South Africa94
Betachem (Pty) Ltd., South Africa94
Sasol (Solvents Division), South Africa94
Senmin International (Pty) Ltd., South Africa95
Amruta Industries, India95
BASF Construction Chemicals Asia Pacific, China95
Beijing Hengju, China95
Chemorama/Long Light Chemical Limited, Hong Kong/China95
Chrome International, India96
Flomin Qingdao Chemica, Australia/China96
Florrea/Shenyang Florrea Chemicals, China96
Hangzhou Ray Concrete Admixture Inc., China97
Hongyi Technology Group, Ltd., China97
Kunming Aotong Chemical, China97
Luoyang Zhongda Chemical Co., Ltd., China97
OCI-SNF Company, South Korea97
Qingdao Ruchang Mining Chemical, China97
QiXia TongDa Flotation Reagent, China97
Sanmenxia Xiawei Chemical, China98
Sellwell (Group) Flotation Reagents Factory, China98
Shanghai Rare-Earth Chemical Co., Ltd., China98
Songwon Industrial, South Korea98
STP Limited, India98
Suyog Chemicals, India98
Suzhou Super Power Cement Aid, China99
Tieling Flotation Reagents, China99
Yantai Humon Chemical Auxiliary, China99
Albright & Wilson99
Coogee Chemicals Pty. Ltd.99
Mintech Chemical Industries 100
Orica Mining Chemicals 100
Regional markets 101
North America 101
United States 101
Flotation reagents 102
Frothers 102
Collectors 103
Flocculants and filter aids 104
Solvent extractants 104
Other reagents 104
Canada 105
Flotation reagents 105
Frothers 107
Collectors 107
Flocculants 107
Solvent extractants 107
Mexico 108
Flotation reagents 109
Frothers 109
Collectors 109
Flocculants 110
Solvent extractants 110
Other 110
South America/Caribbean 110
Brazil 111
Flotation reagents 112
Frothers 112
Collectors 112
Flocculants 112
Solvent extractants 112
Chile 112
Flotation reagents 113
Frothers 113
Collectors 114
Flocculants 114
Solvent extractants 114
Peru 114
Flotation reagents 115
Frothers 115
Collectors 115
Flocculants 115
Solvent extractants 116
Other South American countries 116
Argentina 117
Bolivia 117
Central America and the Caribbean 117
Western Europe 118
Flotation reagents 121
Frothers 122
Collectors 122
Flocculants 123
Solvent extractants 123
Grinding aids 123
Eastern Europe/CIS 124
Frothers 124
Collectors 124
Flocculants 124
Solvent extractants 125
Grinding aids 125
Bulgaria 125
Kazakhstan 125
Poland 126
Romania 126
Russia 127
Serbia 127
Middle East and Africa 128
Middle Eastern and Northern African countries 128
Flotation reagents 129
Frothers 129
Collectors 129
Flocculants 130
Solvent extractants 130
Iran 130
Morocco 130
Turkey 131
Central and South Africa 131
Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire) 132
South Africa 133
Flotation reagents 134
Frothers 134
Collectors 135
Flocculants and dewatering aids 135
Solvent extractants 135
Zambia 135
Flotation reagents 136
Collectors 136
Solvent extractants 136
Other Central and Southern African countries 136
Botswana 137
Ghana 137
Namibia 138
Niger 138
Tanzania 138
Zimbabwe 139
Asia 139
China 139
Flotation reagents 148
Frothers 148
Collectors 149
Flocculants 153
Solvent extractants 153
Wet grinding aids 153
Dry grinding aids 154
Rheology modifiers 154
India 154
Flotation reagents 155
Frothers 156
Collectors 157
Flocculants 157
Solvent extraction 157
Grinding aids 157
Japan, North Korea, and South Korea 157
Frothers 158
Flocculants 159
Solvent extractants 159
Other Asian countries 159
Flotation reagents 160
Frothers 160
Collectors 160
Flocculants 160
Solvent extractants 160
Grinding aids 161
Indonesia 161
Philippines 161
Vietnam 162
Oceania 162
Australia 162
Flotation reagents 163
Frothers 164
Collectors 164
Flocculants 165
Solvent extractants 165
Other Oceanian countries 165
Appendix 167
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