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Chlor-Alkali & Vinyls

Position for growth in the fast-changing chlor-alkali & vinyls markets.

The global chemical industry’s premier source for historical and forecast pricing, IHS Chemical provides global and regional Market Advisory Services and price reports that deliver a comprehensive view of world markets for Chlor-Alkali and Vinyls. You also receive unlimited access to our price and economics database and the IHS Chemical Economy & Energy Overview Market Report - A monthly issue filled with global economic updates, quarterly regional economic news and valuable crude oil/natural gas data.

Online access to these resources, as well as to the experts behind the chemical market forecasts, ensures you can:

  • Make better business decisions with reliable price/cost data
  • Leverage comprehensive regional coverage and support in one service
  • Identify most cost-effective raw materials to use
  • Determine industry and company profitability for investment purposes
  • Optimize procurement decisions
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Products & Solutions

  • China Chlor-Alkali & PVC

    Chemical Market Advisory Service: China Chlor-Alkali & PVC covers China's dynamic markets for chlorine, caustic soda and PVC, as well as upstream and downstream relationships.

    The emergence of China as the world's largest producer of chlor-alkali/vinyls, and its use of an acetylene process to make VCM, have had a profound effect on the industry's regional and global supply and demand balances. Investors face key issues, such as the availability of coal and lime and access to competitive power and salt. Within this rapidly evolving landscape, Chemical Market Advisory Service: China Chlor-Alkali & PVC provides stakeholders the objective, accurate data they need to make sound business decisions.

    Each month, clients receive a report and supplemental data—available in English or Chinese—containing historical and forecasted prices and deep analysis of market fundamentals for China's chlorine, caustic soda and vinyls markets and their related upstream and downstream sectors.

  • Global Chlor-Alkali

    Chemical Market Advisory Service: Global Chlor-Alkali provides full market coverage of the global chlor-alkali value chain.

    The global chlor-alkali industry is undergoing massive restructuring in response to China's emergence as the world's largest producer of chlor-alkali and vinyls and its use of acetylene to make VCM. Regional production economics as well as supply and demand balances turn on key issues, such as the availability of chlorine and access to competitive power and salt. Within this rapidly evolving landscape, stakeholders need objective analyses based on complete, accurate data to make sound business decisions.

    Chemical Market Advisory Service: Global Chlor-Alkali gives you unrivaled analysis, data and forecasting for the world's chlor-alkali markets: supply and demand data, near-term price forecasts and access to our proprietary price and production economics database.

  • Global Bleaching Chemicals

    Access the authority on bleaching chemical prices. Chemical Market Advisory Service: Global Bleaching Chemicals delivers monthly, in-depth market analysis and data covering four key bleaching chemicals in all major international markets.

    Chemical Market Advisory Service: Global Bleaching Chemicals draws upon locally based consultants around the globe to deliver comprehensive market analysis for sodium chlorate, hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydrosulphite and caustic soda in North America, Europe and all other major manufacturing regions. Whether you are buying or selling or researching the market, these monthly reports are your best source for bleaching chemical prices and market analysis.

  • Global Vinyls

    Locate accurate, reliable data for the world's vinyl chloride markets with Chemical Market Advisory Service: Global Vinyls .

    Chemical Market Advisory Service: Global Vinyls brings you unrivaled coverage of the world's vinyl markets. Each month, clients receive extensive data on pricing, production, trade and supply and demand for the world. Located around the globe, Chemical consultants maintain significant contacts with industry sources to collect industry-specific data and transform it into valuable insights and forecasting advice.

  • Global Soda Ash

    Chemical Market Advisory Service: Global Soda Ash delivers comprehensive monthly market reports on the world's soda ash markets. Access current prices and forecasts for the United States, Western Europe and Asia.

    The world's soda ash markets are evolving to meet shifting production economics and demand. The impetus for change lies partly in the increasing globalization of the industry; such shifts, however, also stem from the difficult environment the industry has faced in recent years. Changes include the rise of new dominant players and increased pressure from the fast-growing economies of China, India and Russia. The dependency on a volatile energy market for crucial feedstocks adds yet another layer of complexity.

    In the face of this rapid change and uncertainty, Chemical Market Advisory Service: Global Soda Ash gives clients unbiased, accurate data and analysis to formulate careful investment and planning decisions. Our practice integrates IHS Markit consultants with our North American, European and Asian soda ash market specialists to bring you the latest picture of the global soda ash industry. Clients receive monthly reports containing price forecasts and regional analysis of key market indicators, along with a mid-monthly data supplement.

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