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Industrial and Institutional Cleaners

Specialty Chemicals Update Program

Table of Contents

Section Page Number

Executive summary7
Summary 8
Overview of the industrial and institutional cleaners industry16
North America16
Structure of the industry16
Producing companies19
Component raw material suppliers21
Company profiles23
Ecolab Inc.23
Diversey, Inc.24
Industry dynamics25
Green cleaning26
Operating characteristics28
Research and development28
Profitability and cost structure30
Government regulations30
Trends and opportunities31
Critical factors for success32
Latin America33
Structure of the industry33
Producing companies34
Western Europe36
Structure of the industry36
Producing companies37
Company profiles44
Ecolab European Operations44
Diversey Care (Europe)46
Associations and interest groups48
Operating characteristics49
Research and development50
Profitability and cost structure52
Government regulations54
Trends and opportunities57
Critical factors for success59
Central and Eastern Europe59
Structure of the industry60
Producing companies60
Middle East62
Structure of the industry62
Producing companies63
Structure of the industry65
Producing companies65
Structure of the industry67
Producing companies69
Company profiles71
CxS (formerly Diversey Japan)71
Ecolab Godo71
Kao Corporation71
Lion Group72
Operating characteristics73
Research and development73
Profitability and cost structure73
Government regulations74
Trends and opportunities75
Critical factors for success75
Structure of the industry76
Producing companies78
Company profiles79
Gansu Bluestar Cleaning Technology Co., Ltd.79
Shanghai WhiteCat Special Chemicals Co., Ltd.80
Associations and organizations80
Operating characteristics81
R&D and manufacturing81
Profitability and cost structure81
Government regulations82
Trends and opportunities83
Critical factors for success83
Structure of the industry83
Producing companies83
Other Asia and Oceania84
Structure of the industry84
Producing companies85
Industrial and institutional cleaner products and markets86
Products and functions86
Agricultural, food, and drink91
Kitchen and catering91
North America93
Consumption and markets95
Market participants98
Future trends and strategic issues98
Kitchen and catering99
Consumption and markets99
Market participants 100
Future trends and strategic issues 100
Transportation 100
Consumption and markets 100
Market participants 101
Future trends and strategic issues 101
Agricultural, food, and drink 102
Consumption and markets 102
Market participants 102
Future trends and strategic issues 102
Laundry 103
Consumption and markets 103
Market participants 103
Future trends and strategic issues 103
Technical/industrial 104
Consumption and markets 104
Market participants 105
Future trends and strategic issues 105
Prices 105
Latin America 106
Consumption, markets, and trends 106
Market participants 107
Western Europe 107
Summary 107
Kitchen and catering 109
Consumption and markets 109
Market participants 110
Agricultural, food, and drink 110
Consumption and markets 110
Market participants 110
Technical/industrial 110
Consumption and markets 110
Market participants 111
Janitorial 111
Consumption and markets 111
Market participants 112
Transportation 112
Consumption and markets 112
Market participants 112
Laundry 113
Consumption and markets 113
Market participants 113
Prices 114
Future trends and strategic issues 115
Central and Eastern Europe 115
Consumption, markets, and trends 115
Market participants 116
Middle East and Africa 116
Middle East 116
Africa 117
Middle Eastern and African market participants 118
Japan 118
Summary 118
Kitchen and catering 119
Consumption and markets 119
Market participants 121
Prices 121
Future trends and strategic issues 121
Janitorial 122
Consumption and markets 122
Market participants 123
Prices 124
Future trends and strategic issues 124
Technical/industrial 125
Consumption and markets 125
Market participants 126
Prices 127
Future trends and strategic issues 127
Agricultural, food, and drink 127
Consumption and markets 127
Market participants 128
Prices 128
Future trends and strategic issues 128
Laundry 129
Consumption and markets 129
Market participants 130
Prices 130
Future trends and strategic issues 130
Transportation 131
Consumption and markets 131
Market participants 131
Prices 131
Future trends and strategic issues 132
China 132
Summary 132
Technical/industrial 134
Consumption and markets 134
Market participants 134
Future trends and strategic issues 135
Transportation 135
Consumption and markets 135
Market participants 136
Future trends and strategic issues 136
Janitorial 136
Consumption, markets, and trends 136
Market participants 137
Future trends and strategic issues 137
Agricultural, food, and drink 138
Consumption and markets 138
Market participants 138
Future trends and strategic issues 138
Kitchen and catering 139
Consumption and markets 139
Market participants 139
Future trends and strategic issues 140
Laundry 140
Consumption and markets 140
Market participants 141
Future trends and strategic issues 141
India 142
Consumption, markets, and trends 142
Market participants 142
Other Asia and Oceania 142
Consumption, markets, and trends 142
Market participants 143
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