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Feed Additives

Specialty Chemicals Update Program

Table of Contents

Section Page Number

Executive summary11
Overview of the feed industry18
North America19
Industry structure19
Feed market size20
Beef and other ruminants21
Pet food21
Companion animals21
South America22
Industry structure22
Feed market size23
Feed producers23
Feed market drivers24
Government regulations25
Future trends and strategic issues25
Western Europe25
Industry structure25
Feed production27
Feed producers29
Feed legislation31
Central and Eastern Europe33
Feed production33
Feed producers34
Feed market size35
Feed producers37
Chubushiryo Co., Ltd.38
Itochu Feed Mills Co., Ltd.38
Feed One Co., Ltd.38
Marubeni Nisshin Feed Co., Ltd.39
Nosan Corporation39
Zen-Noh Group39
Feed market size40
Feed producers42
Other Asia43
Industry structure43
Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited46
Feed producers47
Overview of the feed additives industry49
North America49
Industry structure49
Feed additive producers49
Company profiles49
Archer Daniels Midland (ADM)49
J.R. Simplot50
Survey of recent corporate activities50
Operating characteristics51
Research and development51
Government regulations53
Current status53
Trends and opportunities54
Success factors55
Western Europe55
Industry structure55
Company profiles55
Recent corporate activities58
Operating characteristics61
Research and development61
Government regulations61
Current status61
Approval process62
Trends and opportunities62
Success factors63
Central and Eastern Europe63
Government regulations63
Trends and opportunities63
Success factors63
Industry structure64
Feed additive producers64
Company profiles65
Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Group, Inc.65
Corporate history of Ajinomoto Co., Inc.65
Ajinomoto’s feed amino acid business66
Asahi Calpis Wellness Co., Ltd.67
Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.68
Other producers68
Katakura Co-op Agri Corp.68
Onoda Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.69
Toyo Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd.69
Operating characteristics69
Research and development69
Government regulations70
Current status70
Approval process75
Trends and opportunities76
Success factors77
Industry structure78
Feed additive producers78
Company profiles78
Guangdong VTR Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.78
Jilin Changchun Dacheng Biochemical Engineering Development Co., Ltd.79
NB Group Co., Ltd.79
Survey of recent corporate activities80
Operating characteristics80
Government regulations80
Current status80
Approval process87
Trends and opportunities87
Other Asia/Oceania88
CJ CheilJedang Corp. (South Korea)90
CJ Bio Malaysia91
PT CJ Indonesia Pasuruan plant91
PT CJ Indonesia Jombang plant91
CJ Group91
Products and functions92
Amino acids92
Nonprotein nitrogen (NPN)95
Consumption and markets98
North America98
Consumption and markets98
Market participants99
Prices 100
Vitamins 100
Consumption and markets 100
Market participants 101
Prices 102
Phosphate 102
Consumption and markets 102
Market participants 103
Prices 105
Amino acids 105
Consumption and markets 105
Market participants 106
Prices 108
Future trends and strategic issues 108
Nonprotein nitrogen (NPN) sources 110
Consumption and markets 110
Market participants 111
Prices 112
Enzymes 112
Consumption and markets 112
Phytase 113
NSP enzymes 113
Protease 113
Market participants 113
Prices 115
South America 115
Summary 115
Carotenoids 116
Consumption and markets 116
Market participants 116
Vitamins 116
Consumption and markets 116
Market participants 117
Phosphate 118
Consumption and markets 118
Market participants 119
Prices 119
Amino acids 119
Consumption and markets 119
Market participants 120
Prices 120
Nonprotein nitrogen (NPN) sources 120
Consumption and markets 120
Enzymes 121
Enzymes 121
Consumption and markets 121
Market participants 122
Western Europe 122
Summary 122
Carotenoids 123
Consumption and markets 123
Market participants 123
Prices 124
Future trends and strategic issues 125
Vitamins 125
Consumption and markets 125
Market participants 126
Prices 129
Future trends and strategic issues 129
Phosphate 129
Consumption and markets 129
Market participants 130
Prices 131
Future trends and strategic issues 132
Amino acids 132
Consumption and markets 132
Market participants 134
Prices 135
Future trends and strategic issues 135
Nonprotein nitrogen (NPN) sources 135
Consumption and markets 135
Market participants 136
Prices 137
Future trends and strategic issues 137
Enzymes 138
Consumption and markets 138
Market participants 139
Prices 141
Future trends and strategic issues 141
Central and Eastern Europe 141
Summary 141
Carotenoids 142
Consumption and markets 142
Market participants 143
Prices 143
Future trends and strategic issues 143
Vitamins 143
Consumption and markets 143
Market participants 144
Prices 144
Future trends and strategic issues 145
Phosphate 145
Consumption and markets 145
Market participants 145
Prices 146
Future trends and strategic issues 147
Amino acids 147
Consumption and markets 147
Market participants 147
Prices 148
Future trends and strategic issues 149
Nonprotein nitrogen (NPN) sources 149
Consumption and markets 149
Market participants 149
Prices 150
Future trends and strategic issues 151
Enzymes 151
Consumption and markets 151
Market participants 151
Prices 152
Future trends and strategic issues 152
Japan 153
Summary 153
Carotenoids 154
Consumption and markets 154
Market participants 155
Prices 155
Vitamins 155
Consumption and markets 155
Vitamin E 156
Choline 156
Other vitamins 156
Prices 156
Phosphate 157
Consumption and markets 157
Participants 157
Prices 158
Amino acids 158
Consumption and markets 158
Market participants 160
Prices 160
Nonprotein nitrogen (NPN) sources 160
Consumption and markets 160
Market participants 161
Prices 161
Enzymes 162
Consumption and markets 162
Market participants, future trends, and strategic issues 163
Market participants 163
Future trends and strategic issues 163
China 163
Summary 163
Carotenoids 164
Consumption and markets 164
Market participants 165
Prices 166
Future trends and strategic issues 166
Vitamins 167
Consumption and markets 167
Market participants 167
Prices 169
Future trends and strategic issues 171
Phosphate 171
Consumption and markets 171
Market participants 172
Prices 173
Amino acids 174
Consumption and markets 174
Market participants 175
Prices 177
Future trends and strategic issues 179
Nonprotein nitrogen (NPN) sources 180
Consumption and markets 180
Market participants 180
Prices 182
Enzymes 182
Consumption and markets 182
Market participants 183
Prices 184
Future trends and strategic issues 184
Other Asia/Oceania 184
Summary 184
Phosphate 186
Consumption and markets 186
South Korea 186
Other Asia/Oceania 187
Market participants 187
Amino acids 188
Consumption and markets 188
Methionine 188
Lysine 189
Threonine 189
Tryptophan 189
Market participants 190
Methionine 190
Lysine 190
Prices 190
Nonprotein nitrogen (NPN) sources 191
Consumption and markets 191
India 191
Indonesia 192
Malaysia 192
Oceania 192
Pakistan 192
Philippines, Thailand, and Taiwan 192
Vietnam 192
Market participants 192
India 192
South Korea 193
Vietnam 193
Future trends and strategic issues 193
Appendix 194
Geographical definitions 194
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