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Chemical Consulting: Strategy and Business Planning

Deep insight and robust analysis, provided by highly credible and experienced consultants, is crucial to effectively evaluate and determine strategies to establish and maintain growth.

Built on IHS Markit reputation for integrity and our extensive industry intellectual capital and proprietary information, our consulting team has developed deep expertise performing business evaluations, to develop and propose strategies that support companies operating at any point across the chemical spectrum. Our strategy team assists clients with major decisions that entail external market and competitive considerations. From pricing, portfolio and procurement assessments, and performance improvement, to determining long term corporate plans; we help organizations formulate strategies that will maximize value.

Combining the unmatched breadth and depth of the information and insight provided in our multi-subscriber databases and reports, with our consultants' first-hand industry experience, we uniquely understand the complex and dynamic chemical industry. IHS Markit is equipped to anticipate the risks and opportunities of strategic choices, and provide critical thinking to support companies to progress their most profitable strategic opportunities.

We can help answer:
  • How do I pursue a downstream integration strategy?
  • What are the most prosperous portfolio and product strategies?
  • How do I successfully expand to a new region or entry a new market segment?
  • What is the most effective corporate strategy for my company?
  • What is the impact of megatrends or external shocks on my strategy?
  • What strategic options do we have for maximizing shareholder value?
  • What role should inorganic growth play in my strategy?
Our capabilities include:
  • Corporate strategy development
  • Portfolio optimization strategy
  • Market entry strategy
  • Diversification strategies
  • Capital investment planning
  • Price benchmarking and optimization
  • Procurement benchmarking and strategy
  • Go-to-market planning
  • Supply chain design
  • Performance improvement and business turnaround
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Qualifications and Experience

This list is not exhaustive and is intended to serve as an introduction to Chemical Consulting’s breadth of services offered by IHS Markit:

Project Name Project Description
North American Aspirational Growth Strategy IHS Markit was retained by a leading advanced materials manufacturer to identify growth and procurement opportunities across existing and new markets as a result of the direct and indirect effects of the North American “shale gale” that would enable them to achieve a goal of 10% CAGR by over a five year period. Working with colleagues in chemicals, energy and multiple end use markets as well as conducting significant primary research, the IHS Markit team compiled a of over 400 market opportunities and profiled the best 40 growth and 15 procurement options. Using a rigorous screening approach, the joint IHS Markit/client team selected the top priorities, including opportunities in aerospace and defense, polymer compounding, life sciences, environment and procurement. As part of the effort, developed action plans including proposed acquisitions and partnerships to accelerate entry and increase traction in new markets. The CEO and senior leadership of the company ultimately approved to move forward with all 5 proposed strategies/plans.
Megatrends Impact on Global Petrochemicals IHS Markit was engaged by a leading Middle Eastern petrochemicals producer to identify key megatrends and determine their impact on major chemical end use markets and on leading industry participants. Working with IHS Markit's economists, chemicals experts, and end market specialists, identified five quantifiable megatrends, and determined their impact on 12 target chemical end use industries, across 10 regions and 16 specific countries. Using the market demand requirements based on sector growth rates and product demand elasticities, determined the major chemical products necessary to meet future applications and forecasted demand. Identified resultant opportunities and challenges associated with specific products and value chains across the target geographies.
Latin American Market Entry Strategy A Latin American National Oil Company engaged IHS Markit to develop a petrochemicals downstream integration strategy. IHS Markit worked with the client to select its future product portfolio and target markets. IHS Markit developed a market focused strategy with emphasis on establishing a leading regional market presence based on a competitive value proposition for each product group. IHS Markit also developed a business entry strategy addressing capital investments, critical capabilities and potential partnering approaches.
Competitive Positioning and Strategic Options IHS Markit was engaged by a North American packaging resin producer to develop strategic options for maximizing shareholder value. Key options under consideration were continuation as a standalone company and potential M&A options for enhancing shareholder value. Based on an in-depth analysis of the packaging resin industry, a competitive map for the North American packaging resin market was developed. Potential industry evolution along alternative paths was developed as well as the implications for shareholder maximization.

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