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Construction Chemicals

Specialty Chemicals Update Program

Table of Contents

Section Page Number

Abbreviations 7
Summary 9
Introduction 11
Overview of the construction industry 14
North America 14
Central and South America 19
Europe 20
Western Europe21
Central and Eastern Europe22
Middle East and Africa23
Other Asia and Oceania28
Overview of the construction chemicals industry31
Mergers and acquisitions32
Trends and opportunities33
Critical factors for success34
North America35
Structure of the industry35
Mergers and acquisitions37
Company profiles37
Grace Construction and Packaging (GCP)40
Carlisle Construction Materials41
Operating characteristics43
Research and development43
Manufacturing and technology44
Cost structure44
Government regulations45
Occupational health and safety45
Energy Star program46
Energy Policy Modernization Act47
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)48
State and local regulation49
Material performance and Approval50
South and Central America50
Structure of the industry50
Western Europe51
Structure of the industry51
Company profiles54
Operating characteristics59
Research and development59
Manufacturing and technology60
Cost structure61
Government regulations62
Structure of the industry63
Company profiles63
Denka Company63
Kao Corporation64
Dyflex Co., Ltd.65
Flowric Co., Ltd. (Nippon Paper Group)65
Operating characteristics66
Research and development66
Manufacturing and technology67
Cost structure68
Government regulations68
Structure of the industry69
Company/organization profiles71
China Academy of Building Research72
Zhejiang Wulong Chemical74
Operating characteristics75
Research and development75
Cost structure76
Government regulations77
Construction chemicals market by product type79
Products and functions79
Concrete admixtures79
Air-entraining agents 82
Bonding 82
Retarders 84
Shrinkage reducers 84
Asphalt additives 85
Polymeric modifiers 85
Adhesion promoters 86
Bitumen emulsifiers 87
Adhesives 87
Polyurethanes 89
Epoxies 89
Other reactives 89
Starches 89
Polyvinyl acetate 89
Acrylics 90
Poly(vinyl acetate–ethylene) 90
Hot melt 90
Polychloroprene 90
Styrene-butadiene rubber 90
Butyl rubber 90
Natural rubber 91
Sealants 91
Silicones 93
Polyurethanes 93
Silyl-modified polymers 94
Polysulfides 94
Latex-acrylic and (polyvinyl acetate) 95
Oil-modified caulks 95
Butyl sealants 95
Other 95
Specialty coatings 95
Floor coatings 96
Roof coatings 99
Waterproofing/air barriers 102
Antigraffiti/easy-clean treatments 104
Insulation 105
North America 106
Consumption, market participants, and prices 106
Concrete admixtures 107
Asphalt additives 113
Adhesives and sealants 116
Epoxy adhesives 118
Polyurethane adhesives 118
Silicone sealants 119
Polyurethane sealants 119
Silyl-modified polymer sealants 119
Polysulfide sealants 119
Specialty coatings 121
Flooring 122
Roofing coatings 122
Waterproofing 125
Antigraffiti/easy clean treatments 125
Insulation 125
South America 127
Consumption and market participants 127
Concrete admixtures 129
Asphalt additives 130
Adhesives and sealants 132
Western Europe 132
Consumption, market participants, and prices 132
Concrete admixtures 133
Asphalt additives 137
Adhesives and sealants 141
Specialty coatings 148
Flooring coatings 148
Roofing coatings 151
Waterproofing 151
Antigraffiti/easy-clean treatments 152
Insulation 153
Central and Eastern Europe 155
Consumption and market participants 155
Concrete admixtures 155
Asphalt additives 156
Adhesives and sealants 157
Specialty coatings 158
Floor coatings 158
Waterproofing 159
Antigraffiti/easy-clean treatments 159
Insulation 159
Middle East and Africa 160
Concrete admixtures 162
Asphalt additives 163
Adhesives and sealants 163
Specialty coatings 163
Insulation 163
Japan 164
Consumption, market participants, and prices 164
Concrete admixtures 165
Products and participants 166
Consumption and market size 170
Prices 172
Asphalt additives 173
Products and participants 175
Consumption and market size 176
Prices 177
Adhesives and sealants 177
Specialty coatings 181
Flooring coatings 182
Products and participants 182
Consumption and market size 183
Prices 183
Roofing coatings 183
Waterproofing 184
Products and participants 184
Consumption and market size 185
Prices 186
Antigraffiti/easy-clean coatings 186
Insulation 187
China 187
Consumption, market participants, and prices 187
Concrete admixtures 188
Products and participants 189
Consumption and market size 195
Prices 196
Asphalt additives 197
Adhesives and sealants 199
Specialty coatings 205
Flooring coatings 205
Waterproofing coatings 206
Insulation 206
Other Asia and Oceania 207
South Korea 209
Taiwan 211
Other 212
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