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Catalysts: Petroleum and Chemical Process

Specialty Chemicals Update Program

Table of Contents

Section Page Number

Executive summary7
Overview of the process catalyst industry14
North America16
Industry structure16
Developers of new processes and associated catalysts18
Developers of new or improved catalysts19
General-purpose and custom catalyst manufacturers20
Catalyst regenerators and metal reclaimers20
Operating characteristics20
Research and development21
Cost structure22
Government regulations24
Gasoline sulfur reduction24
Gasoline benzene reduction24
Diesel sulfur reduction25
Trends and opportunities25
Critical factors for success26
Industry structure26
Operating characteristics27
Research and development27
Cost structure and profitability30
Government regulations30
Trends and opportunities32
Critical factors for success33
Industry structure34
Petroleum refining catalysts34
Chemical processing catalysts35
Operating characteristics36
Research and development36
Cost structure37
Government regulations38
Gas oil/diesel oil39
Catalyst disposal39
Trends and opportunities39
Critical factors for success40
Industry structure41
Petroleum refining catalysts41
Chemical processing catalysts42
Government regulations42
Diesel fuels42
Company profiles44
Albemarle Corporation44
BASF Catalysts45
CRI/Criterion, Inc.49
CRI Catalyst Company49
Criterion Catalyst & Technologies Company50
Evonik Industries50
W. R. Grace & Co.51
Honeywell UOP52
JGC Catalysts and Chemicals Ltd.53
Johnson Matthey Catalysts53
N.E. ChemCat Corporation56
Nippon Shokubai Co., Ltd.57
Changes in business dynamics57
Fuel cells59
Gas to liquids60
Biodiesel production62
Methanol to olefins63
Process catalyst product types65
Polymerization catalysts65
Ziegler-Natta catalysts67
Single-site catalysts (SSCS)69
Phillips catalysts70
Organolithium catalysts71
Polyolefin wax catalysts71
Polybutadiene elastomer catalysts71
Polyurethane catalysts72
Polyethylene terephthalate catalysts72
Free radical initiators73
Zeolite catalysts73
Types of synthetic zeolites74
Zeolite sources74
Types of zeolite catalysts74
Chemical processing77
Other applications78
Consumption of zeolites in catalysts78
Platinum group metal (PGM) catalysts79
Sources and production79
Types of catalysts containing PGMs79
Consumption of PGMs in catalysts82
Recovery of PGMs82
Homogeneous catalysts83
Petroleum refining catalysts85
Catalytic cracking87
Catalytic hydroprocessing89
Catalytic hydrocracking91
Catalytic reforming93
Oligomerization/polymer gasoline (polygas)95
Chemical processing catalysts96
Process catalyst markets99
North America 100
Petroleum refining catalysts 100
Consumption and markets 100
Technology and manufacturing 102
Market participants 103
Prices 105
Future trends and strategic issues 105
Chemical processing catalysts 106
Consumption and markets 106
Market participants 108
Prices 110
Future trends and strategic issues 111
Central and South America 112
Petroleum refining catalysts 113
Consumption and markets 113
Market participants 114
Chemical processing catalysts 114
Consumption and markets 114
Market participants 116
Europe, Middle East, and Africa 116
Summary 116
Corporate activities of catalyst suppliers 117
Petroleum refining catalysts 120
Consumption and markets 120
Market participants 122
Prices 124
Future trends and strategic issues 125
Desulfurization of heavier refinery products 125
Resid upgrading 125
Octane replacement 126
Fluid cat cracking for chemical feedstocks 126
Changes in feedstocks and processes 126
On-purpose propylene 127
Use of intentionally more sensitive but higher-reforming catalysts 127
Hydrogen demand 127
Chemical processing catalysts 127
Consumption and markets 127
Market participants 129
Prices 135
Future trends and strategic issues 135
Western Europe 136
Petroleum refining catalysts 137
Consumption and markets 137
Technology and manufacturing 138
Fluid catalytic cracking 138
Hydrotreating 138
Reforming and isomerization 139
Hydrocracking 139
Catalyst regeneration 140
Chemical processing catalysts 140
Consumption and markets 140
Market participants 142
Central and Eastern Europe 147
Petroleum refining catalysts 147
Consumption and markets 147
Market participants 148
Chemical processing catalysts 149
Consumption and markets 149
Market participants 150
Middle East 150
Petroleum refining catalysts 151
Consumption and markets 151
Market participants 152
Chemical processing catalysts 152
Consumption and markets 152
Market participants 154
Africa 154
Petroleum refining catalysts 154
Consumption and markets 154
Market participants 155
Chemical processing catalysts 156
Consumption and markets 156
Market participants 157
Japan 157
Petroleum refining catalysts 157
Consumption and markets 157
Technology and manufacturing 159
Market participants 160
Prices 161
Future trends and strategic issues 161
Chemical processing catalysts 162
Consumption and markets 162
Technology and manufacturing 163
Market participants 163
Prices 164
Future trends and strategic issues 165
Trade 165
China 166
Petroleum refining catalysts 166
Consumption and markets 166
Market participants 169
Prices 170
Future trends and strategic issues 171
Chemical processing catalysts 171
Consumption and markets 171
Technology and manufacturing 173
Market participants 174
Prices 176
Future trends and strategic issues 176
Other Asia 177
Petroleum refining catalysts 177
Chemical processing catalysts 178
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