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Specialty Chemicals Update Program

Table of Contents

Section Page Number

Executive summary8
Overview of the biocides industry18
North America18
Industry structure18
Recent mergers and acquisitions18
Company profiles20
The Dow Chemical Company20
Lonza Group Ltd.22
Operating characteristics23
Research and development23
Sales and marketing23
Cost structure and profitability24
Government regulations25
Trends and opportunities26
Critical factors for success27
Western Europe28
Industry structure28
Key industry characteristics28
Company profile—LANXESS29
Corporate activities32
Operating characteristics33
Research and development33
Cost structure and profitability36
Government regulations36
Regulations and directives36
Costs of compliance40
Registration procedure40
Trends and opportunities41
Critical factors for success42
Industry structure42
Company profiles44
Chemicrea Inc.44
Ueno Fine Chemicals Industry, Ltd.45
Operating characteristics46
Research and development46
Cost structure and profitability48
Government regulations48
Trends and opportunities50
Critical factors for success52
Industry structure52
Company profile52
Dalian Bio-Chem Co., Ltd.52
Operating characteristics53
Research and development53
Cost structure and profitability54
Government regulations54
Trends and opportunities56
Critical factors for success56
Products and functions58
Active halogen compounds58
Swimming pools and spas59
Machine dishwashing powders59
Cooling water treatment60
Organic acids and salts61
Quaternary ammonium compounds61
Organosulfur compounds63
Market by product type65
North America65
Active halogen compounds65
Consumption and markets65
Market participants67
Organic acids and salts68
Consumption and markets68
Market participants68
Quaternary ammonium compounds70
Consumption and markets70
Market participants71
Consumption and markets71
Market participants73
Organosulfur compounds73
Consumption and markets73
Market participants74
Consumption and markets75
Market participants76
Consumption and markets77
Market participants77
Other biocides77
Future trends and strategic issues78
Central and South America79
Consumption and markets79
Market participants80
Western Europe81
Active halogen compounds82
Consumption and markets82
Market participants84
Consumption and markets85
Market participants86
Organic acids and salts87
Consumption and markets88
Market participants90
Quaternary ammonium compounds91
Consumption and markets91
Market participants93
Consumption and markets94
Market participants95
Organosulfur compounds97
Consumption and markets98
Market participants99
Prices 102
Organometallics and metalorganics 102
Consumption and markets 103
Market participants 103
Prices 104
Other biocides 105
Consumption and markets 105
Market participants 107
Prices 109
Future trends and strategic issues 110
Japan 112
Summary 112
Active halogen compounds 112
Consumption and markets 112
Septic tank sanitizers 113
Swimming pools 114
Other 114
Market participants 114
Prices 115
Future trends and strategic issues 115
Inorganics 115
Consumption and markets 115
Market participants 117
Prices 118
Future trends and strategic issues 118
Organic acids and salts 118
Consumption and markets 118
Market participants 119
Prices 120
Future trends and strategic issues 120
Quaternary ammonium compounds 120
Consumption and markets 120
Market participants 122
Prices 123
Future trends and strategic issues 123
Phenolics 124
Consumption and markets 124
Market participants 124
Prices 125
Future trends and strategic issues 125
Organosulfur compounds 125
Consumption and markets 125
Market participants 126
Prices 127
Future trends and strategic issues 128
Organometallics 128
Consumption and markets 128
Market participants 129
Prices 130
Future trends and strategic issues 130
Other biocides 130
Consumption and markets 130
Biocides of natural origin 131
Synthetics 132
Major participants 133
Prices 134
Future trends and strategic issues 135
China 135
Summary 135
Active halogen compounds 136
Consumption and markets 136
Market participants 138
Prices 139
Inorganics 140
Consumption and markets 140
Market participants 141
Prices 142
Organic acids and salts 143
Consumption and markets 143
Market participants 144
Prices 146
Quaternary ammonium compounds 147
Consumption and markets 147
Market participants 148
Prices 150
Phenolics 151
Consumption and markets 151
Market participants 152
Prices 153
Organosulfur compounds 154
Consumption and markets 154
Market participants 155
Prices 157
Organometallics 157
Consumption and markets 157
Market participants 158
Prices 159
Other biocides 160
Market participants 161
Prices 162
End-use markets for biocides 163
North America 163
Swimming pools and spas 163
Food and feed preservatives 164
Wood preservatives (excluding paints) 165
Sanitizers and disinfectants 166
Industrial water treatment 167
Paints, coatings, and adhesives 171
Personal care products 172
Other 173
Metalworking fluids 174
Textiles 175
Plastics 175
Western Europe 175
Food and feed preservatives 176
Swimming pools 177
Sanitizers and disinfectants 178
Personal care and pharmaceutical products 179
Wood preservatives (excluding paints) 181
Industrial water treatment 183
Paints and coatings 184
Other 184
Metalworking fluids 185
Leather 185
Textile sizes and finishes 186
Adhesives, sealants, and glues 187
Plastics 187
Japan 188
Sanitizers and disinfectants 188
Food and feed preservatives 190
Personal care products 191
Industrial water treatment 192
Paints and coatings 193
Wood preservatives 194
Plastics 195
Other 196
Textiles 197
Metalworking fluids 197
Miscellaneous 198
China 198
Food and feed preservatives 199
Sanitizers and disinfectants 200
Industrial water treatment 201
Wood preservatives (excluding paints) 202
Swimming pools and spas 203
Personal care products 204
Paints, coatings, and adhesives 207
Plastics 207
Other 208
Appendix 209
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