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Casualty and Events

Casualty and Event Intelligence – Keeping You One Step Ahead

Available as an add-on module to a Sea-web subscription and integrated into the Maritime Intelligence Risk Suites (MIRS), Casualty and Events provides maritime casualties history and real-time alerts anywhere in the world.

Use multiple criteria to search hundreds of thousands of serious and non-serious casualties, total losses and demolitions, as well as piracy and pollution events. Find comprehensive information on the incident itself, exact location, casualty group, severity, number of human casualties, types of piracy attack and more.

Use Casualty and Events to enhance your workflows:
  • Vetting / Assurance – When chartering a ship, receive immediate notifications of events occurring to it between placing contract and taking control
  • Security / Maritime Domain Awareness – Keep track of events happening in your waters that may have an immediate impact on the economy, environment or security
  • Flag States – Track and monitor maritime events for all ships under your flag
  • Insurance – Be notified of any changes that affect your portfolio and potential exposure to risk
  • Law – Receive timely alerts on casualty and events to identify new business opportunities and offer services ahead of the competition

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Priority Notification of Global Casualty and Security Events

24-Hour, 7 Day a week Email and Timeline alerting system

Data Coverage

All reported events automatically processed and added to the database.
Override IHS Markit data analyst verification, keeping you one step ahead.

24/7 Alerting

Automated communication methods instantly deliver notifications of events reported.
Available via email and timeline.

All Event Searching

View both the unverified and IHS Markit verified events in all search results.

Unverified Maritime Event Data and Notifications includes:
  • Casualty – Collision, contact, fire/explosion, foundered, hull/machinery damage, missing, war loss/hostilities, wrecked/stranded
  • Security – Terrorism, acts of piracy, drug running/smuggling, hijacking, acts of crime, human trafficking
Events Data Sources:
  • Coastguards / SAR / Government agencies
  • News agencies / Media
  • Classification Societies
  • IHS Markit local offices and correspondents
  • Personal contacts
  • Shipbrokers
  • Harbour Masters / Port Authorities
  • Maritime Administration bodies

Components of the Events Data

Detailed components of the Events Data

Alerts and Notifications

24-hour, 7 days a week Timeline and Email alerting system for all reported casualty and security events, including smaller vessels under 100 GT.

The following information is provided in the alert where known:

  • Date and time of the incident
  • Vessel name (and IMO number if appropriate)
  • Type of Vessel
  • Type of Incident (Collision, Piracy, Humanitarian, etc)
  • Location of incident
Piracy and Security

Covering last 5 years of events including security related:

  • Hijacking
  • Boarding
  • Robbery (Including cargo theft)
  • Counter-Piracy
  • Kidnapping
  • Piracy Attack
  • Suspicious Approach
Maritime Pollution

Specifically covering incidents not resulting as a direct consequence of a vessel casualty, including causes such as:

  • Accidental discharge by crew
  • Failure of bunkering/loading hoses
  • Overfilling of bunker tanks
  • Damage to jetties/shore installation

Detailing type and extent of pollution, and subsequent clean-up operations are available in description.

Serious Casualties

Defined as vessel incurring significant damage and/or withdrawn from service

  • To all sea going vessels over 100 GT
  • Covering last 40 years
  • Comprehensive event detail including:
    • Date/time and exact location
    • Categorization of incident – collision, fire, sinking, mechanical failure etc.
    • Extent of damage to vessel
    • Human casualties and/or pollution
    • Voyage details and cargo carried
    • Salvage operation if applicable
    • Subsequent repairs if applicable
Non-Serious Casualties

Defined as vessel incurring minor damage with no significant out of service time.

  • To all tankers and bulk carriers over the last 40 years
  • To other vessel types for the last 5 years
  • Same level of event detail as Serious Casualties
Recycling and Scuttling

Part of the main Ships Database.

  • For all sea-going vessels over 100 GT
  • Covering last 40 years
  • Comprehensive event detail including:
    • Price paid for vessel where available
    • Tonnage of scrap steel (LDT)
    • Country and place of recycling
    • Details of recycling organization
  • Also including vessels scuttled (intentionally sunk) as a means of disposal

Infographics of Casualty, Piracy and Pollution events

Casualty and Events Database recorded more than 4,000 ship casualties, piracy attacks and serious maritime pollution from 2017 to 2018.

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