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Private Investment Benchmarks in partnership with Cambridge Associates

A trusted, widely adopted and informed benchmark offering for private investments

IHS Markit has entered into a strategic partnership with Cambridge Associates, a global investment firm with a global presence in private capital markets and a leading provider of private investment benchmarks. As part of the partnership, IHS Markit will have exclusive rights to distribute the Cambridge Associates benchmarks in aggregated and anonymous form via digital formats to end users, data redistributors and reporting and analytics platforms. Cambridge Associates will remain responsible for fund manager relations, data collection, benchmark development and production, as well as managing the security and confidentiality of its datasets.

Private investment benchmarks can be leveraged for a variety of uses including;

  • Research, capital raising, performance measurement, risk management, valuation, and asset allocation.
  • For General Partners (GPs) and Limited Partners (LPs) specifically, the benchmarks can help identify investment opportunities, support the fund manager selection process, and provide data-driven intelligence to improve portfolio returns and manage risks.

Gain access to independently verified benchmarks, with a breadth of coverage and depth of historical performance data from two leading benchmark providers

Cambridge Associates benchmark database includes the historical performance records of over 2,100 fund managers, and their over 8,100 funds with nearly USD $6 trillion raised. Coverage includes all major fund asset classes, strategies and geographies dating back as early as the 1980s for most asset classes.

IHS Markit brings more than 20 years of expertise in designing, administering and calculating more than 30,000 innovative indices across OTC and exchange-listed asset classes that enable financial institutions to meet their asset allocation, fund management and index trading requirements.

Explore the range of Cambridge Associates private investment benchmark reports available

Data source

Fund-level performance information is drawn from the quarterly and audited annual financial statements of fund managers and each manager’s reported performance numbers are independently recreated from the financial statements and verified by Cambridge Associates. Cambridge Associates does not use Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, regulatory filings, manager surveys, or press scrapings to obtain information.

Benchmark calculations

Benchmark performance is calculated using the since inception history of quarterly cash flows and NAVs for each fund, which drives a full suite of performance metrics. Performance calculations include: since inception and horizon IRRs, since inception performance multiples, and Cambridge Associates’ Modified Public Market Equivalent (mPME) analysis which replicates private market performance under public conditions. Performance is available at an index level and on a since inception by vintage year basis, where sample sizes permit.

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