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Business Market Insights

Datasets that identify where your business will thrive in the United States

Business Market Insights is a robust database that provides market-leading forecast views of business employment and output at the state, MSA, and county level. Using advanced modeling techniques and a rich dataset from the US Department of Census, our teams of economists and business specialists leverage our internationally recognized US macroeconomic, industry, and regional forecasts to generate business activity indicators by county and detailed 4-digit NAICS code.

Private companies, financial institutions, and government agencies use this one-of-a-kind database to get a deep look at US markets. It enables users to estimate the size and growth potential of a specific industry in a particular geography even when regional data are limited. The database is designed to allow users to easily aggregate our historical data and forecasts by market area or industry.

This one-of-a-kind resource helps you:

  • Size and segment markets and measure penetration
  • Sharpen sales, marketing segments and geographical targets
  • Assess demand for raw materials, finished goods and services
  • Forecast sales nationally, regionally and locally by market segment
  • Improve sales, revenue and profit performance
  • Uncover new market opportunities and avoid potential risk
Size and segment US markets with granular data Demo Business Market Insights
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What’s Included

Data & Forecasts

Semiannually updated 25-year business activity forecasts for US states, metros, and 3,140+ counties based on 4-digit NAICS code. 

Database coverage includes:

  • Number of business establishments (with historical data from 1990)
  • Employment (with historical data from 1990)
  • Real and nominal sales (with historical data from 1997)
  • Forecast extends 25 years into the future
Workflow tools

Business Market Insights is accessible via an intuitive online interface that allows you to easily retrieve historical and forecast data. User-friendly tools help you quickly analyze and integrate information into your workflow. 

  • Upload in-house data
  • View data in tables and dynamic charts
  • Download data to Microsoft Excel and save for future updates
  • Create custom graphs and export into PowerPoint as native objects
  • Visualize information with dynamic heat maps
  • Perform calculations and easily create custom aggregations

Data Methodology & Sources

Our economists and business analysts leverage leading employment and establishment sources to create an initial forecast. They align these initial forecasts with IHS Markit macroeconomic, industry and regional forecasts to ensure accuracy and consistency.

  • US Census Bureau - County Business Patterns (for county-level detail)
  • Census of Ag, USPS, BEA (for farm, railroad, postal service and government data)
  • Annual Survey of Manufactures (for sales)

Solve Your Business Challenge

Challenge Solution
Where should I invest sales and marketing resources? Use short- and long-term business segment forecasts at the county level to effectively allocate resources.
Where is the greatest growth potential for my business or service? Target new markets with county-specific industry performance data.
How can I better manage my production levels and inventory? Identify industry growth and contraction areas to accurately manage production and optimize inventory levels.
How can I measure market penetration? Integrate your company data with detailed industry and geographical data to elucidate market share.


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