Board Level Electronic Component Management

Decrease production costs

Managing a cost-effective product build or redesign, as well as an efficient process requires compliance with environmental regulations, avoidance of counterfeit parts, sourcing the best electronic components, effective stakeholder communication and powerful tools.

IHS Markit provides access to over 430 million electronic, electro-mechanical and fastene components in over 400 categories. From detailed technical attributes and documentation to lead-free alternates, lifecycle forecasts, and current availability and pricing data, this continually updated information resource can help you:

  • Achieve environmental compliance
  • Avoid parts obsolescence and unplanned redesigns
  • Eliminate costly buys
  • Identify the best components
  • Conform to current legislation

How IHS Markit helps you streamline production.

Cost effective product design planningUtilize a single data source for updates on part obsolescence
Supply chain managementLeverage timely alerts to internal and external customers
Navigating the regulatory environmentAccess Up to date environmental and export regulations affecting your product

Industry Success Stories


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