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IHS Markit Rushmore Blowout Preventer Performance Review (BPR)

Reduce the time spent on Blowout Preventer problems and maintenance.

Why do operators participate in the BPR?

The BPR was created in 2015 to streamline the process of sharing time spent on BOP problems and maintenance. The establishment of the BPR means, for the first time, operators can share standardized definitions and metrics, leading to more reliable identification of BOP timing impacts for subsea drilling and completions. 

Subscribe to the BPR today to:

  • Improve identification of subsea BOP problems during a rigs visit to a well
  • Compare BOP performance among key peer groups
  • Set targets for BOP performance and reliability and develop factual case for change that facilitates discussion with stakeholders
  • Decide which data to share, the rules for sharing, yearly changes needed and how additional value can be gained

Benefits of participating in the BPR

  • Establish your competitive performance - It is nice to know you are doing better than last year, but the real bottom-line measure is how you are performing in relation to your competitors
  • Provide a driver for improvement - Take into account historic Subsea BOP issues reported for each available rig in order to accelerate improvement and utilize acquired knowledge when planning projects
  • Add an external viewpoint to your performance - Integrate benchmark results into your standard measurement process and report on your achievement of internal targets
  • Benchmark internally within multinational companies - Participate in the studies on a global basis and use them for benchmarking between your own companies. Many multinational firms have used their participation to drive standardization of metrics across their corporation and to help improve data quality and internal reporting.

Getting started

How to participate?
  • An operator contracts to participate in at least one country for an initial three years.
  • An operator provides data on all subsea wells that it is drilling and/or completing in the participating countries.
  • The data is independently quality checked and published on the website.
  • Access to other operators data for that year is provided.
  • An operator may also participate retrospectively.
  • If an operator provides all subsea wells for all countries where it is drilling and/or completing, it will gain access to data from all countries, even if it has no activity there.
Data Coverage

Approximately 28 data fields covering a rigs subsea BOP performance while visiting a well

  • Rig name, Rig contractor, Rig type, BOP Manufacturer
  • Work-scope during visit (Drilling,Completing etc.), Completion type, X tree type
  • Well identification and location detail
  • Rig arrival and departure dates, suspension days during visit
  • Five different categories of BOP related NPT
  • Number of BOP pulls due to failure, Number of BOP Maintenance days during visit
Data entry
  • Excel workbook input
  • Workbook emailed to IHS Rushmore for QC
  • IHS Rushmore automated and manual QC checks
  • Data queries between participant and IHS Rushmore
  • Data published
Access to benchmarking tools
  • BPR key performance indicator metrics - Includes breakdown of time spent on various BOP issues during rig visits
  • BPR charts - Histograms, box charts, Rig event counts and Well bar charts to allow for various performance benchmarking. These charts can be customized to allow you to focus on many of the data fields and metrics

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