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Biofuels Market

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Biofuels Market Insights and Forecasting

With record amounts of ethanol being produced, global trade disputes, and growing demands for cleaner energy, we can help you identify opportunities with reliable pricing, trusted industry data, expert analysis and production forecasts and balances.

Key facts about the global biofuels market
  • The value of total biofuels production is close to $100 billion globally.
  • World biofuels production has been grown by 55% over the last 10 years.
  • The US is the biggest exporter of ethanol in the world with a market share of over 35%.
  • The fastest growing segment in the sector is Renewable Diesel capacity, which we forecast to triple over the next five years.
  • Prices for sugar, from which around 35% of the world ethanol is produced, climbed by almost 40% over the last six months.

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Biofuels sectors


The biodiesel industry is a key buyer of oilseeds and vegetable oils (palm, soy, rapeseed) and in recent years waste feedstock such as used cooking oil and animal fat became more important.


Ethanol has been one of the fastest growing markets for a value-added product in the agricultural space. It helps farmers to diversify their revenue streams and develop new markets.

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Energy Trader

Calculating risk, understanding long-term market movements, and keeping abreast of pricing changes are tools you use to make profitable deals. Our accurate market forecasts and data can help maximize your business' profits and stay ahead of your competitors.


Your company depends on you to identify, analyse and understand information on market developments in order to advise on the best course of action. Our market analysis and pricing forecasts help you quickly understand the best course of action for your business and advise stakeholders.


Maintaining a steady supply while maintaining positive profit margins is crucial. Our supply and demand forecasts, price and production outlooks, and interactive data all aid in your ability to make confident and strategic decisions for your business.

Unlock new opportunities in the international biofuels market

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