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Big Data Platform for Automotive: Data Lake

Uncover automotive market insights faster. Explore, access, and coalesce our data, your data, and third-party data on a centralized, cloud-based platform.

Data volumes are increasing at an exponential rate, and exceptional low storage costs are enabling automotive businesses to capture massive quantities of data in a cost-effective manner. As the volume and variety of available data grows, firms have unparalleled opportunities to gain new strategic insights.

However, the transformation of data into knowledge is challenging. The variety of data types and formats, as well as the complexity of the structures, means that data must be interpreted before it can be used effectively. To gain valuable information, specialists are needed, and the so-called "time-to-value challenge" sees businesses wrestle with datasets for months before extracting actionable intelligence.

The IHS Markit Data Lake ( helps you uncover business insights faster, by exploring, accessing and coalescing our data, your data and third-party data on a single, cloud-based platform. The platform is populated with over 1,500 IHS Markit datasets from diverse industries, including financial services, automotive, maritime, energy & natural resources, curated into more than 350 data packages to expedite time-to-value.

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Data Lake Overview

Key Statics:

  • 1,500+ datasets of proprietary content
  • 1M reports from IHS Markit analysts
  • 5,000 IHS Markit analysts, Data scientists & Industry specialists
  • 162 transportation datasets
  • >350 data packages curated by IHS Markit specialists
  • 391 financial services datasets
  • 453 energy datasets

Automotive Use Cases

The Data Lake enables advanced analytics and data science at scale by changing the way you find and access data. It derives new insights that can be used to drive innovation and the development of new products. Several of our automotive datasets, like our new Registrations dataset, our light vehicle Powertrain Sales Forecast, and our Automotive Sales Forecast, are being used by businesses to find answers to:

  • What’s hot, what’s not?
    Analyze the growth and decline of segments, brands and models over time and monitor the potential shift from personally owned vehicles to fleets.
  • Will the world go battery electric?
    Where will autonomy be adopted? Understand which electrification and autonomy technologies will prevail and which will fail.
  • Who will thrive and who will struggle?
    Combine price, volume, supply chain and technology data to determine which suppliers win and which lose in the fast-changing automotive industry.

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Yaacov Mutnikas

He and his team drive the vision and roadmap for IHS Markit’s technology strategy across all product lines. He is also responsible for the firm’s data scientists who are focused on how we can combine our leading data sets with advanced analytics to deliver innovative solutions to customers. Mr. Mutnikas brings more than thirty years of experience from previous roles as senior advisor to the Bank of England, head of risk architecture at the FSA, head of business architecture at Bridgewater and CTO at Algorithmics. He holds both the Master of Science in philosophy of science from Kings College London and Master of Science in finance and investment banking from Reading University, United Kingdom.

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Gilberto Diaz

He partners with internal and external clients and a team of experienced product managers, data scientists and technologists who are at the forefront of innovations in machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud and alternative data.With 20 years' experience in various roles across fintech start-ups, top-tier investment banks, and hedge funds, he has applied quantitative, analytical and technical expertise to drive enterprise-wide transformation initiatives.He holds an MBA in Finance and International Business from Fordham's Gabelli School of Business and a Bachelor of Science in Computer and Systems Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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Craig Zolan

Prior to joining IHS Markit, he was Head of Market Data Services at Millennium Management where he was responsible for locating and managing all data acquired by the hedge fund. Prior to Millennium, he spent 12 years at BlackRock in a variety of roles. His most recent role was the Global Head of Index and Data Solutions, responsible for developing BlackRock's index and data strategy as well as managing all data acquired by the asset manager. Earlier in his tenure he led a legal team responsible globally for all vendor contracting. Mr. Zolan earned his J.D. from University of Colorado School of Law, US and holds a B.A. in Government and Business from Skidmore College, US.

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