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Batteries Service

Comprehensive data and analysis on the expanding market for lithium-ion battery cell manufacturing

IHS Markit’s detailed coverage of batteries will help all stakeholders understand the battery industry – from manufacturers to investors – keep track of the latest developments and understand the market outlook in order to make strategic decisions and investments.

We provide end-to-end coverage of the rapidly expanding battery industry and detailed insight into all major end markets for batteries, including automotive and transport, portable electronics, and the energy sector. The service relies upon decades of expertise in researching raw material supply and processing market; and vast experience in understanding the development of fast-paced technology markets.

This service supports IHS Markit clients with a continuous flow of research, presented in formats designed to make our insights, analysis, and advice succinct and easily accessible.

Key Features

  • Data: Detailed market size forecasts by technology and end market, delivered in Microsoft Excel and PDF.
  • Reports and Insights: Topical reports addressing key market and product segmentations, analysis of hot market trends throughout the year
  • Analyst Access: Prompt responses to urgent and unique questions in addition to quarterly conference calls.

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Research Agenda and Deliverables

Regularly Updated Data Sets

Battery Market Tracker (updated: bi-annually)

Historical data and forecasts for battery demand by sector and technology, capacity and production for battery cells, price and cost analysis

Battery Cell Manufacturer Database (update: quarterly)

Detailed analysis and forecasts for the buildout of battery cell manufacturing capacity, including a global database of battery cell factories.

Batteries & Energy Storage Policy Update (update: monthly)

Provides a monthly summary of key policy and regulatory developments across the world, helping subscribers to stay up-to-date on key developments and understand new opportunities and potential challenges.

Batteries & Energy Storage Supply Chain Update (update: quarterly)

A quarterly review of investments, supply agreements, and M&A activity throughout the battery and energy storage supply chain.

Strategic Reports, Insights, and Presentations

Second Life Battery Report

An analysis of the opportunities to re-deploy batteries from the automotive sector into other applications such as stationary energy storage at the end of their life.

Battery Cell Manufacturer Competitive Landscape Report

Detailed profiles of the largest battery cell manufacturers, including analysis of their positioning in the supply chain, and supplier relationships.

Next Generation Battery Technology Report

Insight into the landscape and supplier base for next generation battery technology, including solid state batteries, and forecasts for their adoption.

Li-ion Battery Cost Report

A comprehensive overview of the outlook for battery costs, including key areas where costs can be reduced, and scenarios for the long-term development of cost and technology.

Battery Recycling Report

A review of the requirements and business case for battery recycling to enable a long-term supply of batteries for all applications.

Analyst Presentations (ad-hoc)

Analyst presentations from customer briefings and conferences, providing key messages on industry developments and market trends.

Analyst Insights (ad-hoc)

Analyst reactions to industry developments and events released throughout the year, explaining the relevance, significance and impact for the market.

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Sam Wilkinson

Mr. Wilkinson coordinates and contributes to a wide range of custom research, consulting, and advisory projects, in addition to continued contributions to the team's syndicated research products. His areas of expertise are solar PV, battery technology and supply chain, and battery energy storage (for grid applications).Upon joining the team in 2008, He was responsible for researching the photovoltaic (PV) inverter market and the PV module and polysilicon supply chain, working closely with leading global suppliers to develop detailed analysis on these markets. He has also been responsible for establishing primary research reports focusing on solar demand and policy, complementing IHS Markit extensive research of the complete PV supply chain. Building on his experience in the solar research team, Mr. Wilkinson established the Clean Energy Technology team's coverage of energy storage in 2012, covering a wide range of topics within this fast-developing sector, including the development of battery technology and the battery supply chain. Mr. Wilkinson's analysis and commentary is regularly published by leading PV and energy industry media and the global press. He has also presented at many leading industry events and conferences and previously worked in structural engineering. He holds a bachelor's degree in math and engineering from the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom.

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Youmin Rong, Ph.D.

Dr. Rong focuses on analyzing the global battery industry and energy storage markets in APAC. Dr. Rong also provides input to customers with regard to next-generation technology, e-mobility, clean energy transition, and net-zero carbon future. Prior to joining IHS Markit, Dr. Rong served as the project lead and investment advisor for advanced batteries at NIO (the first Chinese electric vehicle company publicly listed in New York Stock Exchange). In addition to his industrial experience, Dr. Rong attended Stanford University as an Energy Research Fellow, where he developed scientific research in advanced battery technology. Based on his research findings, he has published over 15 papers in leading internationally peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Rong completed his Postdoctoral Fellowship at Stanford University, and holds a PhD from the University of Oxford, as well as MEng and BEng from Imperial College London.

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