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Commercial vehicle fleet insights, trends and marketing with TIPNet

Target commercial vehicle opportunities with our Trucking Industry Profile (TIPNet) data driven solution
Gain a new perspective on the commercial vehicle market and fleets.

With deep insight into the 32 million commercial vehicles and 3.5M fleets currently on the road in North America, IHS Markit can give you the insight you need to power growth and gain market visibility to drive a sustainable competitive advantage.

  • What Can TIPNet be used for?
    • Market segmentation, product development, fleet profiles (purchasing patterns, loyalty) parts and service analysis, target qualified prospects and businesses by certain vehicles, and develop market strategy
  • What is vehicles in operation (VIO) and how does IHS Markit track this?
    • We define vehicles in operation as every vehicle of GVW 1-8 currently on the road. Our data is derived from state registrations and our VIO database tracks over 2 million commercial fleets currently on the road in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.
  • What is new truck registration and how does IHS Markit track this?
    • IHS Markit receives new registrations each month from the states and provinces for all commercial vehicles of GVW’s 1-8 going back to 1985
  • Does IHS Markit offer data on trailers?
    • Yes, we have new trailer registration data for the United States going back to 1985.
  • Who Uses TIPNet?
    • Manufacturers (OE or aftermarket) dealers, parts retailers, dealers, rental and leasing companies, service providers, and more!
Talk to an IHS Markit representative Find out more about commercial vehicle market performance and marketing with TIPNet
Hear IHS Markit expert Mark Hazel talk about Technology Evolution in the Heavy-Duty Commercial Industry

Trucking Industry Profile (TIP®Net)

A Clearer View of the Commercial Vehicle Industry

To truly understand how you’re doing against your competition in the industry, you need to have a clear view of the market. Our TIP®Net is a web-based interactive system designed to give you insight into the entire commercial vehicle industry.

The system provides vehicles in operation (VIO) and New Truck Registration information on light/medium/heavy commercial trucks and new commercial trailers in North America. TIP®Net will assist in identifying your best areas of opportunity and provide actionable information to help drive your business.

A High Horsepower Software Tool to Help Improve Your Business

TIP®Net allows you to segment your prospects by geography or market. Whether at a macro (U.S. or Canada) or micro (ZIP Code/Postal Code) level, you’ll have the ability to gain valuable insight into what vehicles make up your market:

  • Geographic area
  • Vehicle – make/ series/ model/ type
  • Engine – make/ model/ type/ liter size/ cylinders/ CID
  • Model year
  • Cab configuration
  • Wheels
  • GVW
  • Front/rear axle
  • Fuel type
  • Registration – name/ address/ vocation/ carrier type/ local and national fleet size

Commercial Vehicle Loyalty® and Competitive Threat Alert

Improve Customer Loyalty and Drive Conquest success

Growing your commercial and fleet business requires that you keep your existing customers loyal while focusing on the right conquest opportunities. This necessitates a keen awareness of the actions and habits of your customers and prospects.

We offer the industry’s only fact-based measurement of loyalty in the commercial vehicle marketplace designed specifically for medium- and heavy-duty vehicle and engine original equipment manufacturers.

Across the industry, down to the manufacturer, make, model and engine, these insights provide detailed loyalty, conquest and defection information about all customers, not just the largest fleets, with 5-year trending, enabling:

  • Understand and compare owner loyalty by brand and customer
  • Analyze and optimize efforts for conquest growth opportunities
  • Plan preemptive actions against potential defectors
  • Win back former loyal customers who recently purchased from a competitor
  • Develop retention programs for loyal customers
  • Isolate loyalty trends over time for tracking purposes
  • Analyze loyalty drivers

Powerful information? You bet. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses in your customer base will allow you to plan and prepare with confidence, targeting specific buyer groups to retain and grow vehicle volumes and market share.

Our Commercial Vehicle Loyalty Analysis will help you easily identify:

  • Who is remaining loyal to a brand?
  • Where defectors are going?
  • Which are the best conquest targets?
  • Fleet buying habits
  • Performance trends
  • Direct mail/prospecting opportunities

Change of Ownership Reporting and Analysis

Comprehensive data and reporting to capitalize on the used commercial vehicle market

Make the most of the opportunities that exist in the used commercial vehicle market. Our Change of Ownership reporting provides the industry's leading view into the used commercial vehicle market to help you drive the performance of your business.

  • How do I maximize profits with used vehicles?
  • Where should I place my used vehicle inventory?
  • Where are the used vehicle markets?
  • Who are the used vehicle buyers?
  • What is the overall trend for used vehicles?
  • What are the vocational applications?
  • What is the turn rate by weight class?
  • How do individual manufacturers perform?
  • How has demand shifted over time?
  • What service and repair revenue opportunities exist by fleet, by region?

Powerful information? You bet. Consisting of millions of transactions where a previously registered commercial vehicle identification number (VIN) has changed name and location.

Our Change of Ownership Reporting will help you:

  • Easily identify who is buying used trucks, which brands and where
  • Pinpoint how long owners are holding trucks at the brand and regional level
  • Highlight service and repair opportunities
  • Provide insights into targets and timing to buy and sell vehicles
  • Optimize strategic marketing
  • Enable direct mail/ prospecting


Who Uses It?

  • Manufacturers (OE or aftermarket) of trucks/trailer parts
  • Dealers
  • Parts retailers
  • Finance companies
  • Rental and leasing companies
  • Commercial vehicle body builders
  • Engine manufacturers
  • Service providers
  • Consulting companies
  • Market research firms
  • Lead generation firms



Andrej Divis

Members of his team are located in Brazil, mainland China, India, Japan and the United States as well as in Europe. Educated in the United States, he holds a master's degree from The Johns Hopkins University and a bachelor's from Georgetown. His spoken languages include English, Czech and German.Andrej brings nearly two decades of automotive and commercial-vehicle industry experience to the role, having begun his career in 2001 as a truck analyst with PlanEcon/Global Insight (now part of S&P Global), covering Eastern Europe and the Middle East. He held a variety of analytical and planning positions with General Motors in Europe starting in 2003. These included assignments in Germany and in Hungary and roles in forecasting; new business development; and product planning. Based in the United States now, Andrej re-joined Automotive in 2012, focusing on the East European and North American truck markets.Recent team efforts have focused on the effects of the COVID pandemic on the commercial-vehicle markets, and on upcoming new-technology rollouts, including the anticipated increased electrification of buses and trucks.

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Antti Lindstrom

His primary responsibility is production forecasts for the three North American markets (United States, Canada, Mexico) including the market intelligence, trends and technical developments across the region.Antti earned a Master's degree at the University of Michigan and a Bachelor's degree at the University of Turku, in Finland. Languages: English, Finnish, German, Swedish.

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Christiane Stein

Christiane joined the company in mid-2016 and is responsible for the European and Global Production Forecast. This includes market and competitor intelligence, future technologies and market segmentation. Christiane is also an expert on bus markets and segmentation. Christiane leads a team of analysts located in mainland China, India, South Africa, Brazil and North America. Her spoken languages include English, German and Italian.Recent team efforts have focused on the effects of the COVID pandemic on the commercial-vehicle production as well as the shortage of components. The latest product offering by the team is the MHCV Production Capacity Forecast.Prior to joining S&P Global, Christiane worked nearly ten years in the automotive industry. Her work experience include positions at MAN Truck & Bus AG and BorgWarner Turbo Systems where she forecasted and segmented the global truck, bus and passenger car markets.Christiane graduated in Business Administration in Leipzig, Germany.

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Paritosh Gupta

Paritosh responsibilities include tracking and analyzing market trends, OEM and supplier strategies, as well as analysis of foreseeable impacts from the political and economic environment, government policies and regulations. He handles both the sales and production forecasts for all countries under his purview. He has worked in the automotive market research industry for almost the entirety of his career starting with Markets and Markets before moving to S&P Global Mobility in 2016.Paritosh holds a master's degree in business administration from the University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, India. He speaks fluent English and Hindi.

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Jia Li

Jia is responsible for medium and heavy commercial vehicle industry analysis and sales forecast in Greater China. Her expertise includes sales forecast, OEM strategy, market trend, competition analysis, and analysis on industry-related regulation and policy. Before joining S&P Global in July 2011, she worked as senior industry analyst in the Strategy Department of a leading Chinese medium and heavy commercial vehicle OEM. Prior to that, she gained macroeconomics research background when she worked on the trading floor of a world-class fixed asset investment firm.Jia holds an MS degree in Macroeconomics, Finance and Statistics from Humbolt University of Berlin in Germany.

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Ewa Root

Ewa is an Associate Director in the Global Heavy Truck Research team providing oversight for global heavy commercial vehicle sales. Ewa is based in the company's London office, and is directly in charge of forecasts for heavy trucks sales and production in Central and Eastern Europe. She is responsible for analysis of market trends and for tracking manufacturers' strategies, investment plans and competitive position. In this role, she is responsible for the global truck sales forecast process and is also involved in many ad hoc forecasting and consulting projects.Before joining the Automotive Forecasting group at S&P Global Mobility, Ewa gained experience at Standard & Poors.Ewa has a Master of Science degree from the University of Economics, Wroclaw Poland. She speaks fluent Polish and English.

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