Improve Audience Targeting & Activation

Reach your most likely prospects for vehicles, motorcycles and RVs

Plateauing sales and a rising number of nameplates make it tougher than ever to maintain and grow market share. IHS Markit can help our automotive customers rise to that challenge by providing better audiences…audiences that go beyond who you already know. With over 20 years of vehicle history and over ~700 data sources mapped to 120 million US households, IHS Markit uses deep learning and artificial intelligence to predict future automotive buying behavior to drive actual purchases – now, and down the road.

With IHS Markit, vehicle marketers and their agencies can isolate and activate high performing audiences across off and on-line channels based on:

  • Return to market
  • Loyalty by manufacturer, brand, segment, body-style, or class
  • Garage composition
  • Income
  • Lifestyle
  • Custom affinities

Learn how loyalty insights can be transformed into actionable audiences

What's Included

Promote new and used vehicles, parts and service, year-end clearance, vehicle launches and prospecting/conquesting campaigns with our target marketing tools and data.

Predictive Modeling

Polk Total Market Predictor® (TMP) modelsA suite of aggregated statistical models to help target your best prospects.
Polk Garage Predictor®Target households likely to own your brand or a competitive make.
Polk Loyalty Predictor
Identify households that are super loyal, loyal, nomads or unspecified
Polk Purchase Predictor®Identify households likely to purchase within the next 6 months by vehicle segment.
Polk Vehicle Budget PredictorIdentify prospects based on the likely purchase price for their next vehicle brand.
Polk Winback Garage PredictorIdentify former owners of your brand who are likely to be back in-market within the next six months.
Polk Target Score PredictorReach high quality prospects with the greatest profit potential.
Auxiliary Vehicle DataPinpoint prospects by make, model and year based on information provided by prospects.
Do-It-For-Me (DIFM)/Do-It-Yourself (DIY)Identify service preference models and target the best parts and service prospects in your market.
Lost Soul Garage PredictorsSupplement your database with used-vehicle owners not identified by a manufacturer or dealership.
Custom Affinity ModelsIdentify top conquest audiences for specific vehicle launches and automotive events. Excellent for vehicle launches or a defense strategy to ward of your competition.
Custom Predictive ModelsLet IHS Markit build a custom/proprietary model based on your campaign objectives.
Territory Pro System / Field Pro SystemImprove sales and fixed operations with data on dealer territory dynamics, which can also be used to create lists for new vehicle, used vehicle and service marketing campaigns.


Digital Marketing

Reach customers with easily updated, cost-effective ads online or via video, mobile and social media.

Email Solutions
Avoid postage and printing costs with our email solution suite, which includes:

  • Email append
  • Reverse email append
  • Prospect email license
  • Prospect email deployment
Commercial/Fleet Marketing

Take advantage of greater sales/service opportunities in fleet marketing with a rolling 18 months of fleet vehicle data integrated with business information to generate commercial fleet lists, covering:

  • Current fleet size data
  • Business demographics
  • Vocational demographics
  • Detailed vehicle information

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