Vehicle Market Analysis: Registrations and Vehicles-in-Operation

Measure your market performance with registered vehicles and vehicles-in-operation data.

Automotive OEMs, national sales companies and their dealers need accurate vehicle market data to gauge their success and benchmark against competitors. MarketInsight provides several hundred million new and used vehicle registrations, vehicles-in-operation (VIO), and owner demographics in a single web-based platform so you can easily assess your market share anywhere in the world. Integrate proprietary data and visualize your markets with dynamic tables, graphs, maps and dashboards. Issue reports with automatically refreshed data each month. With simultaneous enterprise-wide access to the tool, your teams can achieve consistent reporting and boost operational efficiencies.

Subscribe to MarketInsight today to:

  • Understand brand/dealer selling patterns
  • Identify key trends and hidden opportunities
  • Develop targeted marketing strategies
  • Plan future parts inventory
  • Boost revenues from new and used car sales and services

MarketInsight Capabilities

  • Data cubes: Conduct automotive market research with multiple filters: units, sales, growth rates, shares, averages/classes (prices, CO2), scrappage rates, vehicle age classes, brand, make, model, segments, parc size, geography down to postal code; display results using a variety of graphs; export data to Excel
  • Mapping: Analyze single regions or drivetime areas, generate color-coded demand and competition maps, overlay maps with dealer locations, include proprietary and demographic data, export maps to MapInfo or other GIS applications
  • Predefined charts: Analyze different data sets (e.g., country sales by model) and customize charts to individual needs
  • Lists and reports: Use standardized formats for monthly reporting and add customized reports by request
  • Multi-window view: Display different output types in separate windows, store view as a pre-set default, refresh automatically with monthly updates
  • Pre-defined queries: Use pre-defined search filters to create dashboards and share with group members
What’s IncludedApplications

New Vehicle Registrations

National monthly new registration data for up to 80 countries covering 97% of global vehicles sales, including:

  • Make, model, body type and technical details
  • Pricing and specification data
  • Owner registration type (private, fleet, rental)
  • Fuel and emissions details
  • Sales channel
  • Emissions details
  • 20 vehicle attributes
  • 7 years history
  • Geography down to the postal code
  • Owner demographics (in select countries)
  • 12-year forecasts are available separately

Sales, planning and marketing

  • Assess changing volume and market shares
  • Size, analyze and segment markets
  • Benchmark against competitors
  • Plan and control sales operations
  • Analyze product life cycles and craft a market-specific model strategy

Subnational Registrations

  • Dealer performance
  • Regional potential analyses
  • Pump in/pump out
  • Yearly sales target

Market performance

  • Measure dealer performance
  • Set dealer sales targets
  • Support dealers in their sales and service business
  • Analyze regional and market segment trends
  • Develop targeted marketing strategy
  • See your competitors selling patterns
  • Link to Dealer Network Simulation system


Detailed analysis and forecasts in more than 45 countries, covering 90% of global VIOs by:

  • Age, make, model, body type, fuel type, cylinders, transmission, owner type
  • Size of PARC
  • Scrappage rate development


  • Assess aftermarket volumes by country
  • Determine relevant market share
  • Understand the age of the vehicle population
  • Analyze parts/service potential for the aftermarket
  • Forecast parts by market or geography
  • Access five-year VIO forecasts by segment and model level
  • Link to WorldView for aftermarket information

Used Vehicle Registrations

As vehicles return from rental companies and the fleet sector, they need to be remarketed. IHS Automotive offers transactions of used vehicles in more than 32 countries using proprietary algorithms to determine when a vehicle changes ownership, which can include:

  • +20 vehicle attributes
  • Segment, brand, make, model, body type, owner type
  • 5 years of history
  • Geography down to the postal code
  • Owner demographics (select countries)


  • Understand the used vehicle market by country/geographic area
  • Analyze market share by brand and fuel type
  • Assess the age distribution of the used vehicle market
  • Shift inventory to meet future used vehicle demand
  • See your competitor's selling patterns

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