Automotive Consumer Surveys

Gain car buyers opinions about premium audio, autonomous driving and connected car apps

How do you track the changing automotive lifestyles of today’s “connected” consumer?

IHS Markit Consumer Survey reports and companion databases indicate that innovative technologies, new services and increased connectivity are key deciding factors when considering a new vehicle purchase. The surveys take input from more than 5,000 vehicle owners intending to purchase a new vehicle within the next 36 months, across five key automotive markets - The United States, Canada (new), China, Germany and the United Kingdom.

These surveys enable you to:

  • Identify which services are must-haves for consumers intending to purchase a new vehicle for personal use in the next three years
  • Understand the propensity of consumers who would be willing to pay for these advanced technologies and assess how much they would be willing to spend
  • Anticipate market needs for new solutions

Updated annually since 2013, IHS Markit offers three consumer surveys containing the thoughts of new car intenders on the following topics:

  • Connected Services and Apps
  • Autonomous Driving and Urban Mobility
  • Premium Audio

Deliverables include written reports in PDF format based on PowerPoints and datasets formatted in Excel and SPSS. Surveys are available individually via our ecommerce store.

Available Surveys

Connected Services and Apps

It is estimated that by 2023, connected vehicles will account for 69% of all global annual car sales and nearly half of the global fleet will be connected. “Connected” refers to a multitude of services, including smartphone integration such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, telematics, infotainment, navigation, Wi-Fi and internet streaming audio. Which of these services are must-haves and how much would customers pay for them.

The Connected Services and Apps survey will help you identify:

  • Telematics features of interest
  • Brand recognition of popular infotainment products, telematics services, internet streaming services as well as other media services
  • Preferences for specific navigation and traffic services
  • Type of app integration desired in the car
  • Preferences for Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, SYNC AppLink, Baidu CarLife and more
Autonomous Driving and Urban Mobility

One of the fastest-growing segments of today's technology is Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) as they are seen as vital enablers of long-term goals for “zero fatality” transportation. Automated driving and autopilot systems represent the next major growth category, leveraging the latest technology building blocks to deliver added safety, comfort and efficiency to drivers.

New mobility services such as Uber, Lyft and Didi Chuxing continue to grow as more consumers grow accustomed to these offerings. These services may soon reach an inflection point as automobiles gain a new, increasingly autonomous functionality and as urbanization drives larger populations toward dense metropolises.

The Autonomous Driving and Urban Mobility survey will help you identify:

  • Preferences and opinions for advanced safety features and fully autonomous vehicles
  • Which automotive brands inspire confidence in autonomy?
  • Potential market drivers for autonomous vehicles, including differences in insurance rates for autonomous versus manually driven cars
  • Preferences and the willingness to pay for ADAS applications, e.g., lane keeping assist system and adaptive cruise control
  • Demographics of new car intenders who are also inclined to use both ride-hailing and car sharing services
  • Different modes of transportation these consumer use, how long their average commute times are, the type of ride-hailing and car sharing apps they use
  • Assess what consumers think of the popular urban mobility brands and how much they typically pay for them
Premium Audio

For many consumers, listening to the in-vehicle audio system is an important part of the daily commute, be it catching up with the news, staying informed about weather/travel, or listening to music. For some, the quality of audio reproduction may not be important, for others, it is paramount.

The Premium Audio Survey will identify:

  • Measurements of consumer desire for branded audio among other interior features
  • Audio listening habits
  • Premium car audio ownership
  • Consumers willingness to spend on premium/branded car audio systems and the amount they are willing to spend
  • Audio brand recognition and loyalty
  • Audio brand’s influence on vehicle purchase decision-making
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