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WorldView: Automotive Aftermarket Parts Cataloging

Grow your share of the automotive aftermarket

In the face of global vehicle market expansion – rising 4% each year and expected to include 1.5 billion light vehicles by 2020 – parts manufacturers and distributors face two key challenges. First, they need to assess their sales potential globally and second, they must analyze integrated product and application data across regions using two different global vehicle description standards – ACES for US and Canada, and TecDoc for rest of the world. Matching parts with vehicles and complying with standards is time-consuming and complicated.

WorldView is the first online, global aftermarket portal that integrates vehicles-in-operation (VIO) and VIO forecast data for more than 95% of the global vehicle population with OE, ACES and TecDoc parts catalogs. Leverage IHS Markit data and expertise to grow your aftermarket business by understanding the vehicle profile of your markets worldwide, the specific markets that require your products, and your potential product demand in these markets – both today and into the future. No other industry solution provides this degree of globally integrated automotive parts information, including the ability to search by make and model.

Parts manufacturers, retailers, wholesale distributors and OEMs use WorldView to:

  • Inform manufacturing, ordering and stocking decisions
  • Understand worldwide aftermarket car parts potential
  • Guide product planning
  • Manage inventory and cataloging
  • Track aftermarket auto part demand trends

IHS Markit expects the global vehicle population to grow 36% by 2025.

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Global Vehicle Search
  • Understand the vehicle make-up of +100 markets worldwide
  • Determine parts compatibility on vehicles in disparate global markets
  • Compare your ACES and TecDoc catalogs using IHS global make/model relationships – enhanced by program, platform and plant coding
  • Search global vehicles by OEM platform and program codes

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VIO Forecast Global OE Parts Research
  • Leverage a foundation of official manufacturer data with +20 years of history covering +70 product lines and +115,000 unique vehicles
  • Match VIO with OE part numbers, specifications and vehicle fitment details
  • Identify significant catalog gaps with vehicle population counts mapped to ACES and TecDoc codes
  • Access the most complete source of European vehicle detail (expanding into Mexico, China, Brazil and Russia)

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ACES and TecDoc Catalog Integration
  • Evaluate market coverage with simple and accurate VIO enhancement of ACES and TecDoc files, including variable geography levels
  • Understand overall product coverage performance, part potential and missing coverage
  • Gain insight into what your customers see in your ACES and TecDoc
  • Compare your range vs OE research data

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Data and Market Coverage
  • Global Vehicles in Operation (VIO), production and component forecasts
  • OE and aftermarket parts catalog analysis
  • ACES and TecDoc standards and global equivalents
  • OEM program, platform and plant code visibility
  • Coverage for +100 countries

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Who uses WorldView and how?

Who? How?
Marketing managers
Product managers
Strategic planners

To target specific markets when launching product lines into new locations:

  • Where is the VIO growing vs. declining?
  • Where does the VIO match my product offering?
  • What is the vehicle age in various markets?
  • Which markets have vehicles that my parts fit?
Product managers
Catalog managers
Category managers

To prove coverage claims by gathering detailed coverage reports by:

  • OEM
  • Import vs. Domestic
  • ACES and/or TecDoc vehicle tables
Product managers

To determine which new products to launch in the face of limited capital, using:

  • Holes in coverage = OEM number with no aftermarket part number equivalent
  • Application holes ranked by VIO
Inventory managers/planners

To manage capital invested in inventory, including how many parts to make, buy and where to stock them:

  • How many vehicles does each part fit?
  • Where are the vehicles located?
  • What is density and popularity of vehicles in various regions?
Inventory managers/planners
Product managers
Category managers
Catalog managers

To manage all parts throughout their lifecycle, including determining when they will become less popular and will need to be removed from the line:

  • How will the number of vehicles each part fits change over time?
  • When will my parts fall below a coverage threshold for any given parts manufacturer?

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