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Automotive Sales, Volume and Market Planning Advisory Services

In-depth market, vehicle launch, and supplier component entry strategies from a proven business partner

Global automakers are shifting unprecedent levels of capital and resources towards the development of autonomy, connectivity, electrification and shared mobility capabilities. It’s more than the components that make up the car that’s changed – entire business models may be evolving as we move from an ownership to a service-based model. To spur an alternative perspective, several automakers and suppliers have also taken the next step of establishing new capital structures and organizations. Are you prepared for the scale and gravity of the shift in the vehicle ecosystem?
IHS Markit helps automakers and suppliers plan for the future with customized scenarios and strategic plans. Leveraging our industry leading vehicle forecast models and planning solutions, we can address your unique challenges and pave the way for greater future success.

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Automotive Advisory Services from IHS Markit can provide tailored research and analysis to address your business challenges.
Our sales, volume and market planning solutions include:

Vehicle Volume Planning

Disruptive trends like electrification, autonomous driving, trade barriers, and emissions regulations are forcing the automotive industry to evolve fast. Automakers must decide where to put their money to prepare for a not too distant but very different future. Over many decades, automakers have come to rely on IHS Markit as a trusted, independent third party, instrumental in supporting their yearly volume planning process.

Services include

  • Volume planning forecasts and assumptions to match your custom segmentations with consideration to global economic developments and risks, electrification strategies and portfolio changes of competitor automakers, effects of car-market specific taxes and regulations, and segment and body style trends
  • Extended analysis to include Powertrain/xEV Scenarios, Mobility Strategy Scenarios, Luxury Vehicle Sales, Premium Performance Vehicle Sales and LCV Powertrain Scenarios modules
OEM Market Entry

IHS Markit is a trusted partner to automakers who are exploring entry into the US, Canadian, European, Brazilian and Chinese markets. Utilizing our vast global industry forecast resources and experienced Subject Matter Experts, we build Market Entry Plans for automakers seeking new markets. Analysis includes a view of:

  • Geographic and demographic forecasts
  • Segmental dynamics
  • Compliance and structural analysis
  • Competitive benchmarking

Additionally, through the utilization of select emissions compliance forecasts, IHS Markit is capable of outlining future strategy opportunities and gaps in this critical area.

Supplier Strategy Analysis

Suppliers are facing a market rapidly shifting towards electric propulsion as well as the optimization of critical systems required for increased levels of driver autonomy. Given this backdrop, traditional suppliers of all tiers will have to adapt. Augmenting traditional planning with a view of disruptive technologies is critical to accurately capturing the scale and amplitude of shifts impacting supplier success.

The considerable forecast assets of IHS Markit along with our insights into autonomy, connectivity, electrification, and shared mobility make us uniquely qualified to partner with suppliers to optimize future market success strategies amid significant market shifts.


Michael Robinet

Mr. Robinet was promoted to executive director of Automotive Advisory Services at IHS Markit in December 2018 - driving industry thought leadership in the field of light vehicle automotive market dynamics and supplier strategy. From December 2011 to November 2018, he was the managing director leading the North American Automotive Advisory Team. Until late 2011, he served as the Director of Global Vehicle Production Forecasts from 1996. In his role as executive director in the global automotive advisory practice, Mr. Robinet builds upon his experience as a leader and innovator in automotive research. He works with decision makers at suppliers and OEMs in the fields of supplier strategy/profitability, global production forecasting, tracking future product programs (FPPs), analyzing sourcing and production strategies to serve OEM, supplier and government entities throughout the global auto ecosystem. Mr. Robinet has over three decades of experience in automotive forecasting, strategic analysis and manufacturing finance. Prior to joining CSM Worldwide, now part of IHS Markit, he worked at several research companies and was schooled in finance at a Tier 1 supplier. He regularly consults with industry executives and presents at global OEM and supplier conferences/symposiums and is widely quoted by worldwide media on a variety of critical industry topics.Mr. Robinet holds an undergraduate degree in economics and an MBA, both from the University of Windsor, Canada. He is a board member of the Automotive Hall of Fame, the Canada-US Business Association (CUSBA) and the Original Equipment Supplier Association (OESA). He is also a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), Automotive Press Association (APA), Detroit Economic Club (DEC) and the Society of Automotive Analysts (SAA). Mr. Robinet pens a monthly column called 'Supplier Eye' for SAE's Automotive Engineering Magazine.

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Holger Hausmann

Holger joined IHS Markit in 2013 as Senior Data Analyst within the Light Vehicle Sales Forecasting division. In this role he was responsible for analyzing and anticipating vehicle sales trends. In 2018, Holger changed position into the Advisory Services team taking over responsibility for Sales Planning Services for OEMs. These services include customer presentations and discussion workshops as well as delivery of customized forecast numbers and reports. Holger holds a diploma in Economics from the Ruhr-Universität Bochum with a focus on macroeconomics, econometrics and operations research.

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