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Animal Health Economics

Comprehensive livestock and animal industry data and market forecasting to support long-term strategic planning.

The animal health industry is in robust shape, and despite global economic downturns in 2020 due to Covid-19 – it looks set to continue growing at pace. Medium to long-term livestock or companion animal markets trends, play an important role in determining future market behaviors in the related-animal health industry. However, due to a lack of consistent industry data industry participants often find it difficult to determine where best to invest and where to safeguard their business, and there is the need for a credible forecasting solution.

Introducing Animal Health Economics, supporting animal health companies by providing in-depth and trusted animal industry data and analysis, to inform long-term strategic planning and data-driven decision-making. Produced in partnership with Stonehaven Consulting, and powered by high-quality agribusiness and macro-economic data from across IHS Markit, the new service follows a clear methodology and thorough forecasting models, to provide accurate forecasts for all data groups.

As livestock and protein markets evolve over time, the need to understand the long-term and increasingly complex market dynamics is critical to mitigating risk exposure to animal care companies. Animal Health Economics guides strategic planning and forecasting of future demand based on livestock market fundamentals, as well providing animal health reports and supporting analysis of market drivers on a regular basis.

The service enables clients to:

  • Identify the size of animal products markets in different regions and countries, to help you identify growth and investment opportunities for different products and markets.
  • Analyse emerging trends and understand the future business environment, by accessing 5-year forecast data with clear and reliable methodology.
  • Access quarterly price data for animal commodity and feed for different countries with monthly updates, to understand the industry conditions, and support data-led decision making.
  • Receive animal health industry reports and analysis, contextualizing the latest industry data and providing clear outlooks to support the strategic planning and budgetary processes.
  • Manipulate industry datasets with ease and eliminate the need for multiple overlapping data sources, the service is presented in a user-friendly platform with frequent updates, to save users time and effort
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Animal Health Economics:

Animal Industry Data

5-years historical and 5-year forecasts:

  • Animal Population for different species including both companion and farm animals provided for more than 50 regions, sub-regions and countries - updated quarterly
  • Animal commodities production and consumption data for more than 30 regions, sub-regions and countries - updated quarterly
  • Import and export rate data for different animals and commodities for more than 30 regions, sub-regions and countries - updated quarterly
  • Animal slaughter rate for different animals, more than 30 regions, sub-regions and countries covered - updated quarterly
  • Animal commodity annual prices for the main markets – updated quarterly
  • Animal commodity quarterly prices for the main markets – updated monthly
  • Animal feed grains quarterly prices for the main markets – updated monthly
Macro-Economic Data

5 years historical and 5 year forecasts:

  • GDP data including nominal and real GDP, GDP growth rate and GDP per capita for more than 50 regions, sub-regions and countries globally
  • Population data including total population, urban and rural population and population age range, more than 50 regions, sub-regions and countries covered globally
  • Economy data including consumer and retail price index, inflation rate and currency exchange rates for more than 50 regions, sub-regions and countries globally
  • Employment data provided for more than 50 regions, sub-regions and countries globally
Animal Health Reports and Analysis
  • Articles and featured analysis:
    • Agriculture industry analysis – Quarterly updates
    • Pricing analysis – Monthly updates
    • Global industry outlook – quarterly updates
  • Special reports about animal health industry:
    • Published throughout the year, authored by industry experts covering key topics like animal health products, industry trends, market outlook and analysis
    • Our reports can support your business and help you make strategic decisions and help you to understand how your business could be impacted by providing market news and insight, expert analysis, price report and forecasting, and accurate information on critical developments, emerging trends, regulatory and competitive environment.
This service supports

Animal Health Companies
Private Equity & Venture Capital involved in Animal Health sector
Management Consultancy

Key job functions:
Marketing & Research
Data analysts
Strategic planners

Key market problems and service solution

Fundamental insights to address market problems critical to the animal care sector:

  • Lack of validated and up-to-date global market data makes internal forecasting inaccurate and reporting to stakeholders on markets/product investment areas difficult.
    Our solution: Animal Health Economics provides comprehensive and accurate data from credible sources to improve data-driven decision and help clients understand market conditions, identify growth and investment opportunities for different products and markets. With frequent updates and the service presented in a user-friendly platform allows easy data manipulation, to save clients time and effort, and the need for multiple overlapping data sources.
  • Uncredible market forecasts and data make it difficult to build an accurate understanding of market behaviours, emerging trends, risks and opportunities
    Our solution: Animal Health Economics updates datasets at regular intervals and provides robust and reliable forecasts with clear and reliable methodologies, to advise strategic, long-term decision making with confidence. Our animal health reports, and expert analysis support an understanding of long-term market trends in the context of their impacts on animal health businesses.
  • Lack of easy access to accurate market data and forecasting tools across organisation
    Solution: Animal Health Economics is a quick and easily accessible platform, available across entire organizations, supplying market-leading datasets, following thorough forecasting processes with frequent updates. Flexible cloud-based data explorers allow users to create their own filters, search for and view data based on geography, species and product/concept of their interest, offering a bespoke data solution for the industry.


Joseph Harvey

As head of animal health, Mr. Harvey provides news and analysis regarding the global animal health market across a range of species and products. He conducts exclusive interviews with the sector's biggest companies and experts, as well as start-up firms. He also hosts webinars and gives talks on the industry.Having gained many years of experience in business journalism, Mr. Harvey started writing about animal health in 2012. He previously built his experience by reporting on the human medtech and diagnsotics sector.Mr. Harvey is a well-known figure in the animal health sector through his in-depth articles, interviews, podcasts and webinars. His specialist areas include analysis of business trends, M&A, industry rankings, IPOs, company strategy and R&D across the animal health industry.

View Profile

Ryland Maltsbarger

Mr. Maltsbarger supervises the long-term Global Crops and Livestock Services along with the monthly update of the quarterly price forecast. He is directly responsible for global sugar and cotton forecasts. Other duties include forecasts and publication of the Global Crops Cost of Production Service. Mr. Maltsbarger received his MBA and his Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics from the University of Missouri-Columbia, US.

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Brandon Kliethermes

Mr. Kliethermes focuses on the continued development, maintenance, and forecasting of US crops. He also provides daily and weekly commentary on current issues affecting agricultural markets worldwide. Mr. Kliethermes created and maintains the Pricing & Purchasing Softs Commodity Price Index (GISCPI) to evaluate weekly prices changes for food components, such as feed grains, food grains, meals and oils, dairy, fiber, sugar, and meats and products. Mr. Kliethermes earned a Master of Science in Agricultural Economics at the University of Missouri-Columbia, US.

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Edward Oliver, Ph.D.

Dr. Oliver specializes in identifying investment opportunities, business strategy and assessing the economic and business impact of changes in policy and markets. He has been with the company since 2000.He specializes in identifying investment opportunities, business strategy and assessing the economic and business impact of changes in policy and markets for multinational corporations and institutional clients. He works extensively on research, analysis and due diligence projects for clients in all areas of the bio-energy (biomass, ethanol and biodiesel), livestock (dairy, eggs, poultry and meat), arable (cereals, oilseeds, proteins and sugar), and agricultural inputs (agrochemical, seed and fertiliser) supply chains.He is an agricultural economist by training and has a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from Imperial College and an MSc. in Farm and Rural Business Management from the University of Aberdeen, in addition to several other postgraduate and undergraduate agricultural and economics qualifications.

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