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AIS Platinum

Unprecedented frequency and coverage of vessel movements worldwide

Through a unique alliance with exactEarth, IHS Markit is pleased to offer an industry-leading solution that delivers faster and more comprehensive AIS vessel-tracking updates. AIS Platinum combines exactEarth’s global real-time satellite AIS service - powered by more than 60 maritime satellite payloads - with more than 2,000 IHS Markit terrestrial AIS stations. The resulting technology transmits an exceptionally fast flow of intelligence to decision makers in financial markets, trading, security, compliance and governments sectors to ensure they have the very latest information on hand. No other market provider offers a combined AIS service of this quality and speed.

With the AIS Platinum solution, you gain:

  • Superior detection rate: Accelerate the decision-making process
  • Enhance coverage and visibility: See areas not exposed by other AIS providers
  • Improve latency: Access critical and timely intelligence
  • Long range tracking: Gain a clearer picture of vessel position and movements over time
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Who is the service for?

AIS Platinum has been created for customers requiring real-time vessel position information and intelligence, including, but not limited to, the following:

Job Title Requirements
Quant Analysts Incorporate vessel position information into your computer algorithms and programs to identify and capitalize on trading opportunities. Use historical data to identify profit opportunities.
Commodity Traders Stay ahead of changing markets and capitalize on trading opportunities with verified intelligence on commodity shipment activities.
Compliance Officer Confirm a company is conducting its business in full compliance with all national and international laws and regulations that pertain to the financial sector. Ensure that business operations are not conducted with sanctioned countries, companies or individuals.
Defense Intelligence Analysts Create visibility within the maritime domain to identify potential risks vessels may pose. Understand anything associated with the maritime domain could impact the security and safety of a country.
Customs & Boarder Agents Evaluate the impact of illegal importing and exporting of commodities through seaborne activity. Track and trace irregular behavior that could indicate drug trafficking, illegal arms importation and unregulated fishing.

Key Features

  • Detection Rate:
    • 342 million standard AIS position messages per day are being received
    • 148,000 discrete MMSI’s recorded seen per day
    • 68,000 linked to valid IMO numbers
    • Refresh rate of less than 30 seconds
  • Coverage:
    • Our terrestrial coverage gives excellent visibility for ships close to shore
    • Enhanced coverage with exactEarth constellation (58 Satellites)
    • Breadth of coverage with Pole-to-Pole covered
  • Latency:
    • AIS position instantly received
    • AIS positions and ship intelligence linked
    • Over 2,000 ground stations positioned in strategic locations
  • Visibility:
    • Enhanced visibility into high density areas (ex. Gulf of Mexico)
    • Target of 100% coverage for Bulkers, Tankers, Crude carrying vessels
    • Frequent overflights give greater chances of catching a vessel transmitting in the clear within high density areas
  • Long Range Tracking:
    • Message 27 enabled
    • Improved visibility in high density areas (ex. South China Sea)

Discover the power of AIS Platinum

Take advantage of our enhanced coverage to drill down into areas not provided by traditional providers

exactEarth Coverage (Barents Sea)  Click to Enlarge

Reduce issues related to high-density areas with our enhanced visibility

Gulf of Mexico  Click to Enlarge

Gain a clearer picture of vessel positions and movements with Long Range Tracking

exactEarth conventional satellite data  Click to Enlarge

exactEarth augmented with message 27 data (yellow pins)  Click to Enlarge

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