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Agribusiness Brazil

IHS Markit Agribusiness Brazil operates in consulting and agribusiness information. Regionally, we represent the LATAM division of Agribusiness which is part of the Energy & Natural Resources division. We offer consulting services to various clients through a multidisciplinary team of seasoned professionals in the sector.

One of our strengthens is our historical database with detailed data sets comprising all aspects of the supply chain from farm to fork, with one of the most complete databanks on varied areas of agribusiness developed and maintained since the foundation of FNP Consultancy, in 1989 - later to be IHS Markit.

In subscriptions, IHS Markit Agribusiness Brazil publishes the traditional ANUALPEC and AGRIANUAL statistical yearbooks for the livestock and agriculture crop sectors, used for years by professionals and companies in the agribusiness sector, both in Brazil and globally.

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What we Offer


Consultancy projects encompass technical, agronomic and economic analysis of agribusiness investments, macro and sectorial analysis, pre-feasibility studies, strategies for new investors, technical, economic and financial due diligence, M&A advisory services, farmland dispute resolution and technical advisory services.

Farmland appraisals / Asset evaluations

Since 2001, IHS Markit has provided asset evaluations services in agribusiness, both rural and urban, farm equipment, storage facilities as well as infrastructure (ports, railways, grain terminals, etc). Evaluations cover crops, livestock activities, reforestation, and agroindustry. Having a team with over 50 years of experience on the market and a database of farmland prices dating back to 2001, IHS Markit evaluations follow the procedures and methodologies recognized by the Brazilian Technical Norm Association (ABNT).

Business intelligence

The Business Intelligence unit was created in 2005 as a new business division. Since then, it has developed ad-hoc and multi-client studies in the following sectors: qualitative and quantitative market research with farmers; distributors and key influential consultants; price tracking of agricultural inputs; and competitive intelligence efforts.


Land Reports

IHS Markit is the unique provider of Brazilian farmland prices and lease data. Farmland price data is reported on a quarterly basis while farm lease data is provided on a semester basis. Both publications are available in Portuguese and English.

Land Market Analysis Report

The Land Report is bi-monthly and provides farmland prices on some 1,300 different types of land (location versus use), distributed in 133 homogenous micro-regions throughout Brazil. The most representative prices for each region in deals that have been done are surveyed and updated, so allowing a national comparison, irrespective of the payment form used. Content: Context and outlook, Economy, Legislation, Highest appreciation (R$/ha and %) - short and long term, Highest depreciation (R$/ha and %) - short and long term, Analysis by activity type, Analysis by State and charts and tables of price evolution throughout Brazil

Land Leasing Report

The Land Leasing Report is semestral and presents over 120 different price quotes (locations versus use) using the same 133 micro-regions as the Land Report. The analysis provides readers with an important decision-making tool for their business, comparing land price variations in the most sought-after regions compared with the cost of leasing. Content: Description of leasing and rural partners, Land leasing market analysis, Tables with updated land lease prices throughout Brazil and Tables of product price evolution (soy, beef cattle, sugarcane) indexes.

Crop reports

COMAG - Agricultural Market Consultancy

The dynamics of the agricultural market, as well as the volatility of commodities prices, have made information strategic and essential for those involved in Brazilian agribusiness. This growing demand for knowledge led IHS Markit Agribusiness Brazil, a company with over 30 years' experience in the Brazilian farming sector, to produce the Agricultural Market Consultancy (COMAG). Crops: Soy and other oilseeds, Corn and other winter cereals, Cotton and Sugarcane

Daily soybean and corn newsletters are available.

Daily Soybean Newsletter

  • Daily analysis of the movement of the internal market, futures market, dollar and news related to the soy complex in Brazil and in the world.
  • Monitoring the prices of soy, bran and soy oil in the main Brazilian markets.
  • Soybean futures contracts and its derivatives on the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) and on the Commodities and Futures Exchange (BM&F).
  • Monitoring of awards at the port of Paranaguá
  • Publication in English and Portuguese.

Daily Corn Newsletter

  • Daily analysis of the movement of the internal market, futures market, dollar and important facts in Brazil and in the world.
  • Monitoring the prices of corn and the main inputs in the poultry and pork production chain.
  • Futures contracts on the Chicago Stock Exchange (CBOT) and on the Commodities & Futures Exchange (BM&F).
  • Exchange relationships
  • Freight Quotes

Agrianual Yearbook (Print Copy)

Brazil Agrianual is a comprehensive and unique reference source on Brazilian agriculture, including production, consumption, trade and price data on 52 major crops. In addition, the study provides data on crop areas, production costs, Brazilian and world supply and demand, market reviews and outlook for major sectors, coverage on biofuels, and land prices by area and potential use.

Crops included: Acerola, Apple, Avocado, Banana, Beans, Canola, Carrot, Cashew, Cassava, Castor Beans, Cocoa Beans, Coconut-for copra, Coffee, Corn, Cotton, Cucumber, Flowers, Forestry, Fruits and Vegetables, Garlic, Grape, Guava, Lemon, Lettuce, Mango, Melon, Nectarine, Onion, Orange, Palm, Palm kernel oil, Palm oil, Hearts of Palm, Papaya, Passionfruit, Peach, Peanuts, Bell pepper, Pineapple, Plums, Potato, Rice, Rubber Tree, Sorghum, Soybean, Strawberry, Sugar cane, Sunflower, Tangerine, Tomato, Watermelon and Wheat.


AGRIANUAL online brings you agility in decision making, ideas to develop new strategies and knowledge about the latest market trends. This is an opportunity for you to have a complete and reliable source of information online. AGRIANUAL online the ideal tool in a competitive and globalized market.

Log in to access all updated data and information from AGRIANUAL in PDF and Excel ready for download, you receive emails whenever updates occur. Data includes production, planted area, productivity, commercial scale, production cost, producer prices and among other statistics.

Brazil Food and Agricultural Commodities Economics

High-value proprietary research and data providing a holistic view of Brazilian agriculture, covering crops, livestock and land markets. Our coverage includes daily analysis and insight with proprietary and unmatched data plus regular reports across all core Brazilian agricultural markets, all in one place.

Livestock reports

ANUALPEC Yearbook (Print Copy)

ANUALPEC is the annual animal production report. Besides articles on the sectors, it contains important numbers on cattle farming in Brazil and the world. Highlighting the price and production histories, imports / exports, and production costs.


In addition of having available the full content of the latest print edition, Anualpec online provides monthly updates on:

  • Cattle prices, fattened cow and replacement market in several Brazilian states
  • Live chicken and live hog prices and the wholesale market in São Paulo
  • Beef cattle prices worldwide
  • Ranking of main importers of Brazilian beef, chicken and pork
  • Ranking of major exporting states of fresh and processed beef
  • Daily live cattle ESALQ – B3 indicators

Log in to access all information from ANUALPEC in PDF and Excel ready for download, and you receive emails whenever updates occur.

Daily Meat Livestock Newsletter

The following coverage is included:

  • Cattle Market: Prices of the day for live oxen and live cows in 25 Cattle Regions, distributed through 13 States (SP, MS, MT, PR, GO, MG, BA, RS, RO, TO, PA, RJ and MA) and all the replacement categories in 19 Cattle Regions, distributed in 11 States (SP, MS, MT, PR, GO, MG, BA, RS, TO, PA and RO).
  • General Markets: Daily financial market prices, closing prices for the live ox Futures Market and prices from Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, Chicken, Corn and Wholesale Meat in São Paulo.
  • Trends: Market analysis with a prediction for the following few days.

Weekly Meat Livestock Newsletter

Complete weekly bulletin on the Brazilian cattle farming market, delivered on Thursdays by e-mail.

  • Presents statistics and market analysis on cattle farming.
  • Prices in 25 regions besides the daily prices on the futures and international markets (Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay) and market prices for wholesale, leather and alternative meats traded on the domestic market and analysis about the cattle market.

Featured Consulting Experts

Richard Brostowicz

Richard expertise and experience in market research, crop protection products, biotechnology and commodity crops has been critical for regional and global market research and consulting efforts. Prior to Agribusiness, Richard worked for 23 years in several managerial positions with Monsanto's operation in Brazil. He worked in planning, plant management, new business development and eventually started up Monsanto's BI department. Prior to Monsanto, he acted as investment portfolio director and market research manager for the Adela Group, a venture capital investment company in Brazil.In his 45+ years as a professional, Richard has carried out and coordinated more than 300 market research projects and some 150 consulting efforts in Brazil, South America, Africa and Asia.

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Nolin Huddleston

Mr. Huddleston has led consulting efforts across numerous industries including agribusiness, biotechnology, international development, software, telecommunications, and healthcare. Before joining IHS Markit, Mr. Huddleston was chief business officer for an international genomic health institute. Mr. Huddleston also worked internationally as a short-term consultant with the World Bank, served as associate director for a boutique consulting firm, and was an associate on the economic and business analysis team at Booz Allen Hamilton.Mr. Huddleston has a bachelor's degree in electrical and computer engineering from Vanderbilt University and a master's degree in engineering management from George Washington University.

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Edward Oliver

Dr. Edward specializes in identifying investment opportunities, business strategy and assessing the economic and business impact of changes in policy and markets. He has been with the company since 2000.He specializes in identifying investment opportunities, business strategy and assessing the economic and business impact of changes in policy and markets for multinational corporations and institutional clients. He works extensively on research, analysis and due diligence projects for clients in all areas of the bio-energy (biomass, ethanol and biodiesel), livestock (dairy, eggs, poultry and meat), arable (cereals, oilseeds, proteins and sugar), and agricultural inputs (agrochemical, seed and fertiliser) supply chains.He is an agricultural economist by training and has a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from Imperial College and an MSc. in Farm and Rural Business Management from the University of Aberdeen, in addition to several other postgraduate and undergraduate agricultural and economics qualifications.

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Juan Sacoto

With wide and deep supply chain expertise (20+ years) on key segments including inputs, crops, livestock and meat, biofuels, food processing and others, Juan covers most segments of the agriculture and food supply chain. With S&P Global Agribusiness since 1997, His expertise includes business strategy, market research, economic modeling and forecasting, and mergers and acquisitions. Market segments covered include fertilizer, seed, crop and livestock production and processing, sugar refining, aquaculture, ethanol, biodiesel, renewable diesel, biofuel feedstocks, transportation, and food consumption. He has evaluated agribusinesses in the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, EU, China, Japan, Korea, Ukraine, Russia, Indonesia and Southeast Africa.Juan is fluent in Spanish. He has a Bachelor's degree in finance from Jacksonville State University and Master's in international business (IMBA) from the University of Memphis.

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Tom Scott

His work involves taking medium and long-term outlooks for global and regional environments and applying them to decision making situations. His specialties include business strategy, agribusiness economic development and market analysis. In addition to his work in North America, he has extensive experience in the agribusiness sectors of other regions. Before joining us in 1989, Tom worked for the Continental Grain Company in roles including management, trading, logistics and merchandising.He has a bachelor's degree from Cornell University and a master's degree in business administration from the Amos Tuck School of Business Administration at Dartmouth College.

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